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Why Is Prayer Important Today?



What is Prayer?

It’s communication.

Reverent communication.

Every evening as a child heading to bed I heard, “Remember to say your prayers!”

We said Grace and blessed our food at every meal.

But as a child and teenager I didn’t “get it” about prayer.

I felt it was something I had to do to keep God from being mad at me.  It wasn’t about visiting with someone who loved and cared about me.

Is that how you were taught about prayer?

My parents raised me in church.

A lifelong girlfriend is staying with me right now and we both remember the tiny chairs and tables in our first Sunday School class. We think we were three. She remembers each of the teachers. I only remember two, but oh how I loved them.

Those women helped mold us into who we are today.

Those women, and our parents, taught us the importance of prayer.

Do you remember who taught you how to pray?

If no one did, don’t worry, we’ll work on that before we’re done.

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Prayer Unlocks Doors

Why Should We Pray?

That’s an odd question isn’t it?

Why should we pray?

Is it to ask the “Big guy in the sky” to forgive us for messing up? Or our daily wish-list?

Yes and no.

There are so many reasons to pray.

My favorite is to say thank you.

It shows God we are thankful to be His children. For me, I want to acknowledge I don’t have a clue and I am SO thankful He is in control.

My second favorite prayer is a love letter. I’m a long way from a “good Christian”, but He loves me just the way I am, I LOVE Him for that, and I want to tell Him.

If you love someone don’t you want to tell them? So why isn’t it the same way with God?

Tell Him!

I’ve experienced God watching out for me like my earthly father did. Our fathers guide us, nurture us, teach us.

Our loving Heavenly Father does the exact same thing.

If you ever allow yourself to experience Him you will see He loves you.  If you’ve experienced that, how did you not fall in love with Him?

You can’t.

Trust me.

Oh you can run away from His love. You can deny it. You can fight it. You can ignore it.

But if you will ever stop fighting it and give in, you will be wrapped in the most incredible love you will ever experience and you won’t be able to deny it any longer.

Because it’s real. And He’s waiting for you to accept it.

I’ve lived many, many years as a single woman. I’ve been lonely.

But I’ve never been Alone. I learned many years ago all I had to do was cry out “Jesus, Jesus” and instantly I felt better. My circumstances didn’t change, but I changed.

My attitude changed.

My thought process changed.

I let go and let God.

Was it easy?


Was it effective?


So why do we pray?

To change things.

A Little Story About Big Prayer

Two nights ago the neighbor’s dogs were going nuts. They live a mile North of me and occasionally I hear them bark, but not very often.

But two nights ago they raised a ruckus from just after the sun set til the wee hours of the morning.

When you live in the country you learn to notice things like that.

You don’t over react, but you pay attention.

I knew something was up. I almost called the other neighbors and asked if everything was ok. But I didn’t want to seem paranoid so instead I prayed.

I have a small yearling filly out there in the pasture. She’s a snack size treat for a predator.

But I also have a couple old, slightly crippled, mares out there that don’t move too fast. But they are bigger, even if they are slower.

The hair raised up on the back of my neck and I knew something was out there. But I also know a single woman has no business being out in the dark with any kind of wild predator.

So I prayed.

I asked God to protect my animals. I asked Him to not let whatever was out there attack any of my animals. And I went to bed knowing He heard that request.

I trusted Him to watch over my horses and give whatever was out there something to eat other than my filly.

And He did.

I walked out the next morning and right in the middle of my horse pasture was the evidence of a brutal death.

And mountain lion tracks.

Much too close for comfort!!

But God answered my prayers.

He protected my horses.

And now they are all coming in the barn at night.

prayer, thank you God, Jesus, faith

Thank you God

I have other little prayers that are answered every day. I find misplaced items. Mom taught me to pray for parking spots. 99% of the time if I pray early enough I’ll have a spot right in front of where I’m headed.

My prayers get answered.

