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When Miracles Bring Transformation

Miracles Series – Post #5 Can Miracles Really Bring Transformation?

IF you are new to this series I encourage you to read #1 – #4 first.  Then this one will make more sense. Here are the links:

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Can Miracles Really Bring Transformation?

You bet they can!

I was transformed by the miraculous dropping of a new job in my life. Transformed by how the perfect place was dropping in my lap. Transformed by the miracle of my Jesus Calling Daily Devotional having the exact right words to keep me moving forward when all I wanted to do was run back to the security of my home in Hotchkiss. And I mean run FAST!

With each miracle I was defiantly being transformed.

God was transforming me as He was teaching me to really trust Him.

Not just “say” I trusted Him.

But to genuinely . . . from the very core . . . trust Him.

Now to be honest, this transformation started years before. Many years.

God had been remolding me into the woman He wanted me to become for roughly 25 years. He had prepared me through all the junk life threw in my path along the way. He had carried me up many hills and through many deep, dark trenches before setting up this entire move thing. He had taught me to “look for the treasure in each trial,” to quote my friend and great pastor Mark Bruton.

And He taught me to take my focus off whatever the situation was and keep my eyes on Him

Keep My Eyes On Him

When this transition began I was turned inside out and upside down.

I had no base in Cortez other than my daughter and son-in-law and his family.

Then our friend was lost in the avalanche.

This refocused my eyes on the Lord. I was reminded my base was God. My friend was Jesus. The Holy Spirit was within me.

And I had the power of prayer.

I couldn’t work a miracle and find the man lost in the snow. But I could pray for the ones searching for him.

I could pray for comfort for his family.

I could tie a yellow ribbon around my heart and vow to not stop praying till he came home and his family could find peace.

Find Peace

This family’s heartache was so huge how could I think of my own any more?

I couldn’t.

Instead I was reminded everyday how incredibly fortunate I was.

I found peace.

Peace that passes all understanding.


Finally. All because I was in constant prayer.

But prayer for someone other than my miserable self. My eyes were no longer on my own circumstances. I was focusing on doing the one thing within my power for these people who had no control over the situation they found themselves in.

God was transforming me yet again.

Strange Happenings Reveal More Miracles

In the midst of this tragedy, and then the loss of my friend to cancer, I continued to experience incredible miracles.

During this time I found I needed a roommate to help with the rent and household expenses.  I prayed that God would provide someone I could trust and like.

The next day a dear friend of mine from Delta County called and asked if I would consider having a roommate. She was struggling to make her house payment and was thinking about renting it.  She had always wanted to live in the Southwest.  So if I would have her, she would like to move in with me.

Of course my answer was yes!

A few days later I went to the barn to feed, and found my only bred broodmare with a terrible cut on her neck. But I had to get to work so rather than try to deal with it myself, I called the vet.

It’s a good thing, because the cut was less than a millimeter from severing her carotid artery or her jugular! Yet another miracle kept me from losing both the mare and her unborn foal.

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Miracles Come In All Shapes and Sizes

My next miracle came when I finally got up the courage to visit the wife of our friend lost in the snow. She was a miracle herself.

She faced this horrifying ordeal with grace, strength, and courage that transformed me yet again.

I prayed for her and then with her. And received the miracle of gaining her, and a couple of her friends, as my friends. I was touched and honored.

But My Miracle Zone Was Just Beginning

I hope you come back next week for more posts in the Miracles Series.

But as we part today, I have a prayer request, please.

Will you please pray for my Great-Nephew Cordell Stroud as he heads off to the Army. Please pray for his protection, guidance, and care.

Thank you and God bless!

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Incredible Random Acts of Kindness

There are still incredible people out there in this world that take the time to care about others. Not surface, meaningless stuff, but a deep, incredible, random acts of kindness.

Something happened to me this past Mother’s Day that touched me so deeply I want to share it.

