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What Happens When Miracles Don’t Look Pretty?

Post #3 in the Miracles Series

If you are new to this blog I encourage you to read the first two posts in this series before reading this one. Then this post will make sense.

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Miracles Don’t Always Look Pretty

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Cold, Bitter, Reality

Miracles may come with reality checks.

Sometimes they look cold and hard. Even distant.

Miracles are often disguised as hard work.  Sometimes, very hard work.

Stepping into the miracle zone in January 2014 was some of the hardest work I’ve ever done.

And I am capable of very hard work.  My daughter can work circles around me, but I’m still pretty good at getting a it done. Whatever “it” is. I may not be the fastest, but I will get a project done, no matter how long it takes.

But when this move actually happened, I had two weeks to pack and move, or throw away, 20 years of “life accumulation,” basically by myself. No miracles there. Just a lot of sore, tired muscles, no time to eat, and working my fingers till they bled. Yes, bled.

In one month I lost 18 pounds. And I haven’t lost a pound in 15 years!

I did have wonderful help a few times. Family and friends came and helped when they could. But the bulk of the work I had to do myself. Right up till the end. I finally hired a friend to finish the inside of the house and clean, and my cousin to finish moving the outside stuff.

I had to hire help because I reached the point I could not force myself to drive back over that mountain.

No miracles in that.

The Miracles Zone Turns Dark

As I look back, during the actual moving, it’s as though I stepped into a dark, vacant, hole.

I was so emotionally traumatized I barely wrote anything for three months. When I did it was surface words. Nothing of real meaning. It hurt too badly to look within for any substance.

If you look back over my posts, I told you I was moving in Do You Ever Need More Patience? the end of January while I was almost killing myself trying to get moved.  Then I wrote nothing until March when I shared What Ice Breakers Work to apologize for my long absence.

But it wasn’t until April when Mika chewed on me for not being honest with you that I finally got real and apologized in Responsibility, I Let You Down

Miracles Kept Me Moving Forward

But none of those posts tell you about the miracles that kept me going. Kept me in Cortez. Kept me clinging to my sanity.

I had to be at work on Monday February 2, so I moved to Cortez on Sunday, February 1st. But the house I was moving into wasn’t available yet, so I had to spend a couple nights with Mika and Hardy. My plan, even though I didn’t say anything to anyone, was to clean the place in the evenings and move in over the following weekend.

That was rude.

I had no right to just camp out at my daughter and son-in-laws.

In reality I was pouting and feeling extremely sorry for myself.

Hanging out with them in the evenings after work was helping me cope with leaving my life in Delta County.


Monday and Tuesday Mika helped me by cleaned on my, soon-to-be, new home.  Hardy rounded up his brother-in-law and they moved my bed and some other stuff in.

This meant I had to spend my first night there.


In a strangers house.

It was horrible.

I ate my first meal there. . .

miracles, move, meal

My First Meal, if you can call it that, at the New House

as the dark emptiness engulfed me.

It is a lovely home. . . I was incredibly blessed to be living there. . . but all I experienced was loneliness.

The house has a beautiful Jacussi tub. After my pathetic dinner, I climbed in the tub, drank a Blue Moon beer and cried my heart out. The blinding blanket of depression was wrapping itself securely around my shoulders.

miracles, God, Jesus, beer

Crying in my beer!

All I wanted to do was go home.


Not the place I was at.

It belonged to someone else.  I was paying money to stay in someone else’s house.

As I climbed into bed, half drunk and fully miserable, a lifelong friend of mine called and asked how I was doing.

She had no idea the earful she was going to get!

I sobbed my woes into her ear. Her loving answer was for me to move back home. And do it tomorrow!

But she is married to a wonderful, caring, down-to-earth man.

Luckily they were sitting together while she and I were having this conversation. Instinctively she asked if he agreed.

I will be forever grateful for his simple, straightforward answer . . . that came as a question.

Does she have a job to come home to?


Then why are you even talking about it?

Wow! Talk about a reality check.