Sometimes not the way I want. But they are always answered none the less.

prayer, God, Jesus

The Power of Prayer

I’m looking for answered prayer stories. Do you have any?

I want to put together a book full of them.  Will you share your most powerful answered prayer story  in the comments section below please?  Thank You!!

Ok, I promised a prayer. Actually my plan is to share several of my favorite prayers over the next few posts.

Here’s one of my favorites and the prayer the Bible says Jesus gave His disciples:  The Lord’s Prayer, Mathew 6:9

the Lord's Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer

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Why Start 2015 With Water?

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Mountain Stream Splendor

Welcome in 2015 With Water

What? Why on earth should we start 2015 thinking about water?

Because there’s something in the water!

Let me ask this, what comes to mind when I say, Rebirth and Renew in 2015?

I can hear you asking, “What on earth is she talking about?”

These are very good questions!

I have three other posts ready as my INTRO TO 2015, but none of them rang true to my own ears after I wrote them. Yes, they each had good points but none of them felt right in my heart.

I did not want to post fluff.

And all of them were just that, fluff.

But at 3:17 A.M. on January 4th while I was unable to sleep, Carrie Underwood was singing her heart out to me via my computer. She was singing her incredible song Something In The Water

And it splashed me right in the face what I wanted my first post of 2015 to be about.


Again I can hear you saying, “What??  Water??  Why on earth water??”

Because there really is something in the water!

Water is Life

Water is a life giving source for all plants and all animals. Did you know a person can last for 21 days without food, some say a month. But only 3 days without water.

Please take a moment and think of all the ways you use water in a single day.

We start our day in it, wash our children, and our clothes in it.


water, baby bathing, bathtime, clean

Adorable Baby Bathing


Now add all the fun things you can do on or in water.

Please think of the beautiful art displays created with water. Have you ever stood in front of the #Bellagio Fountains in Las Vegas as the water dances to beautiful music and lights? It is one of my favorite spots in Vegas. My family and I go to the #NationalFinalRodeo there as often as we can afford, and no matter how cold it is, one night we walk down the strip and stop to watch the fountains.  They are magical.

Water sustains and transforms our lives.


horse, water, God,

Beautiful Horse Running Through the Water


But I can still hear you asking, why is Kristi talking about water being associated with the New Year?

The New Year is about renewing, reviving, recommitting to old goals, or establishing new ones.

And I hope to trigger a deeper awareness, or a new interest in how powerful a deeper reflection on water could mean to you.

Dive Deep

Carrie Underwood sings about it in her song, #ThereMustBeSomethingInTheWater

I’ve been there.

I understand.

There must be something in the water because I came out of it, changed.

Have you?

A True Story:

I was born and raised in the church. My first Sunday of life I hung out in the church nursery while my parents taught Sunday School.

I know church.

I remember sitting in Children’s Choir Loft at 9 years old and knowing that I wanted to accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior.  Right then.  At 9.

I still remember having to excuse myself and work my way in front of an entire row of kids to get out of the Choir Loft. Then walk in front of the entire church to finally get to the pastor and profess my faith in front of everyone. I was terrified and on top of the world at the same moment!

But as a teenager and early college kid, I drifted as far from God as anyone can go. Until one Sunday morning in college when I felt I should go to church.

There was a beautiful church I had been admiring since I started college, and felt in my heart I should go that morning.

But my girlfriends wanted a giant cinnamon roll from the nearby restaurant and they needed a ride. Cinnamon roll . . . church . . . Cinnamon roll . . . church.

Cinnamon roll won.  Church would have to wait.

The girls all piled in and I fired up my bright red dully pickup and off we roared towards that cinnamon roll.

Until the loud CRUNCH!

I had backed into a couple kids in a small car that WERE headed to church.

Their car was lower than the bed on my truck and I didn’t see them.

Of course chattering to a truck load of girls didn’t distract me! Surely not!

Oh yes it did! And I backed right into them.

But God had His hand on both of us and there was very little damage. I agreed to pay for the repairs and neither of us reported it. To the cops, or our parents.