In case you don’t know, I grew up in a the small town of Delta Colorado. If you follow my blog you know I moved in January. Things were rough for quite a while.

But every time I reached a horrible low time, God would send me an amazing blessing for a pick me up. I’m working on my first video blog to share more with you about that. God has been working on me about “speaking” to you since January. But in all honesty, I’m afraid. My fear, and embarrassment has kept me writing rather than speaking.

But I’m finally working on it! So soon I will be on here sharing with you about how God works in so many mysterious ways.

One of those was on Mother’s Day.

I was feeling very sorry for myself that I couldn’t go home, to Delta, and put flowers on my mother’s grave. Frankly, my heart was broken over it. By that time I knew I was meant to be here, in Cortez, but I was still holding on to my old heart aches, and not being able to put flowers on Mom’s grave was the straw that was about to break this camels back.

Then, out of the blue, a friend that I had not heard from in some time called me. I don’t have good cell service at my house so I didn’t know she had called until I drove into town and there was her name on my call list. So of course I called her back.

The conversation that ensued changed my life.

I’m going to cry just trying to write it.

This amazing woman told me she had heard I had moved and she knew I would want flowers on my mother’s grave, so she had taken extra to the cemetery and put them on Mom’s grave for me.


Mother's Day Flowers, act of kindness, joy, love, God

Mother’s Day Flowers

What an amazing, thoughtful, tender, heartfelt gift!

It touched me far deeper than my mere words can express.  She blessed me on a level I didn’t realize would go so deeply. Her caring and love brought me joy and lifted my heart.

She went on to tell me that she had lost her sister in January. Her heart was broken, but even in the midst of her pain and deep heartache, she thought of me and graciously took flowers to my Mom for me.

What an incredible act of kindness.

She blessed me, my mother, and now you.

She gave me a precious gift that will keep giving for as long as this story is shared. I guaranty I will share it with my Grand children and challenge them to follow in her footsteps of kindness and giving themselves.

And now I offer you the same challenge.

Together, let’s walk in her footsteps of kindness and thoughtfulness and make a difference in someone’s life today.

Have you done, or been the blessed recipient of a random act of kindness lately? Or ever?

Have you helped an elderly person carry their groceries? Rescued a child that wandered into the street? Taken food or presents to a family at Christmas?

My Mother would cook our family’s Christmas dinner, and then while we ate, she would skip dinner and take plates of food to elderly and shut-ins.

Now, my friend has honored my mother’s memory by taking her flowers on Mother’s Day. Thank you Mary! Your kindness changed my life.

I think the world of this lady and her family and feel horrible that I was so wrapped up in my own drama I didn’t know about their devastating heartache of loosing her sister. Now all I can offer is my condolences, hold them in my heart, and lift them up in prayer.

Will you join me in following in her footsteps and do an intentional act of kindness today? If you will, please leave me a comment and let me know. If you’ve done, or been the recipient of an act of kindness I hope you will share it so we can all be blessed by it.

Thank you and God Bless!
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Memorial to a Treasured Family Member

Memorial to Banana

We lost a treasured family member last week and she will be greatly missed.  She taught my family so many things but the most important one was life-long dedication to those we love.  She loved us, and saved my Dad’s life.  She deserves a memorial.

Even before Banana saved Dad she was a treasured family member.    I was telling Mika a day or two after she passed how when she came to us, she was a bit fractious, but once she bonded with us, “she would walked through fire for us and killed a mountain lion on the way.”

She had the biggest, kindest eye and when she saw you coming she would meet you at the gate and follow you wherever you went.  She couldn’t say a word but you knew she loved you.  The look in her eye, the tilt of her head, the way she worked her ears to hear your every word, the way she would walk up to you and wrap herself around you.   You knew she loved you.

She came to my family as a show horse, but became a member of the family by lucky default and I will be forever thankful.    She was incredible.  One of those once in a lifetime horses that changes every one fortunate enough to have known her.