It was time for this girl to put on her big girl panties and get over it.

I cried myself to sleep.

When I woke up I decided it was time to get back to reading my little “Jesus Calling” Daily Devotional that I had ignored for several days.  Here was the very page I read:

miracles, God, Jesus, depression

My Devotional passage on Feb. 5, 2014

Talk about feeling the touch of God. First thing, on my first morning, in that new house. Starting my new life.

He had been there all along.

I was the one that had gotten lost.

But there He was, ever so gently, reaching out to me. Guiding me back to the path He had laid out for me. Reminding me I was living in His Miracle Zone.

Never Doubt Miracles

No matter how dark your circumstances are, no matter how lost you may feel, never doubt your miracles.

And always trust God.

To Be Continued . . .
Come back tomorrow for #4 in the Miracles Series!

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Incredible Random Acts of Kindness

There are still incredible people out there in this world that take the time to care about others. Not surface, meaningless stuff, but a deep, incredible, random acts of kindness.

Something happened to me this past Mother’s Day that touched me so deeply I want to share it.

In case you don’t know, I grew up in a the small town of Delta Colorado. If you follow my blog you know I moved in January. Things were rough for quite a while.

But every time I reached a horrible low time, God would send me an amazing blessing for a pick me up. I’m working on my first video blog to share more with you about that. God has been working on me about “speaking” to you since January. But in all honesty, I’m afraid. My fear, and embarrassment has kept me writing rather than speaking.

But I’m finally working on it! So soon I will be on here sharing with you about how God works in so many mysterious ways.

One of those was on Mother’s Day.

I was feeling very sorry for myself that I couldn’t go home, to Delta, and put flowers on my mother’s grave. Frankly, my heart was broken over it. By that time I knew I was meant to be here, in Cortez, but I was still holding on to my old heart aches, and not being able to put flowers on Mom’s grave was the straw that was about to break this camels back.

Then, out of the blue, a friend that I had not heard from in some time called me. I don’t have good cell service at my house so I didn’t know she had called until I drove into town and there was her name on my call list. So of course I called her back.

The conversation that ensued changed my life.

I’m going to cry just trying to write it.

This amazing woman told me she had heard I had moved and she knew I would want flowers on my mother’s grave, so she had taken extra to the cemetery and put them on Mom’s grave for me.


Mother's Day Flowers, act of kindness, joy, love, God

Mother’s Day Flowers

What an amazing, thoughtful, tender, heartfelt gift!

It touched me far deeper than my mere words can express.  She blessed me on a level I didn’t realize would go so deeply. Her caring and love brought me joy and lifted my heart.

She went on to tell me that she had lost her sister in January. Her heart was broken, but even in the midst of her pain and deep heartache, she thought of me and graciously took flowers to my Mom for me.

What an incredible act of kindness.

She blessed me, my mother, and now you.

She gave me a precious gift that will keep giving for as long as this story is shared. I guaranty I will share it with my Grand children and challenge them to follow in her footsteps of kindness and giving themselves.

And now I offer you the same challenge.

Together, let’s walk in her footsteps of kindness and thoughtfulness and make a difference in someone’s life today.

Have you done, or been the blessed recipient of a random act of kindness lately? Or ever?

Have you helped an elderly person carry their groceries? Rescued a child that wandered into the street? Taken food or presents to a family at Christmas?

My Mother would cook our family’s Christmas dinner, and then while we ate, she would skip dinner and take plates of food to elderly and shut-ins.

Now, my friend has honored my mother’s memory by taking her flowers on Mother’s Day. Thank you Mary! Your kindness changed my life.

I think the world of this lady and her family and feel horrible that I was so wrapped up in my own drama I didn’t know about their devastating heartache of loosing her sister. Now all I can offer is my condolences, hold them in my heart, and lift them up in prayer.

Will you join me in following in her footsteps and do an intentional act of kindness today? If you will, please leave me a comment and let me know. If you’ve done, or been the recipient of an act of kindness I hope you will share it so we can all be blessed by it.