I was one lucky girl.

Talk about getting someones attention! The next Sunday my butt was in a pew of that beautiful little church and my road back to the Lord began.

If you follow this blog you know I took the scenic route back to God. But I got there none the less.  He was patient. It’s a good thing.

After several years of working my way into a serious relationship with the Lord I was invited to a river baptism of an entire family who had recently accepted the Lord.

I arrived and was asked to carry some towels for the family to dry off with.

Because I had the towels I was up front and center. As soon as the family member stepped out of the river I was there to give them their towel as another family member gave them dry clothes to change into behind a nearby bush.

After the family was baptized, the preacher asked if any one else would like to accept the Lord and be baptized.  A few in the crowd stepped forward and did it. No towel, no dry clothes. They just stepped down in the water, took the preachers hand and went under.

They came up smiling like I had never seem people smile.

Then, out of the blue the preacher asked if anyone would like to rededicate their life to the Lord and get re-baptized.

I all but dove in the water.


water, baptism, God, love

There really was something in the water!


There must have been something in the water because I went in an old, solid, mature Christian, and came out a new, vivacious Christian more deeply in love with the Lord, and knew I was Changed.

So, that is my prayer for you this New Year 2015.

I pray you will either accept the Lord and experience the life changing effect of going under for the Lord and coming up new.

Let’s start the year with new goals, new dreams, new desires, and most importantly, a refreshed and renewed spirit.

So . . . are you ready to dive in?

Thank You For Joining Me Here!

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How To Find God On A Mountain

Find God?

God Morning! That’s the morning greeting in my house so I thought it was appropriate to say the same thing to you!

That greeting helps us to think of, and thank God before rushing out to our daily lives. It helps me find God first thing in the day, and keep Him in my thoughts the rest of the day.

Today I want to share with you how I  find God on a mountain, in a city, on a plane, anywhere. I hope you enjoy!

Sunday Spent in Heaven on Earth

Sunday is to be a day of rest.  But when you ranch, often that doesn’t happen. Livestock eat seven days a week. Crops don’t know it’s Sunday, so water has to be changed just like any day.

I record my favorite preachers for the times when Sunday has to be a ranch work day. Then I can still get a church fix.

This past Sunday was one of those days.  My daughter and son-in-love, Mika and Hardy, are moving the cattle to their high mountain pastures this week. So we headed to the mountain to help them get ready.

I’m always struck by the beauty of Colorado. I find God every time I go to the mountains. Or anywhere for that matter. Revealing in the breath taking beauty reminds me how great our God is. I truly believe I live in a little piece of Heaven on earth!

find God,God, Jesus, mountain, horse, cattle, family, love

Looking Into Heaven

The Narrow Road to Higher Ground

The road they push the cattle up to get them to higher ground is narrow, with many places where the cattle can simply step off the road and head out on their own and get totally lost.

God, finding God, higher ground, cattle, horses, cows, Colorado mountains

Riding drag on the little road to higher ground

So Sunday we had to string an electric fence wire along the open side of the road to help guide the cattle to the top of the mountain.  The wire is not hot, so it only serves as a guide to the cattle. They can still run over it and escape, turn back and run over the top of you, or head up the side of the mountain.

But that one tiny white cord helps keep a 1500 pound cow following the correct path to sweet, cool, summer grass.

That tiny white strand reminds me of God’s loving hand guiding us along our path of life. We can turn and escape, but He is still there with love and guidance. It’s our job to choose to stay on that path.

Finding Our Own Path

That narrow, winding mountain road reminds me of our road through life. The single strand of electric fence holding hundreds of 1500 pound cows pushing and shoving each other reminds me of us. We push and shove to get to the top.  But we have to stay on the path. We have to keep moving forward. We have to keep our eyes forward.

How many times do we walk through our day with our eye on the ground right in front of us, pushing and shoving our way, rather than picking our heads up and look around us at the beauty and splendor of our day. I don’t care where that day is spent, the simple fact we are here and breathing is a miracle. We need to pick our heads up and enjoy this trip around the sun. We may not have another.