Her outstanding athletic ability showed every time we did something with her.  Her back that was too long for a great athlete, but she didn’t know that.  When she was young she was incredibly physical.  She could stop like crazy, spin till she made you dizzy, and she was beautiful and such a great mover you couldn’t help but watch her.


memorial, love, family member, horse, Quarter Horses, riding, cowboys, cowgirls, Colorado, mountains, Las Vegas

Banana in one of her normal stops in Las Vegas at the Silver Dollar QH Show many years ago


She had amazing intelligence and could out smart any cow.  But her most endearing feature was the love that emanated from her.  You knew “Nana-Ba” loved you and she knew you loved her.  There was never a question.  It was just felt.

She was one horse you could always trust.  She went down the horse-show road with my ex-husband and I and had tremendous success.  After the divorce she stayed with Mika and me and was retired to the pasture.  But she was the horse you pulled out when you needed one you could count on.

When Mika outgrew her first barrel horse, I had Banana ready to take Mika to the next level in competition and Nana loved it!  But a couple weeks before they were able to go to their first barrel race stray dogs ran Banana through a fence.  Even after the wounds were healed she was still slightly lame so she was re-retired to the pasture.

A few years later when Mika hit high school she wanted to learn how to cut so Nana came back in from the pasture and taught Mika the basics.


memorial, family member, love, cattle, cowgirl, cowboy, cutting horse, Colorado, mountains, high school rodeo, family member

Nana teaching Mika how to cut


Soon her old soreness showed up again so back to the pasture she went and this time  she raised us an adorable little filly, Reva.  Who is now Hardy’s number one mount and also “eats cattle”.


Memorial, family member, love, Colorado, mountains, Dad, Mika, foal, colt, filly, best friend, great horse, Banana, treasure,  kindness,

Banana, baby Reva, Mika, and my Dad


Notice her eyes?  She never missed anything and would look right at you like she understood every word you said to her. It was as though she looked right into your soul.  And the love and caring she showed to every person involved with her taught us all so much.  Her dedication to us was incredible.  She would put herself between you and a dangerous cow, or a fractious colt.  She used her own body as a shield to protect you from any danger.

I mentioned earlier she saved my Dad’s life.  She did.  When Dad was getting up there in years he still thought he should take the colts to the mountain.  The last time he did he had yearlings and was going to ride Banana and lead the colts up the mountain.  He had saddled Nana at home and when he got to the mountain, at 75 or 80 years old he forgot to tighten his cinch before getting on.  He stepped on, tied a colt off hard and fast to the saddle horn, and started up the dirt road to the top of our summer mountain ground.  Not far up the trail the colt decided it didn’t want to lead and pulled back.  The loose cinch allowed the saddle to slip and in a flash turn completely under Banana’s belly with Dad hung up in the stirrup.  My Step Mom watched in horror as Banana spread all four legs out and straddled Dad.  Kay said she stood rock solid against the thrashing, fighting, frightened colt and protected Dad as he extracted himself from the stirrups, dropped to the ground, and finally crawled out from under her without a scratch.

We had always loved her but from that day on she was treasured for the unique individual she was.  She was amazing.  Not only did she protect Dad, but she protected the other horses in the field with her as well.  She was the official coyote chaser.  Any coyote that came in the pasture learned very quickly they were not welcome and would not be tolerated.  I never saw her kill one, but they certainly didn’t hang around long when she took out after them with her head low to the ground, ears pinned back tight, nostrils flared, eyes squinted, and running straight at them.

Just thinking about her makes me smile and sigh an incredibly peaceful sigh.  She had so much wisdom and talent but was so gentle and kind.