Thank you and God Bless!
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How To Be Happy in 10 Simple Steps

Do You Want To Be Happy?

Everyone has the desire to be happy. But have you ever really thought about how to be happy? What makes you really happy? Some people find their joy in a new “thing” or “toy”. But as soon as the new wears off they are unhappy again. So how do we actually find joy? How do we learn to be happy and content?

I believe it’s a choice. Everything in life is a choice. Do you choose to be happy? I do!

An interesting thing happened last night as I was looking back over my blog posts and answering comments. I found the following post that I had written back in November, right after the County didn’t renew my contract.  Who knows why I never published it. I think it’s because I hadn’t added any photos yet. But as I read through it I realized it is as relevant today as it was back then. I hope it is a good reminder for all of us. I know it was for me!

happy, happiness, joy, love, unconditional love, family, God, Jesus, horses, cowboy, cowgirl. barrel race, dogs, family

My family makes me happy! What makes you happy?

Being Happy in the Middle of A Mess

Have you ever ended up in a mess?  A financial one, a broke down vehicle, a family conflict, or some other kind?  I sure have!

Right this moment I’m in the middle of a mess. Like many of you, my businesses have been hammered by the economy, and now, my part-time, fill in the gap, contract with Delta County was not renewed. So I am in the middle of a mess. But this is not the first time I’ve had to scramble.

For a few days I was excited to see what God was up to and was ready for the changes.  Then, when the bills started to pile up, reality set in and I started to sink. All I could see were walls closing in and zero light at the end of the tunnel.

But again, this is not the first time I’ve been knocked down. Because I’ve been there before I know there are several key steps to climbing back up out of that dark pit of despair. Since I’m not the only person that is, or has been down on their luck recently, I thought I would share with you my secret to climb back up, getting back on this horse, and riding  again. They are fairly simple. But are fundamental to long term happiness and success.

10 Simple Happy Steps

Step 1:     Pray.  Pray with earnest.  But don’t pray “Gimme prayers”. Pray prayers of thankfulness.  Prayers of praise.  Thank God for caring enough about you to move you into the next great thing He has planned for you.

Step 2:  Be thankful.  Remember all your blessings and verbalize them in thanks. On my darkest day I walked outside and saw my view and remembered how incredibly blessed I am to have a home, in a spectacularly beautiful location, with horses in the pasture, a car, a truck, and a horse trailer in the driveway, and most importantly a great God and family that loves me.

Step 3: Realize this time is precious. You have been given the blessing of time to reorganize you mind and your life.

Step 4:  Stop, slow down, and write down what your highest and best dreams are.  Remember you must have a road map to get someplace, and you must start with an end in mind.  So decide where you want to be and what you want to do.

Step 5:  Then decide what comes first, second, and third.  Write it down!  Because when you’re stressed you won’t remember what you thought of, five minutes after you thought of it.

Step 6:  Break down what comes first into several smaller, do-able tasks for today.  Write down what you need to accomplish today.  Keep it short to allow for interruptions. But make it count on your road-map to your future.

Step 7:  Do the same thing for tomorrow, and the next day, and the first week.  Then give yourself a roughed out road map for the next month.  Again, be flexible, nothing should be set in stone.

Step 8:  Breath.  About here you may be panicking.  Stop, pray again, and practice deep breathing.  Speak this till you see it, “Father, thank you for caring for me and my family. Thank you for providing far more, and far better than I could have ever imagined.”  And then BELIEVE IT!   Get it deep down inside yourself.

Step 9:  Get that faith down deep inside you.  Trust God for answers.  And if you don’t have God in your life toolbox, get down on your knees and ask Him to come into your life, guide you, and show Himself to you.  Trust me, He will.  And you will be blown away!

Step 10:  Wash, rinse, repeat!  Do these steps over and over until you climb your way back up that ladder and step out on safe, solid ground.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up!

I should have kept my own good advice handy!  I was in the middle of the move when I hit Step #8! Yet, instinctively I continued to pray, continued to trust God, and am climbing my way back up to safer, more solid ground!