We need to look up and find God wherever we are! Whatever we are doing. Take our eyes off the little narrow pathway and look up to enjoy our surrounds and find God in everyday activities.  He’s there whether you realize it or not. So why not include Him in your thoughts and enjoy your relationship with Him?

I hope you will look up and find God today and share the experience with me in the comments section below.

Thank you and God Bless you!


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How To Be Happy in 10 Simple Steps

Do You Want To Be Happy?

Everyone has the desire to be happy. But have you ever really thought about how to be happy? What makes you really happy? Some people find their joy in a new “thing” or “toy”. But as soon as the new wears off they are unhappy again. So how do we actually find joy? How do we learn to be happy and content?

I believe it’s a choice. Everything in life is a choice. Do you choose to be happy? I do!

An interesting thing happened last night as I was looking back over my blog posts and answering comments. I found the following post that I had written back in November, right after the County didn’t renew my contract.  Who knows why I never published it. I think it’s because I hadn’t added any photos yet. But as I read through it I realized it is as relevant today as it was back then. I hope it is a good reminder for all of us. I know it was for me!

happy, happiness, joy, love, unconditional love, family, God, Jesus, horses, cowboy, cowgirl. barrel race, dogs, family

My family makes me happy! What makes you happy?

Being Happy in the Middle of A Mess

Have you ever ended up in a mess?  A financial one, a broke down vehicle, a family conflict, or some other kind?  I sure have!

Right this moment I’m in the middle of a mess. Like many of you, my businesses have been hammered by the economy, and now, my part-time, fill in the gap, contract with Delta County was not renewed. So I am in the middle of a mess. But this is not the first time I’ve had to scramble.

For a few days I was excited to see what God was up to and was ready for the changes.  Then, when the bills started to pile up, reality set in and I started to sink. All I could see were walls closing in and zero light at the end of the tunnel.

But again, this is not the first time I’ve been knocked down. Because I’ve been there before I know there are several key steps to climbing back up out of that dark pit of despair. Since I’m not the only person that is, or has been down on their luck recently, I thought I would share with you my secret to climb back up, getting back on this horse, and riding  again. They are fairly simple. But are fundamental to long term happiness and success.

10 Simple Happy Steps

Step 1:     Pray.  Pray with earnest.  But don’t pray “Gimme prayers”. Pray prayers of thankfulness.  Prayers of praise.  Thank God for caring enough about you to move you into the next great thing He has planned for you.

Step 2:  Be thankful.  Remember all your blessings and verbalize them in thanks. On my darkest day I walked outside and saw my view and remembered how incredibly blessed I am to have a home, in a spectacularly beautiful location, with horses in the pasture, a car, a truck, and a horse trailer in the driveway, and most importantly a great God and family that loves me.

Step 3: Realize this time is precious. You have been given the blessing of time to reorganize you mind and your life.

Step 4:  Stop, slow down, and write down what your highest and best dreams are.  Remember you must have a road map to get someplace, and you must start with an end in mind.  So decide where you want to be and what you want to do.

Step 5:  Then decide what comes first, second, and third.  Write it down!  Because when you’re stressed you won’t remember what you thought of, five minutes after you thought of it.

Step 6:  Break down what comes first into several smaller, do-able tasks for today.  Write down what you need to accomplish today.  Keep it short to allow for interruptions. But make it count on your road-map to your future.

Step 7:  Do the same thing for tomorrow, and the next day, and the first week.  Then give yourself a roughed out road map for the next month.  Again, be flexible, nothing should be set in stone.

Step 8:  Breath.  About here you may be panicking.  Stop, pray again, and practice deep breathing.  Speak this till you see it, “Father, thank you for caring for me and my family. Thank you for providing far more, and far better than I could have ever imagined.”  And then BELIEVE IT!   Get it deep down inside yourself.