As she grew older she didn’t handle the cold well.  So a couple of years ago we let her go to Hardy and Mika’s little nephew, Kelby, and live in a warm canyon south of Cortez.


memorial, family member, love,horse, cowboy, cowgirl, Colorado, mountains, Mesa Verde, Indian

Nana and Kelby


I traveled down the canyon to be with Hardy’s family last Christmas.   I stepped out of the truck and hollered, “Nana-Ba,” and she threw up her head, eyes bright and eager, and ears turned right to me, as she loudly nickered her greeting!  If anyone ever tells you animals don’t have emotion, don’t believe them.  She was as thrilled to see me as I was to see her.  That life long love was still as strong as ever.

I’m glad she had a little boy who loved her the last months she was here on earth, but I certainly missed seeing her sweetness everyday.  And now my heart will never be whole again.  She took a little piece of it with her in her passing.  Those of us fortunate enough to have known her, loved her, and she loved us in return, deeply.

I hope I have learned your greatest lesson and gift, Nana.  To love, and remember, to the very end.

Good bye Nana.  You are still loved, and greatly missed by many.

Go with God and I’ll see you on the other side!

Do you have, or did you have an animal that touched your life?   If so, I encourage you to give them their memorial in the Comments section below.


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New Concept in Building Self Confidence

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His unconditional love held Him here.

No Sermon

Church was great today. There was no sermon. But boy did I get to work on building my  self confidence!

And actually there WAS a sermon but it was interactive and involved the entire congregation. The pastor talked about how the trustees had challenged the entire church to fast and pray in September.  Many of us took the challenge. Some fasted, or did not eat, a certain item all month. Others fasted one meal a day.  Some of us fasted an entire day several times throughout the month.  Others fasted from an activity, like TV. Whatever the Lord laid on their heart, they did, or . . . didn’t do.

What happened?

The interactive part began when the pastor asked what everyone’s experience was. The board of trustees shared what the time of fasting and prayer had taught them, and then they opened it up for the church to share. Several people went to the front to tell their story.  It was an incredible time of of praise and sharing!  One of which was my Step-Mom, Kay.  She spoke with such grace and self confidence she motivated me to tell about what God has been doing in my life lately.

Sitting in the pew I prayed and was prepared to tell the people about how God had used my fasting and prayer time in this blog, and ask for prayer for a speaking conference I’m headed to in a week. I went to the front and sat down to wait my turn. The man sitting next to me leaned over and told me the blog posts were speaking to him and how much he appreciated them. It touched me so deeply I started to cry.

Right after which, of course, it was my turn to speak. But I was so shook up from the wonderful things the gentleman had said, I couldn’t pull myself back together. I was nervous about telling people about my writing, but to already be crying when I stepped up there was a mess! I was shaking like a leaf, stuttered, stammered, and embarrassed. And then it got worse!

Grace, Lessons, and Self Confidence

By the grace of God I was finally able to get everything out, and even remembered to tell them the name of the blog. Talk about being emotional! But it was so good for me. Normally, I can talk to anyone about anything. But today the Lord humbled me, and reminded me I have to lean on Him, especially when things get tough.

Isn’t it interesting how God can take any situation and use it for His good, for a lesson, or a growth experience for us?

I love that about Him.

Trust me, learning to praise Him in the midst of an uncomfortable experience has been one of my hardest lessons. But also the most rewarding.

Have you ever had something like that happen?

Have you grown because of a difficult situation in your life?

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5 Simple Steps To Living Your Destiny

Get Busy Living Your Destiny!

Certain I’m not the only person that considers this, but why are our lives so busy? But shouldn’t we instead get busy living? And not just living, but living our destiny?  You bet!

We all get caught up in our day-to-day lives. We forget to think about moving toward our destiny. But how do we do that?

That is actually a very good question.  I’m glad you asked!

There are some simple steps to begin living your destiny. It really isn’t as difficult as most people think.  But it does require some thought, preparation, and perspiration.