I wish you an incredibly blessed day, week, month, year, life!

Go with God my friends!

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What Jesus and Easter Offer Us In Today’s World


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He’s Alive!

Jesus and Easter

Have you ever thought about what Jesus and Easter really offer us? Especially in today’s world? This question could take us years to cover. But I would like to share some very personal thoughts about it this morning.

This Holy Week has been especially touching for me. As you now know I have been a bit hyper-emotional recently. This week has been no different. I mentioned earlier, it started with the Blood Moon on Passover and then moved to Maundy Thursday and the Last Supper, then Good Friday.

42 Years Ago

The love and intense emotions I experienced this week actually started 42 years ago. I still remember sitting in the children’s choir and deciding I had to give my life to Jesus. I clambered in front of all the little kids in my row and went to the front of the church and accepted Jesus as my Savior.

That childlike faith of a little girl has grown over the years into a life foundation.


But the reason it is so vital, and allowed me such deep emotions this week is because 21 years ago, during a very dark time in my life, standing under a tree in my back yard I actually told God “If this is the best you can do for me, I don’t want you in my life!”

And I turned away from God.

Lock, stock, and barrel. Done.

The following 3 days were the darkest, emptiest, saddest, loneliest days of my life. I experienced No Hope on a level no words can really describe.

Having grown up in the church  I had never lived without the love of God.

But to consciously  make a choice to walk away from that faith and walk completely in “the world” opened my eyes to what people with no spiritual base experience on a daily basis.

That was the turning point in my life.

That old saying you have to get to the bottom before you can start to come back up was absolute for me.

No God.

No love.

No future.

No hope.


But then came the third day!

I was spiritually dead for 3 days.

But that third day God reached down and touched my heart. He brought me back to life. And set my feet on the path to today.

Without Him I am nothing. I can say that from experience. I was Nothing.

In reality I walked away from Him. I turned my back on God.

But, thankfully, He never left me.

So now, may I ask again, what does Jesus and Easter really offer us today?

It offers us life and love on a level that fills us to overflowing so it splashes out on those around us!

Love, indescribably, uncontainable love!

And Joy that is infectious!

What do Jesus and Easter offer us?

  • Life, full and eternal.
  • Peace, that passes all understand.
  • Happiness that no words can contain.

A Prayer For You

Wherever you go today, go with God my friends.

Father, in the name of Jesus, carry us today, to a higher place. A place in the cleft of your heart. That place of pure spiritual connection. Thank you for sending your Son to be our lamb.

In Jesus precious name I pray.



Here is a link to the song, “He’s Alive!” A favorite of mine!

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God Morning Good Friday

God Morning!

No, that isn’t a typo. That’s my morning greeting with my friend Lark.  And this morning it really fits!

God Morning Good Friday!

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Sun Rise Good Friday Out My Front Door

Good Friday started Monday

The Blood Moon on Passover started the week with intense emotion for me. Then I bared my soul with my confessions of fears and vulnerability, and now, it’s Good Friday and I just want to stop my life and spend the day in prayer and meditation.

Today is the day our Lord Jesus carried his own cross down the Via Dolorosa to die for me.  For ME.  I swung the hammer and drove the nails into His hands and feet.

Via Dolorosa

I find it interesting that the Via Dolorosa  in Latin means “Way of Grief”, “Way of Sorrows”, “Way of Suffering” or simply “Painful Way.” It is thought to be the very street within the Old City of Jerusalem that Jesus traveled on his way to be crucified.  Very appropriate name.

I hope you will be mindful of what Jesus did for us today, over 2000 years ago. Today, he suffered ridicule and shame, beating, and a torturous death for us. For you, and for me.


Jesus told his disciples at their “Last Supper” last night that “Greater love hath no man than to lay down one’s life for a friend.” (John 15:13) And then he did it. For you and for me. He loved us enough to die for us.

I know this is unconventional, and breaking every blogging rule in the book, but I would like to pray right here, right now.