Step 9:  Get that faith down deep inside you.  Trust God for answers.  And if you don’t have God in your life toolbox, get down on your knees and ask Him to come into your life, guide you, and show Himself to you.  Trust me, He will.  And you will be blown away!

Step 10:  Wash, rinse, repeat!  Do these steps over and over until you climb your way back up that ladder and step out on safe, solid ground.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up!

I should have kept my own good advice handy!  I was in the middle of the move when I hit Step #8! Yet, instinctively I continued to pray, continued to trust God, and am climbing my way back up to safer, more solid ground!

I wish you an incredibly blessed day, week, month, year, life!

Go with God my friends!

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What Jesus and Easter Offer Us In Today’s World


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He’s Alive!

Jesus and Easter

Have you ever thought about what Jesus and Easter really offer us? Especially in today’s world? This question could take us years to cover. But I would like to share some very personal thoughts about it this morning.

This Holy Week has been especially touching for me. As you now know I have been a bit hyper-emotional recently. This week has been no different. I mentioned earlier, it started with the Blood Moon on Passover and then moved to Maundy Thursday and the Last Supper, then Good Friday.

42 Years Ago

The love and intense emotions I experienced this week actually started 42 years ago. I still remember sitting in the children’s choir and deciding I had to give my life to Jesus. I clambered in front of all the little kids in my row and went to the front of the church and accepted Jesus as my Savior.

That childlike faith of a little girl has grown over the years into a life foundation.


But the reason it is so vital, and allowed me such deep emotions this week is because 21 years ago, during a very dark time in my life, standing under a tree in my back yard I actually told God “If this is the best you can do for me, I don’t want you in my life!”

And I turned away from God.

Lock, stock, and barrel. Done.

The following 3 days were the darkest, emptiest, saddest, loneliest days of my life. I experienced No Hope on a level no words can really describe.

Having grown up in the church  I had never lived without the love of God.

But to consciously  make a choice to walk away from that faith and walk completely in “the world” opened my eyes to what people with no spiritual base experience on a daily basis.

That was the turning point in my life.

That old saying you have to get to the bottom before you can start to come back up was absolute for me.

No God.

No love.

No future.

No hope.


But then came the third day!

I was spiritually dead for 3 days.

But that third day God reached down and touched my heart. He brought me back to life. And set my feet on the path to today.

Without Him I am nothing. I can say that from experience. I was Nothing.

In reality I walked away from Him. I turned my back on God.

But, thankfully, He never left me.

So now, may I ask again, what does Jesus and Easter really offer us today?

It offers us life and love on a level that fills us to overflowing so it splashes out on those around us!

Love, indescribably, uncontainable love!

And Joy that is infectious!

What do Jesus and Easter offer us?

  • Life, full and eternal.
  • Peace, that passes all understand.
  • Happiness that no words can contain.

A Prayer For You

Wherever you go today, go with God my friends.

Father, in the name of Jesus, carry us today, to a higher place. A place in the cleft of your heart. That place of pure spiritual connection. Thank you for sending your Son to be our lamb.

In Jesus precious name I pray.



Here is a link to the song, “He’s Alive!” A favorite of mine!

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God Morning Good Friday

God Morning!

No, that isn’t a typo. That’s my morning greeting with my friend Lark.  And this morning it really fits!

God Morning Good Friday!

Good Friday, God, Jesus, Lord, love, life, death, Via Dolorosa, crucified, cross, cowboy, cowgirl, horse, cow, cattle, bull

Sun Rise Good Friday Out My Front Door

Good Friday started Monday

The Blood Moon on Passover started the week with intense emotion for me. Then I bared my soul with my confessions of fears and vulnerability, and now, it’s Good Friday and I just want to stop my life and spend the day in prayer and meditation.

Today is the day our Lord Jesus carried his own cross down the Via Dolorosa to die for me.  For ME.  I swung the hammer and drove the nails into His hands and feet.

