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What Truly Matters in 2017

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Our  “What Truly Matters” Journey Begins

What truly matters is a very deep question. I’m honored you’ve joined us on this journey of self discovery in 2017. Please grab a cup of something warm, pull up a chair, and let’s have a little visit.

As I mentioned in last weeks post, we are going to delve into what truly matters in our lives.  We are going to look within to start this new year in a manner that just might make a difference for the rest of our lives.  But the only way that will happen is if you come along side me, gather your courage and tell me what you think about the ideas shared here.

So . . .

I ask it again, what truly matters in your life?  This time I hope you will pause, and reflect on that question for a few moments . . .

Did you come up with what truly matters in your life right now?  If so, please take a moment and share those things with me in the “Comments” Section below.

Ok, let’s continue –

Why Does What Truly Matters in 2017, Matter? Trust Me, It Does!

On our road to what truly matters let me ask yet another question – How are we going to make 2017 a better year than 2016? Especially when we know 90% of us don’t stick with our New Years Day Resolutions?

I think the best way is to look within.

But at what? And why?

There are several basic emotions that are at the root of many issues today.

When you break those emotions all the way down, we most often get to fear. Unfortunately, fear motivates a great deal of what we do today.

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We are afraid we won’t have enough money at the end of the month.  And this is a valid concern of late!

We are afraid of what the politicians are going to do. Or not do.

We are afraid of what someone is going to think of us. Or not think of us.

Afraid we will say or do something embarrassing.

But in reality, do any of these truly impact us for the long term?


So why are we looking at this you ask. Because we are trying to set up a frame work for each of us for change.

Positive change. Real, meaningful change.

What can do that?  What can turn fear around and allow us to work on real, meaningful change?



Why trust you ask.  What has that got to do with what truly matters?

Ok, that’s fair.  Let’s examine trust.

What is trust? And why does it matter? How do we build trust?

To start figuring that out let’s look at trust from a different perspective.

When you flick the light switch do you trust the light will turn on or off.

Of course you do.

Unless something’s wrong.  Then you trust the power company will fix it.  Right?


What about the water in your sink?

We all trust that if you turn the handle, or lift the lever in our sink, water will come out, right?  Unless you didn’t pay the bill! Or the line is broken.  But under normal circumstances, you turn the handle and water comes out of the faucet.

We all have mindless “trust” in these things.

However, on a deeper level, how does that word and the act of “trust” come into play?

How can trust aid us in making 2017 better than 2016?

How can trust help us figure out what truly matters?

And what does trust do in the face of fear?

Those are all good questions.  And that will be the discussion for our next post!  Make sure you don’t miss it by clicking HERE to become a SUBSCRIBER and never miss another post!

Be Bless my friends!

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Don’t Read This Blog Post Unless You Are Ready for Truth

Don’t Read This Blog Post

Unless you want to hear the truth. Don’t read this blog post unless you’re ready for some of my personal truth.

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Truth:  It’s been three months since I wrote a blog post.

Reason:  I left the job God provided me that caused me to leave my home and move to Cortez and took a new one.

That sounds simple enough doesn’t it?

But in reality, like most things in life, it’s very complicated.

Do you love that line?

“It’s complicated”.

I don’t.

Because when “it’s complicated” things are messy. Mixed up. And difficult. Right?

Nod your head back and forth.  Come on now . . . forward . . . and now backwards.


Thank you.

Yes, they are usually difficult.

But isn’t that life? Messy, mixed up, complicated, and exhilarating?

Frankly, all that does right now is make me tired.

How about you?

I’m ready to simplify my life.

But as of the writing of this blog post, mine is anything but simplified.

It’s better, but not simplified.


What Brought On This Change

What brought on this life altering change you may ask.

Why on earth did Kristi pack up and move from her home and ranch in Hotchiss to take a job in human services and then leave it after only three years?

Trust me, I asked myself that very question a thousand times.

And you faithful, amazing, loyal, loving supporters, and any newbie that happened so stop by this blog post, deserve to know the truth.

Frankly, it all started when the Director that I moved here for and loved working for, suddenly retired.

The County hired a new young gun and he is transforming the human services department.

A friend of mine said to me the other day, “It looks like you walked into a high school when you go in there now!”

Apparently the new management seems to prefer a younger personnel, and since I’m older, when an opportunity came my way, it was time for me to move on.

I was presented an opportunity to try my hand at becoming a real estate appraiser and I jumped at it.

However. . .

Change is never easy.

And this change has been extremely difficult. Having been raised in the real estate business I thought I knew the in’s and out’s of what appraising would entail.

Boy was I wrong!

It is a very difficult profession.

But I’m learning, and I love it.

However, learning requires a great deal of time and tremendous effort, especially for someone with a slightly off kilter brain.

My daughter says I’m just plain crazy, but I really do have brain damage and the car wreck last year seems to have rattled it again.  So learning a new and difficult career has proven to be a tremendous challenge.