Father God, I come before you and pray for the eyes reading these words.  Lord, please bless this person, their family and friends. Lord, I ask for a fresh awareness of you in their life right now!  Right this very moment Lord.  Stir in them a love for you like they’ve never experienced before.  Lord, bring Jesus and His life, death, and love for us into their consciousness and heart as never before.  Sweet Jesus, thank you for suffering and dieing for me. Me, with all my sins and faults. Thank you. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

Go with God.


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Responsibility, I Let You Down


Have you ever had a come-upance? That’s where someone calls you on your “stuff” and you have to acknowledge they are right. Then you are faced with either dealing with your “stuff”, or ignoring it.

That happened to me today.

My daughter gave me a come-upance on my blogging during and following the move. Essentially, she said I had shirked my responsibility to be real with my readers during a very difficult time.

She was right.

I have.

I used the excuse of not having internet to not sit down and share what I was going through. Well, that ends right here. And I apologize. I will never leave you out of what is happening ever again. I have a responsibility to be open and honest if you are to ever really trust me.

Time To Tell The Truth

In reality I think I didn’t write because I was struggling so hard trying to keep it together. I couldn’t write. It would have been too painful. I would have actually had to look at my situation rather than just try to survive it.

I was a wreck.

I thought I covered it up pretty well, but I was drowning. I did in two weeks what should have taken me a month. Then every weekend I was driving back trying to finish in two days what should have taken two weeks. I would rush home, work myself literally to tears, and bloody fingers, then drive back to Cortez so I could be at work Monday morning all smiles, cool, calm, and collected. Trying to make a good impression and let them know the job was important to me.

But it was all a front. Inside I was falling totally apart. I didn’t want to seem weak. But in reality I have never been more afraid or weaker. I felt totally lost. Still do. I left every scrap of security I have fought my entire life for, threw it to the wind, jumped in my truck and drove away to live in a rented house, and work for total strangers, at a job I didn’t know if I could do.

Talk about losing your base. I had nothing. And frankly, there are still times where I feel like I will never have the wind back in my sails. And I swear I’m not feeling sorry for myself. I’m just being totally, utterly, honest.

Responsibility to Be Brutally Honest

After writing those previous words, now I know for certain the reason I couldn’t write this before. I’m crying like a baby as I write it, now.  I can only imagine what a wreck I would have been if I would have tried to write it while I was floundering so badly. As I look at it now all I see are “I’s” and I feel like I’m whining. I don’t whine, I don’t complain, I shoulder into whatever the situation is and go do what needs to be done.

Vulnerable isn’t in my vocabulary.

Weak isn’t either.

But in the past three months I’ve been both, many times. Most times.

Heck, I am right now.

I’m as vulnerable as I ever get. I’m spilling my guts to you. Writing my heartache on a sheet of white paper for your review, reflection, and comments. And frankly that terrifies me as well. I know I have to reestablish your trust in me. But I’m terrified I won’t be able to win you back.

If I have no readers, then I truly have nothing to say that really matters.

That is terrifying.

So there you have it.

I have no ideas or suggestions today. No witty words. No novel thoughts. I only have raw, open truth.

Responsibility to Rebuild

During this move I faced leaving behind family and friends that I have worked many years to build solid relationships with. Women of value and strength of character. And a small circle of men I could trust. That’s a very hard thing for a single woman to do. And now, I have left them all. And I’m out of my element here. Every time I turn around it seems I need help. How I hate being needy. That is not a characteristic I want. Ever.

I have lived my life being strong. Courageous. Independent. 

I feel bad for my daughter and son-in-law. I’m sure they feel I’m a burden. I don’t ever want to be a burden. To anyone. Ever. 

The funny thing is I’ve lived in other places, Texas, Oklahoma, eastern Colorado so moving is not the root of my issues. It is leaving the solid personal foundation I’ve build over my entire lifetime. Striving to be a better person, surrounded by people I loved, in a community that I cared very deeply about.

And now I’m a stranger. On the outside looking in.

That is such an empty feeling.