Via Dolorosa

I find it interesting that the Via Dolorosa  in Latin means “Way of Grief”, “Way of Sorrows”, “Way of Suffering” or simply “Painful Way.” It is thought to be the very street within the Old City of Jerusalem that Jesus traveled on his way to be crucified.  Very appropriate name.

I hope you will be mindful of what Jesus did for us today, over 2000 years ago. Today, he suffered ridicule and shame, beating, and a torturous death for us. For you, and for me.


Jesus told his disciples at their “Last Supper” last night that “Greater love hath no man than to lay down one’s life for a friend.” (John 15:13) And then he did it. For you and for me. He loved us enough to die for us.

I know this is unconventional, and breaking every blogging rule in the book, but I would like to pray right here, right now.

Father God, I come before you and pray for the eyes reading these words.  Lord, please bless this person, their family and friends. Lord, I ask for a fresh awareness of you in their life right now!  Right this very moment Lord.  Stir in them a love for you like they’ve never experienced before.  Lord, bring Jesus and His life, death, and love for us into their consciousness and heart as never before.  Sweet Jesus, thank you for suffering and dieing for me. Me, with all my sins and faults. Thank you. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

Go with God.


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Ice breakers, moving, stress, new home, cowboys, cowgirls, Colorado mountains

What Ice Breakers Work?

What Ice Breakers Work?

Finally! I have internet and can talk to you again! This hiatus made me wonder what ice breakers work for a situation when you haven’t talked to someone you care about for far too long?

What ice breakers work when you have so much to share but only a little time to do it in.  As you can see, “Finally, I have internet” was my ice breaker.  But now that the ice is broken, I can’t blurt out the stuff I have to share all at once. So this post is really to prepare you for the next one.

Earning Your Trust Again

The reason I was wondering about ice breakers is because it honestly feels like I fell off the face of the earth and now I have to earn your trust all over again. So to do that I thought I would share a little bit of what has been happening in my world with you.  And trust me, the next post will take that to a whole new level!

Since this new job and move dropped in my lap I have been running as fast as I could and working harder than I ever have, but getting no where fast.  It felt like I was running in mud, dragging a 50 pound weight. Nothing was happening, and I was struggling. But I’m starting to feel the momentum changing, things are starting to settle down, and I’m feeling stronger.

Pay Back

I can finally see the light at the end of this endless transition!  Most of my stuff is now in Cortez and I’m getting comfortable in my new home and enjoying my new job. But the special payback for this transition is I have enjoyed several lunches with my daughter, and a wonderful dinner last night with my daughter and son-in-law.  What a blessing!

A Journey

This entire experience has been an amazing journey.  It is an incredible story about upheaval, change, and faith.  But that till have to wait till the next post. Trust me, I’m going to try some new, exciting things with the next one.  You don’t want to miss it!

In the mean time, I would like to share with you a few pictures of my new place.  If you would like more “insider info” & goodies, I hope you will click the subscribe button on the side or top menus and become a follower of the blog.  You get special features, more photos, contests and prizes, and more contact with yours truly!

Photo timeline:

This was my last photo taken at my barn in Hotchkiss.  Even after a month it still brings tears to my eyes.  Moving from my home was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done.  I left my home, my ranch, my barn, some of my favorite horses, my friends, and most of my family.  As I look at this photo it all seems surreal.

Ice breakers, Last night, barn, sunset, saddness, tears, horses, cattle, cowboys, cowgirls, moving

Last sunset over the barn at home

I took this one as I topped over Dallas Divide above Ridgway.  It had snowed the night before and the wind was blowing like crazy.  It was beautiful.

Ice breakers, Last night, barn, sunset, saddness, tears, horses, cattle, cowboys, cowgirls, moving, snow, Colorado mountains

Snow blowing during the move

When I arrived, I was crying.  So to try to pull myself together I walked to the top of my new, rented, pasture and marveled at the vast beauty.  It didn’t fill the hole of missing home, but it was  nice band-aid.