But so worth it!

It is no excuse for my loooong hiatus between blog posts, it’s just the truth.

I apologize.  I will try to be better and write more often.

More Truth

My next truth is – I miss writing these blog posts and getting to visit with you.

I miss hearing your thoughts about my thoughts.

But in truth, I have been working so hard that when I would steal a few minutes and sit down at the computer to try to write a blog post my brain was so exhausted nothing came out.


No words.

No thoughts.

And to be honest, I was so empty I couldn’t even pray.

And for me . . . that is bad!

Very bad.

Very empty.

To be totally truthful, it was down right scary.

I have spent many years growing in my faith so I’ve aggravated many deserts.

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The Desert

For those of you new to this blog or to a faith-walk, a “desert” is a time in your spiritual life when it’s as though you are walking in a desert.  It is dry, desolate, empty, and almost lifeless.

I’m accustom to a lively relationship with God. A close, personal relationship where I feel His love for me and experience miracles on a daily basis, realize it, and am incredibly thankful for it.

But during a desert, that intimacy stops.

It’s as though you’re in a vacuum devoid of emotion.

Surrounded by glass walls. You can see out, but nothing spiritual gets through.

It feels as though the lights have been turned off in your heart.

And as I struggled to learn my new chosen career, to learn how to communicate with my boss, and how to get good enough I could actually pay my bills, I fell into a desert.

A serious desert.

Bloody Fingers

As I write this blog post I’m watching my fingers and thinking I should see blood. Typing, researching, working 16, 18, 20 hours a day to try to get a report done on time it felt as though I was crawling, no clawing my way through that desert.

But the great thing about going through something like that, is you are doing just that.

Going THROUGH it.

You’re not stuck there for the rest of your days.

You are making your way through the bad times. Through the hard times.

blog post, God, Jesus, water, desert, oasis

An Oasis

And just like an emerald oasis shimmering at the end of a dry desert, joy, peace, and love rise up out of a spiritual or emotional desert.

I am coming to my oasis.

Join Me!

I am so happy to be entering my oasis!

But more than that, I’m happy to be sharing time and emotion with you again! And thrilled beyond words that you are still here and didn’t give up on me! Thank You!

And I’m very excited to share with you what my upcoming series will be about.

I’ve hinted at it some on my author page on Facebook.

Even mentioned it here in a couple earlier blog posts.

We’re going to examine trust.

On an intimate, up close, and personal level.

Have you ever had a trust issue?

Has someone ever broken your trust? Or, have you broken someone else’s trust?

Do you know how to trust?

And the biggest question of all, do you know how to trust God?

Not the surface trust . . . but the deep, blood and guts kind of trust?

If not, or even if you do, I hope you’ll join us for this next series because I’ve very excited to see where it will lead us!


If you don’t want to miss a single blog post on this series or any other upcoming event, please click this link and SUBSCRIBE with confidence! Because we will never share your email or any other information with anyone.

Take care and God bless you!

Thank you again,





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Tough Times Survival Strategies

Surviving Tough Times

We all long to be happy and fulfilled. But over the past couple months I’ve talked to several friends that have told me they are neither. They are going through some tough times.

Very tough times.

Health issues.

Financial devastation.

Difficult situations with their work.

Some have lost their jobs.

Just when we thought the economy was starting to pick up, people are loosing their jobs.

Businesses are closing.

Have any of you been touched by one of these, or other difficult situations?

Most of us with some age have lived through one or several of these tough times.

tough times,

Talk about tough! That is one tough little tree!

Difficulties Teach Us

Having lived most of my adult life as a single mom, and alone since my daughter headed off to college, I’m all to familiar with tough times.

The good thing is because of that I’ve learned some amazing survival strategies for dealing with tough times.

And I’m sure you have learned some of those lessons as well.

So here’s what I want to challenge you with today-   I’m going to share some of my thoughts on how to deal with difficult times, but I want each of you to add you own Survival Strategies in the comments section below.  I have several dear friends that could use an encouraging thought or idea. Would you do that today? Please? Together we can make a difference.

Let’s join together to make this post a life line for others.

Ok, so here are some of my Survival Strategies for tough times

Tough Times Survival Strategy #1:  “Challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.” Joshua J. Marine

I’m an eternal optimist. I see the class as half full. Challenges are made to build character, grow us, stretch us, mold us into the people we are meant to be. Overcoming life’s issues makes us stronger. Builds our character, and adds the spice to life.

We don’t grow during the easy times. We coast. We enjoy.

It’s the tough times that stretch us.

Make us dig deep.

Make us grow.

Look for the silver lining in every dark cloud and see it as a road map to a stronger, better you!

Tough Times Survival Strategy #2:         Keep your mind focused on the next step to moving forward. No matter how big or how small. Keep moving forward.