Let’s go over 5 simple steps to start your journey of living your destiny:

Step 1:  Sit down with a notebook and a pencil and write out some dreams. Yes, write them out. Allow your mind to drift to what you have always dreamed about. Even as a kid.  If you have been reading my blog you know I talk about occasionally.  What did you want to be when you were a kid?  Write that down.

Step 2:  Decide ONE thing you can do to move you towards that dream.  One simple little thing. One small step. A slight change.

For me it started with taking control of my health.  One simple step of not depending on another pain pill.  But instead looking at nutrition and finding a new way. A slight change started slowly made me a new person 4 years later!

Step 3:  Decide you can do ONE SIMPLE thing for yourself. Not for someone else, not for your children, your husband, or your wife, but for yourself. Not something extravagant, or a thing. But something that will create value from within.

For me it was gathering the courage to take one college class and see if with brain damage, I could pass, even though the doctors had told me years before to give up that dream. But that dream never died. It lived on in the dark corners of my mind. A constant reminder that I had failed. Failed to accomplish that goal, that dream. But when finally I took that first class, and not just passed, but passed with an “A” an incredible thing happened inside me!  Sudden I was alive again!

Step 4:  Continue on that path of new beginning! Take ONE more small step. Accomplish that.  Then move on to the next, one small step.

Make sure you don’t try to do too much at once or you will not be able to do it and that will set you back.  Instead continue to take one small step at a time and move ever closer in baby steps toward getting busy living your destiny!

Step 5:  After a year, look back.  What have you accomplished? Did that one small step start moving you in the direction of living your destiny? If not, adjust, and go again!

It’s really that simple!  The journey of a lifetime begins with one small step.  Take it.  Step into your future! And get busy living your destiny!

Living your Destiny, Double rainbow, rain storm, clouds, horses, cattle, river, meadows, hay, cowboys, cowgirls, ranchers

Go Get Find Your Double Rainbow! God Bless!

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What Do You Think Heaven Is Like?

What Do You Think Heaven Is Like?

Now that is an interesting question isn’t it?

Today we have many published books about people that have died and gone to Heaven. They tell us about going to a brilliant light. One of my favorites is “Heaven is For Real“. It is the true story of Colton Burpo, a little boy that died during an emergency surgery for a ruptured appendix.

He gives vivid details of how Jesus loves us in his wonderful description of Heaven, God, and Jesus. It is one of those, “Out of the mouths of babes” kind of stories.  His own family was blown away when he told about Jesus holding him on his lap while he was in surgery.

He describes what his mom and his dad were doing during the surgery, even though they were in different rooms far from the operating room. The dad was locked in the bathroom, mad at God for taking his son. It’s a great book. If you haven’t read it I highly recommend it! You will soon find it on My Book Table.

Today’s topic, What Do You Think Heaven is Like, comes from another day on the mountain.

cattle, horses, God, Jesus, love, happiness, joy, mountains, cattle drive, dude riders, picnic, Colorado, splendor


We had to give booster shots today to the soon-to-be-weaned, not-so-baby-anymore, calves. The vaccinations are similar to those you give a human baby. They keep the calves from getting the flu and several  strains of respiratory disease common among cattle.

cattle, horses, horse back riding, God, Jesus, Heaven,happiness, joy, mountains, cattle drive, dude riders, picnic


It was an incredibly beautiful day. The cattle worked easy and we finished vaccinating two big punches early in the afternoon.

Afterwards Mika, Hardy, and I took our horses to the creek to water them. When they were done drinking we turned them loose to graze for a bit and the three of us laid on the creek bank relaxing and enjoying the beauty of the day as we talked, laughed, and simply enjoyed being a family.

Here was my view laying on my back in the grass, beside the gentle little creek, looking up at the amazing sky. It was so warm and relaxing. Truly an epic moment!

cattle, horses, God, Jesus, love, happiness, joy, mountains, cattle drive, dude riders, picnic

My View Creek-side

I made the comment that I hoped this is what Heaven will be like.