Ice breakers, Last night, barn, sunset, saddness, tears, horses, cattle, cowboys, cowgirls, moving, snow, Colorado mountains

View from my new horse pasture

And this is the first sunset off my new back porch.  It was breathtakingly beautiful.  The photo doesn’t come close to the real thing.  Again, it helped, but the hole of missing home was still there.

Ice breakers, Last night, barn, sunset, saddness, tears, horses, cattle, cowboys, cowgirls, moving, snow, Colorado mountains

First sunset at new place

So back to my original question, “What do you say when you haven’t talked for some time?”  I hope this was a good ice breaker and you will forgive me for being too long gone.  Now it’s on to the next post!  I can’t wait!


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How To Make A Difference

How To Make A Difference

Can one small act or comment can make a difference for a lifetime?   That is the question I have been considering for the last a few weeks.  One simple act, or one simple question.  Can that honestly make a difference for a lifetime? I believe it can.

Let’s Share a Story

A few Saturday’s ago I had an appointment to meet with a gentleman and discuss the all natural health products that saved my life from cardiovascular disease and arthritis.  We were also scheduled to talk about how much he is going to charge me to print some children’s books.  Needless to say I was very excited for our meeting and arrived a few minutes early to gather my thoughts. The meeting was scheduled at a favorite coffee shop so I ordered a cup and a quiche and sat about waiting. Five minutes. Ten. At fifteen minutes, I refilled my coffee, called his cell phone, and left a message checking to see if I was at the wrong coffee shop. While I was on the phone a friend from high school walked in and up to the counter. As I ended the call he walked by my table headed towards the door and I said, “Good morning, Tony.  How are you?” He stopped and we visited a bit. After a few minutes I invited him to sit down. And I am so glad I did!

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My Friend Tony Bohling

A Shocking Revelation

Tony shocked me with several things.  First he remembered a question I asked him when he first moved to my hometown and came as the new kid to fifth grade.  He said he remembered it so vividly because he was the new kid and I was nice to him.  But the question I asked has stuck with him all these years and caused him to contemplate it over and over.

Do you remember anything from when you were what 10 or 11 years old?  What was this profound question, I asked?  Tony said, “The question you asked me 40 years ago was one that God kept in my mind to one day help me see exactly what “…are you Christian or Catholic?” really meant.”  That question was from an innocent little girl who had no idea the tremendous magnitude, and potential pain, of that statement.

But the question stuck with Tony all these years and has made him contemplate spirituality and religion many times. He now leads the men’s Bible study at the local Christian Church.  He is filled with the Holy Spirit and credits that little question all those years ago for helping him sort through, and eventually find a deep, and abiding relationship with Jesus. The question did nothing more than provide a thought, that then he and the Lord built a relationship on, together.

So, back to my original question, can one small question, comment, or act make a difference for a lifetime?  Apparently it can.

Thank you for sharing this Tony!  You have impressed me with your commitment to, and love for, the Lord.  You taught me so much during our little visit.  I can’t wait till our next one!

My question for you, dear reader, is do you think one small question, comment, or action can honestly make a difference in someones life?  Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Who Else Wants Less Anxiety, Self Doubt, and Fear?

Who Else Wants Less Anxiety, Self Doubt, and Fear?

Now that is an interesting question for this blog isn’t it? This is a motivational blog not a psychological one! So what in the world am I thinking starting the week with a post about Less Anxiety, Self Doubt, and Fear? It all has to do with my weekend.

My weekend was spent at Camp Cedaredge on Grand Mesa attending a spiritual retreat called, Tres Dias, or three days.

Here are a couple photos of the sunset the night before as I was getting gas in preparation to drive there the following day.  It was a breathtaking sunset!

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Sunset filling my car to go





















Setting the Stage

The sunset set the stage for what I already knew would be an amazing experience. And to simply say it was amazing would be a gross understatement!  The best way I can sum it up is to quote one of the spiritual leaders, “God showed up!”  And boy did He!