But like I always say, feelings are fleeting. Mine are no different than the next person’s. My feelings will change. I will be strong again. Someday.

I have no doubt God brought me here. That’s what I’ve clung to through all this. That, and my daughter, son-in-law, and coming Grandchild.

I Will Be Strong Again.

I am a survivor. I will make it through this. And it will happen before that baby arrives. I am determined to be putting roots in the ground again and getting my footing by then. Each day I feel myself growing a bit stronger.

Funny how walking back through all of this with you just now took me right back to my most vulnerable weaknesses. But in writing it, I had to face them. My weaknesses and vulnerabilities. And by doing that, now I see I really am going through this. I’m not stuck!  I’m moving through it and am already stronger.

Facing my fears has taken away their strength to control me.

Have any of you ever faced a time of weakness and vulnerability that you would like to share? It might do the same thing for you that it has for me. Looking at our fears takes their power away. Then we can address them rather than continue to run from them. 

If you want to share here, in the comments section, that would be great. If you prefer a more personal interaction, please feel free to email me at  We can talk there if you prefer.

Thank you and God Bless you!

Thank you Mika. I love you!


love you, God, love, heart, Jesus, responsibility

YOU have my heart!


responsibility, God, Jesus, Love,truth, faith, love, grace, new life concept



responsibility, God, Jesus, new beginning, Rainbow, horses, shining promise, love, hard work

Stepping Into The Light of A New Beginning!

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Life Lessons Learned During A Move

Life Lessons

As I wrote a response to a dear friend and follower this morning I realized some of the amazing life lessons this move has taught and is teaching me.  I’m always looking for lessons – on the ranch, with the livestock, working with my family, at work, or at play. But this move has been so different and difficult I hadn’t taken the time to break it down and really examine what it has taught me.

Ranch Life

Life on the ranch had it’s stresses, but each day I found such joy in the simple things we did there. Like the day we had to replace the broken culvert and I played in the ditch. (This is a link to one of the original posts)

life lessons, peace and joy, dogs, horses, cowboy, cowgirl, cattle, ranching, beaver dam, water, Colorado, mountain, river, experience, backhoe, dirt, mud, creek, water

Backhoe setting up


life lesson, God, Jesus, happiness, change, stress,peace and joy, dogs, horses, cattle, ranching, beaver dam, water, Colorado, mountain, river, experience, backhoe, dirt, mud, creek, water

and then I notice the lame horse on my river bottom.

life lessons, stress, joy, God, Jesus, happiness, family, struggles, cowboy, cowgirl, Colorado, home, ranch, life, family, happiness, stress
Mares on the River Bottom

And as I led the mare back to the barn to be doctored we walked through the amazing field covered in cob webs as the sun was sinking.

life lessons, horses, God, Jesus, peace, stress, confusion, hardship, joy, love, life, family, ranch, cattle, cowboy, cowgirl

A Field of Cob Webs

That could have been a very stressful day. But instead my family and I were able to turn it into a fun-filled, amazing day that took three blog to tell the story!

life lessons, cattle, horses, God, Jesus, family, love, joy, happiness, stress, Colorado, mountains

My family! Mike and Lisa Stroud, my niece and nephew


As I compare that day to how I’m handling this move I’m not pleased. That fact is causing me to reflect on my inner self. Do you ever do that? I believe it is vital for growth – all growth. Personal, spiritual, emotional. We must look at, analyze, and work on our inner self. If not, we remain stagnant, unchanging, and miss the real joy of life.

We can blindly believe everything in life happens “to us” but in reality we call in every situation we end up in.  Personal reflection allows us to examine why we call it in, and how we handle all the “stuff” we do call in.

Oh of course there are true accidents in life, and sometimes we are thrust into a situation we have no control over and must find our way through it. Those times call for more prayer. Lots more prayer. . . and more love. But for now, back to the move and the life lessons it has, and is, teaching me.

Moving to Cortez

For years I have said I wouldn’t be able to handle being four hours away from my daughter if she ever had a child. God heard that comment and Heaven and earth moved to make sure I will be here for that blessed event! And I am growing more thankful everyday.