I hope on any given day I can have my family with me, riding our horses wherever we want to, then be able to turn our horses loose to water and graze nearby as we lay down in the lush green grass beside the little bubbling creek, and just enjoy soaking up the sunshine.

Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

What do you hope Heaven is like?



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10 Simple Steps to Change Your Life

10 Simple Steps to Change Your Life

10 Simple Steps to Change Your Life – A Big Day

Today has been an eventful day. No matter which side of the isle you sit on it has been interesting. We were headed for yet another war, but thanks to, of all people, Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, the possibility of more of our young men and women going into battle is apparently being averted, thank God!

Vladimir-Putin, 10 Simple Steps, Change


10 Simple Steps to Change Your Life – Terrible Sadness

While our country is breathing a sigh of relief over Syria, my heart is breaking over a situation closer to home. Three local high school boys innocently spent the night in a camper this weekend and ended up with carbon monoxide poisoning. Tragically, one young man died, one is still critical, and one thankfully is improving. Our entire community is heartbroken for these young men and their families.  Please pray for them and their families and friends.

This is hitting me doubly hard because in addition to the tragedy with these young boys, a friend of mine succumbed to cancer this week. He was a good man and a dear friend. He passing leaves a deep hole in the hearts of those that knew and loved him. And to top it off the 12th anniversary of September 11 was yesterday.

10 Simple Steps to Change Your Life – Create Wonderful Memories

This weeks issues have caused me to think of 10 Quick Proven Tips we can do for those we love. Here is my personal list, please add your ideas in the comments section below.  Maybe together we can forge a support group for those among us that are hurting.

  1. Think positive!  It will help you feel more satisfied in life.
  2. Tell your family you love them, not just in a quick drive by “Love you”, but stop, look them in the eye and make it count. Hold their hand as you look at them and tell them you love them. Make sure they hear it and realize you mean it.
  3. Hug the people you care about as often as you can and be sure to tell them they are important to you. If you hate hugs, get over it! Others appreciate them!  And you never know when you won’t be there to give them hugs, or worse, they won’t be there to receive them anymore. You both need the memory to hold onto after the other is gone.
  4. Take time for those you love. Show them you care about them. Take time to hold your spouse’s hand, bring flowers home, make his favorite dinner, sit on the porch swing together, and simply make time for each other.
  5. Reach out to family and/or friends you haven’t spoken to in a while and let them know you are thinking about them and you miss them.
  6. If you have family members you are at odds with, please try to heal the rift.  At least your conscience will be clear.
  7. That old saying, “The family that prays together stays together” is true. Try it, it might be weird at first, but it will grow on you.
  8. Open your Bible and read it, together!
  9. Do not speak to your loved one in anger. WAIT, Calm Down, and speak from your intelligence, not your emotion!
  10. Take your love ones hands, look them in the eye, and tell them each of the following statements, repeating each one 3 times:
  • “(Insert their name), I appreciate you.”
  • “(Insert their name), I love you.”
  • Then have them do the same for you. Take the time to look deep into each others eyes and mean it. If you’re mad at them or really can’t stand them right now, fake it till you feel it and say it anyway!

Hoping this makes a difference in someone’s life tonight. God Bless each one of you!

Do you have any Life Tips or simple steps you would share?





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horse, old horse, cowboy, cowgirl, ranch, horse back riding

What is your lifelong dream?

What is your lifelong dream or goal?

Do you have a dream? A goal? A deep desire? Something that you always wanted to do? Or a goal so deep you never shared it? What is your lifelong dream? Today, as I am writing this, I realized I am living my dreams. And it brought a tear, several of them in fact.

We all had dreams as a kid. What did you dream of growing up to be? A TV person? An astronaut? A Mom, or a Dad? A Veterinarian? How about a Super hero?

lifelong dream, superhero

Did you want to be a Superhero!

Personally, I wanted to be a veterinarian. But my Dad and our wonderful, dear, old, vet told me I was too short.