But in addition to an incredibly uplifting experience, the time together brought something quite unexpected and unsettling to the forefront. It revealed how many woman suffer with anxiety and fear stemming from self doubt. And on many levels. Almost every woman I talked with, no matter what the situation or circumstances, was suffering from questioning  something they did, or said, or thought. Many others were struggling with anxiety, self doubt, and fear over something they thought another woman had said.

It was a sad realization that even where we were, in the midst of an incredible Godly time, we were all doubting ourselves over something.

self doubt, anxiety, fear, mountains, Colorado, prayer, God, Jesus

Friday afternoon after a brief snowstorm from those clouds!

 Truth Revealed

It was so interesting to hear others voicing what, unfortunately, was also going on inside my head!

These women were leaders in the organization, some were leaders in the church, wives, widows, divorced women young and old, even 20 something fresh young girls without a care in the world.  We were each living out a different set of circumstances, but each one of us was suffering wondering if we did or said something that hurt someone else.

Why? Why do we all struggle with anxiety, self doubt, and fear? Personally, I think it comes from simply living life. The world beats us up time and time again. All of us.

I love Ann Voskamp’s comment in her blog, A Holy Experience, on September 30, 2013,  “It’s either take captive every thought or be taken captive. When you realize life is war, you make prayer a shield, and Christ your general, and the victory is found in grace.”

Self doubt, anxiety, fear, God, Jesus, Colorado, mountain


Faith, prayer, and grace. These carry me though each and every day. Faith, prayer, and God’s Grace.

Do you know that FAITH is the opposite of fear?

What do you rely on to carry you beyond anxiety, self doubts, and fear to forge ahead?

Please share your thoughts and any tips you have.  Sharing is healing for you and for other readers!















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What Do You Think Heaven Is Like?

What Do You Think Heaven Is Like?

Now that is an interesting question isn’t it?

Today we have many published books about people that have died and gone to Heaven. They tell us about going to a brilliant light. One of my favorites is “Heaven is For Real“. It is the true story of Colton Burpo, a little boy that died during an emergency surgery for a ruptured appendix.

He gives vivid details of how Jesus loves us in his wonderful description of Heaven, God, and Jesus. It is one of those, “Out of the mouths of babes” kind of stories.  His own family was blown away when he told about Jesus holding him on his lap while he was in surgery.

He describes what his mom and his dad were doing during the surgery, even though they were in different rooms far from the operating room. The dad was locked in the bathroom, mad at God for taking his son. It’s a great book. If you haven’t read it I highly recommend it! You will soon find it on My Book Table.

Today’s topic, What Do You Think Heaven is Like, comes from another day on the mountain.

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We had to give booster shots today to the soon-to-be-weaned, not-so-baby-anymore, calves. The vaccinations are similar to those you give a human baby. They keep the calves from getting the flu and several  strains of respiratory disease common among cattle.

cattle, horses, horse back riding, God, Jesus, Heaven,happiness, joy, mountains, cattle drive, dude riders, picnic


It was an incredibly beautiful day. The cattle worked easy and we finished vaccinating two big punches early in the afternoon.

Afterwards Mika, Hardy, and I took our horses to the creek to water them. When they were done drinking we turned them loose to graze for a bit and the three of us laid on the creek bank relaxing and enjoying the beauty of the day as we talked, laughed, and simply enjoyed being a family.

Here was my view laying on my back in the grass, beside the gentle little creek, looking up at the amazing sky. It was so warm and relaxing. Truly an epic moment!

cattle, horses, God, Jesus, love, happiness, joy, mountains, cattle drive, dude riders, picnic

My View Creek-side

I made the comment that I hoped this is what Heaven will be like.

I hope on any given day I can have my family with me, riding our horses wherever we want to, then be able to turn our horses loose to water and graze nearby as we lay down in the lush green grass beside the little bubbling creek, and just enjoy soaking up the sunshine.

Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

What do you hope Heaven is like?



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