But OH the upheaval that has happened, and is happening in the transition!

It’s funny how stress and lack bring out our true colors. It was odd how every one around me seemed mad and, excuse my vulgarity, bitchy!

Now in retrospect, guess who the mad and bitchy one really was?  Yep, yours truly!

When we are too tired, too stressed, and trying to do too much, we cannot think or reason properly.  This leads to problems on every level, especially in all our relationships.  Relationships that need to be protected and nurtured, not bashed and bruised.

As I pondered the grand scheme of all this I think I’ve uncovered some fundamental life lessons lurking under the chaos and stress. Here are a few that quickly come to mind:

Fundamental Life Lessons

  • Stress and Lack bring out our true colors. Therefore –
  • Remember to be gracious and kind no matter how jumbled you feel inside.
  • Ask forgiveness every day, possibly moment to moment.  From our Heavenly Father and our precious family members that are being emotionally and verbally abused by our stress outpourings
  • Always remember relationships need to be protected and nurtured not bashed and bruised.
  • Self care is vital! Do not push your body beyond it’s limits, especially when it’s already too tired. Injuries only slow the process down.
  • Make to do lists. Without them you just run around trying to put out fires and don’t get as much accomplished.
  • Be sure to take time and say a prayer every morning for guidance and to help you accomplish everything on your lists.
  • Have a partner you can bounce things off of, and actually listen to them. They aren’t muddled in the head and are probably thinking far more clearly than you right now. Listen to them!
  • Eat, sleep, and be happy.  These are not just from a fairy-tale, these are fundamental necessities of a good life. Pause and eat good, healthy food, slow down in time to let your body relax so it will be able to rest. And always, always, always look for moments of joy, sights and sounds that make you happy, and family that you love.
  • No matter what else you do, or think, the most important life lesson is:  To Love! Treasure every moment, live it fully, and experience it with love. Deep, heart-filling, love.

In Conclusion

I hope some of these fundamental life lessons have rung true for you. If so, please let me know in the comments section below. Oh, and please spread the word if you enjoy this blog. Word of mouth is the best marketing strategy I know and I bet you know someone that would enjoy the stories and ideas we share here.  Please help me get the word out!

Thank you and God Bless!

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Wishing You Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Another year has come and gone.  Can you believe it?  I can’t!  Yet it’s so, and I wish you a Happy New Year!

But that only begins what I hold in my heart for you. I wish you happiness of course, but I also wish you prosperity, a deep spiritual awakening, and a new appreciation for the smallest, simplest things in your life. The ability to see the same things you saw yesterday, but to view them with fresh eyes. Eye full of wonder!

I am striving to view everything in my life with wonder. Oh, of course I have tough moments, we all do, but as a whole, I am striving for growth, appreciation, and wonder!

I experienced a little of that wonder tonight, right here in my living room. Watching the celebrations around the world.  I Love the fireworks! Watching the New Years celebration over the Sydney Opera House is on my bucket list. I want to watch those fireworks through eyes full of wonder and excitement!  Don’t you?  If you do, I wish that for you this New Years!

Happy New Year, celebration, peace, hope, joy, love

Happy New Year!                                          Photo Credit:

There are wonderful celebrations here in the U.S. too. Each one of them, large or small, signifies a new beginning.  I wish that for you tonight.  A new beginning on the path to whatever dream you want to achieve.  No one is holding you back.  My wish for you is success.  Success in finding true joy from within.  Joy and peace that runs so deep you cannot find words to express it.

I wish you incredible life experiences.  The kind that transform your mind, body, and spirit.

I wish you fulfillment.  Fulfillment in your family . . .  your home . . . your work. . . your life.

But above all of this, I wish you love.

Happy New Year!

God Bless!


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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

I tried to upload this on Christmas day but must admit that after being blessed with family, friends, excitement and some good old fashioned ranch work I fell sound asleep with the computer on my lap.  So let’s try again today.