I think it was a conspiracy. But all of them I could ask are gone now. Now I believe the conspiracy was contrived to talk me out of it because they knew my heart was to tender to be a vet. When the first dog came in because he/she had gotten too old, I would have been done.  Eight years of education would have gone down the drain, right there, as I looked into that sweet old dogs eyes.

So they knew best.

Funny how life comes full circle though. I look around me, and my home and life are filled with mis-fits. But mis-fits that give my life color in a sometimes black and white world.

Brutus, the ancient dachshund or doxie for short, has struggled with seizures his entire life and was not supposed to life past 5 or 6. He turns 15 this year and is now totally deaf. Look at that sweet face!

dachshund, doxie, doxen, dog, family pet, lifelong dream, love

Brutus Summer 2013

And Pepper, my blind Blue Heeler that is still crazy about chasing a stick!  Yes, still, even blind!

Her left eye is sunk back in her head, but is there, and the other eye bulges and sort of points backwards. That’s why it looks white in this photo.  Two years ago she ran to pick up a stick right for me to throw in the path of my pickups left rear tire. Yes, I did this to her. Trust me, it was one of the worst moments of my life when that tire made a funny popping noise and she let out a little yipe. I thought I had ran over her leg. Until she turned and faced me. It was excruciating.  You will have to read the upcoming book to get the rest of that story! It’s a good one!

dog, blue heeler, blind dog plays fetch, lifelong dream

Miss Pepper summer of 2013

And then there is always Chili, Mika’s old barrel horse that has no withers!

She looks pretty good for being 29 or 30 doesn’t she? I need to get out her papers and see exactly how old she is. She was injured in a horrible accident and shattered her withers off. See the little white dots on her back? That is where her withers should be. But they are gone. Notice that area is flat. It should slope up and come almost to a point. But the bones are gone.  The withers are the very top part of the shoulder, go straight up from her front leg, to the top of her back. See the white dots? That is where the bone fragments came out, one by one, over three years.

horse, old horse, cowboy, cowgirl, ranch, horse back riding, lifelong dream

Chili Summer of 2013 at 29 or 30 years old

Chili and Mika are the featured characters in one of my first books, Girls of the Light, (Working title), based on their true story.

Of course I can’t forget the one in a million Zanny! Mika’s amazing mare that broke her coffin bone and was declared “a broodmare” by the vet.  This is a photo Mika took of her after a full year of rehab at my house, at the first team roping she took her to when vet declared her sound !

horse, team roping, vet, healing, cowboy, cowgirl, lifelong dream

Zanny at her first team roping after coming back from a broken coffin bone!

You ask, what is the purpose of this photo expose’? It is to share how our gracious God is allowing me to live my dream in the wonderful animals I love and care for.

What is your dream?

Please pause today, and think back to when you were a small child. What was your dream? What did you want to be when you grew up? In some small way, are you doing it now? Or could you be with only a few simple changes to your world? Or your perspective on the world?

I am being allowing to care for sick and injured animals and bring them back to health and didn’t even realize I was living out my childhood dream.

And just as wonderful, I am able to write about it. To share it with you, and hopefully, open your eyes to the blessings you have in your life.  If this story opened your eyes to your blessings, even the tiniest bit, would you please share that with me here? I hope so! YOUR encouraging story could make a tremendous difference in someone’s life today!

Take care and God Bless!


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miracles, God, love, life lessons

How To Have A Double Rainbow Day

How About A Double Rainbow Day for you!

Have you ever wished for a double rainbow day?

I don’t know about you but it was a tough day at the ranch today! It seems like just when you think things are getting better suddenly there is more bad news. That was my day.  I was blue and wishing for something to brighten my mood. I decided to share these beautiful photo of a sundog, and a double rainbow as a pick me up.  Hopefully it will do the same for you!

Feeling a bit envious

A couple weeks ago a friend of mine posted a photo of a double rainbow on Facebook. It was beautiful. Secretly I envied him for being able to photograph such a wonderful gift and wished I could see one, too. I re-posted his photo on my Facebook author page and wished my followers a double rainbow kind of week.

Sun Dog

Yesterday, we had a nice shower and as I drove in my driveway there was a beautiful Sun Dog over a meadow of freshly baled hay on the river bottom. I drove out into the pasture and took a photo with my trusty cell phone. It’s light but you can see the Sun Dog in between the mountains angling off to the left.

Rainbow, ranch, hay, round bales, cattle, horses

Sun Dog over our river bottom pasture

A Sun  Dog is  a little piece of a rainbow.

Amazing Surprise!

After enjoying the beauty of the scene I drove back to the barn to do my chores. I finished feeding and stepped outside the barn to a spectacular sight.

There was a gorgeous double rainbow right outside my barn!

It was breath-taking. I felt honored to have such a beautiful fulfillment of my wish!

I was deeply touched by the beauty and checked out the meaning of a double rainbow. It was interesting to learn I am not the only person that feels the sight is spiritual and extremely lucky!

Double rainbow, rain storm, clouds, horses, cattle, river, meadows, hay, cowboys, cowgirls, ranchers

Wishing you a Double Rainbow Day!

The lower rainbow was so bright and vibrant that I didn’t notice the second rainbow until I brought it up on the computer.

My Wish For You

So, here is my wish for you – I wish you a Double Rainbow Day! A gift to you, my wonderful readers!

I hope you enjoy this beautiful photo!

Take care and God Bless!



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clouds driving to Norwood rodeo

How can we experience God in unexpected ways?

How can we experience God in unexpected ways?

Have you ever experienced God in unexpected ways?  Up-close and personal?  I did today.

Traveling to the small Colorado town of Norwood for an unexpected meeting with a distributor for my ProArgi9 Amino Acid supplement business today I said a quick prayer.  It was an odd prayer for me – that I would experience Him moving in unusual ways today.

The day started rough.  Problems with a horse, a section of fence down, and a missing training flip chart forced me to postpone my first appointment.  That time change allowed me to not be rushed on the 2.5 hour drive over.  I was marveling at, as my Dad would say, “God’s handiwork” in the mountain beauty.  Here are a few photos from my trip over and back.

Ralph Lauren Ranch

One of the most photographed spots in Western Colorado – Ralph Lauren Ranch outside Ridgway

As I crawled on over the pass and up the river toward Norwood I noticed this spot on the river –

River between Ridgway and Norwood

River between Ridgway and Norwood as I drove to the rodeo

And then the clouds and this pine tree caught my eye –

clouds driving to Norwood rodeo

Odd clouds and old pine tree between Ridgway and Norwood

Each time I snapped the photo I marveled at how God had touched me with His beauty as I drove to Norwood for work and a rodeo with my family.

My next experiencing God moment was during my lunch appointment.  I met with a distributor who said he is using his supplement business to raise money for a home evangelism program through Billy Graham’s My Home America.  It was an honor to visit with the gentleman about it.  Have any of you heard about this before?  If so, what can you tell me?  Is your church involved?

The next day we were to have a team roping that the Norwood arena but it rained. ( YEAH!!) We need it so badly no one complained when the roping had to be moved.  Thank Heavens for a local indoor arena! Again I experienced God working in a very unexpected way. If it had not rained all night, and if I had not been in the exact right spot I would not have found out a dear friend is suffering with horrible arthritis pain. We were able to talk about how ProArgi9  helped me with my arthritis pain. All because of a rain storm and a team roping I was able to help an old friend.

Many times I am amazed how in my day to day life we end up experiencing God at some point in the conversation. I think that is because I dedicated my businesses to God. Because of that others are experiencing God through simply interacting with me. This brings a deeper joy than words can explain.

How have you experienced God today?




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