I don’t normally write poetry anymore, but I wrote this on Christmas Eve for my subscribers – as a personal gift just for them.  But after my daughter, Mika and my sister Pat read it they said I needed to share this with everyone.

I used to write poetry all the time but quit after Mom’s death.   Please let me know what you think in the comments section.  Thank you!!

I’m wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!  May God richly bless you today and throughout the coming New Year!

My gift to you!

Christmas Morn   By Kristi Ross

Christmas Morn

What a mystery it holds.

Children bright eyed with wonder.

The Grandfather watching with delight as his Grandchildren gathered round his feet while he tells them the incredible story of the first Christmas.

The sparkling snowflakes falling silently catch on our nose and eyelashes.

The smell of pumpkin and apple pie mingling with succulent ham floating in from the kitchen.

Close your eyes and breathe it in.

Hear the laughter of the children as they play with their new gadgets and toys.

What is it about Christmas that makes it so magical?

What is it?

Is it the presents?

Is it the love that overflows our hearts and spills down our cheeks in salty streams?

Is it the sheer joy in our children?

The family and loved one gathered round the table?

Or is it . . . a Baby

Born long ago in a smelly, dark, stable built in a cave

In the hills far away in a little town called Bethlehem

Heralded by Angels!

Worshiped by the lowliest of low shepherds and highest Kings from the Orient?

What makes Christmas so magical?

I believe it is the Baby

The Baby that came to bring life everlasting.

Born of lowly birth

That will one day rule the nations

A Baby, crying in the night

Wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger

Born for you

And for me

A Baby.

Merry Christmas, baby Jesus, King Jesus Bethlehem, manger, stable, born, angels, kings, horses, cattle, mules, cowboys, cowgirls, randh, rodeo

Baby Jesus in a manger

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Arguing with God – Does It Work?

Arguing with God, Self confidence, Jesus, unconditional love, horse, cowboy, cowgirl, ranch, rodeo, horse show,

Communicating with God

Do you actually talk to God? Carry on a conversation with Him like He is sitting there beside you? If not, why not?  If so, great job!

Quietness is the classroom where you learn how to communicate with God. Submission is our hardest lesson. But also the most rewarding.

Arguing with God

I argue with God.   Seriously.  Argue.

He has laid some doozies  on my heart and often I didn’t want to do what He asked. But He gently continued.

The first time God called me to do something I almost didn’t realize what was happening.  Then I slowly became more aware that He was asking me to go to the front of the church.

Once I figured out the thought on my heart was not my own I argued with it. I said, “No, I don’t need to go to the front of the church.”

Again, the still small voice on my heart asked me to get up and go to the front of the church.

Again I argued, “Everyone in church will think there is something wrong with me.” And I added, “There is nothing wrong with me, I’m not going to the front of the church.”

Silence . . .  for a moment.

Then again, ” Go to the front of the church.”

“Nope.  Besides, this is crazy.”




“No,  I have manure on my shoes and everyone would see it.”

“Go to the front of the church.”


Then came more clarification on my heart, “Yes, go.  I’m asking you to surrender to my will and get up and walk to the front of the church.”



I stood up and took no more than two steps to my left to leave the pew and the gentleman who had been sitting to my right, at the far end of the pew, stood up and almost ran to the front of the church and accepted Christ as his Savior.

I humbly walked to the front of the church, hit my knees and showed anyone that was looking the manure on the bottom of my shoes, but I no longer cared.  I was so humbled by the entire experience I didn’t think of the manure again.

Since then the Lord and I have had several similar arguments. But somehow He always ends up getting me to do whatever it is He asks.

Temper Feeds the Argument

I’m glad He gave me my temper. It allows me the strength to keep on when others lay in the spiritual trenches around me.

And I’m glad He loves me enough that I can argue and present my case with Him, even if I lose. At least I can present.

It either takes guts or sheer stupidity to argue with God, because either way, I’m going to lose.

Arguing with God buys us a little time, but over-all, does you no good.

Have you ever argued with God?

If so how did it turn out?

Please share in the comments section below –

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