What do we say when we’re dealing with something difficult? Something like, “I’m going through some tough times.”

That’s the point! We’re going Through It!

We’re not meant to be stuck in the tough times. We are going and growing through it.

Break your situation down into smaller challenges and deal with them one by one.

How many times have you looked back on something difficult and said I learned _______, during that time. You fill in the blank. If you really think about it, every time you’ve gone through a difficult time or situation in your life you’ve learned something. Haven’t you?

As strange as it sounds I look forward to difficulty because I know it’s going to grow me in some manner.

I know my character will be tested and strengthened by the adversity.

Challenge builds character.

Olympians know this better than any of us:

In 1908, before the Olympic Games in London, Pierre de Coubertin created what is now the Olympic Creed. It is inspired by the words of Bishop Ethelbert Talbot, “The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win, but to take part. Just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph, but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well.”

Tough Times Survival Strategy #3:        Make the choice to be happy no matter what you are facing

Most of our battles are in our minds.

Don’t let your circumstances dictate your happiness.

Did you know happiness is a choice?

We need to choose to be happy, blessed, and joyful everyday. Even if your circumstances tell a different story.

One of my favorite sayings is “Speak it till you see it.” But often that can be a very difficult thing to do. We get caught up in whatever life is throwing at us and we get dragged down.

Beat up.

Even depressed.

But if you stay joyful you take the power out of the negative situation. The tough times don’t seem so tough when you smile and make yourself look for things to be joyful about.

Tough Times Survival Strategy #4:             Be THANKFUL for whatever it is that is causing you to have the tough times.

I know, you think I’m crazy!

Be Thankful for whatever is causing you to suffer? I can hear you saying “No Way Lady!”

Honestly, this is the MOST IMPORTANT Strategy. But it is also the most difficult. It takes time to learn. And even when you practice it over and over, it still can be tough to do.

This step requires faith.

And creates the most powerful positive energy shift.

It moves us from negative to positive and takes the power away from the tough situation we’re facing.

Those of you that follow this blog and/or my Facebook page know, I believe God is in control. And when tough times come our way the Lord can use them for our good, especially if we have the right attitude.

I have seen this time and time again. If we can trust enough to say, “Thank you for this situation because I know, no  matter how bad it looks, I know you are going to use this for my good, you are going to teach me lessons, and you are going to use this for to bless me because you are faithful Lord.”

And even if you don’t feel thankful, speak it till you see it. Don’t give in to doubt. Don’t let the negative take over. Speak positive until you see positive.

If you can practice these survival strategies you will be able to endure the though times that come and you will be victorious.

My Challenge To You

If you have a survival strategy that you use to weather the tough times in life, please take a few minutes and share it with us in the comments section. Your way of dealing with difficulty may be the perfect answer  someone reading this is looking for.  Even if it’s simply eating chocolate, please share you ideas.

Thank you for joining with us to help others.

Thank you and God Bless!

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How Communication Heals

Can Communication Heal?

Oh I’m so glad you’ve joined me today! It’s snowing so why don’t you grab a cup of something hot, pull up a chair, and let’s have a little visit about how communication changes and heals lives.

As you learned from our previous two posts that communication with God, also known as, prayer, about two men that had stomped all over my heart provided healing of those old wounds. And then face to face communication with my ex-husband smoothed away years of hurt and created a foundation for friendship.

Healing relationships, can be challenging, but can be one of the most rewarding gifts you can give yourself, the other person, and all those effected.

After that healing Thanksgiving I have learned how to truly forgive and forget. I had to let all my personal issues and hangups go. The past is truly the past.

As I allowed myself to heal, I watched Dean and Mika building a true relationship and Dean and I to grow in our friendship.

But because of that initial communication over turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes, doors were being opened to something so much bigger.

August 2015

This past August that Thanksgiving communication blew some doors open that I never imagined.

But not only opened, but opened with joy, friendship, and true happiness.

We had the opportunity to meet a lovely young lady, inside and out.

Mika and Hardy had met her before. And I had met her when she was very young. But never dreamed I would get to know her as a young adult.

It’s interesting how life brings things back to us to make things right, and to make things new.

That is exactly what happened this August. My ex-husband, Dean, and his youngest daughter, Kaven, came to visit.

I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed meeting Kaven and getting to visit with her.  She is delightful!   It was a wonderful visit. And a gift to my heart.

To see Mika, her Dad, her sister, and Rossi enjoying each other. Sharing. Caring. Loving each other. . . well . . . for a woman of words . . .  I have none that convey the depth of emotion it brought up in me.

It was living a dream. Witnessing something I had dreamed of from the moment Dean drove away all those years ago.

It was magic.

It was an answer to prayer.

It was healing.

It was pure joy.

And I am a better person for having experienced it.

I’m thrilled for all of them!

That’s family.

That’s love.

I have been so excited about sharing this story and these photos!  Some of you have wanted me to write all my posts quickly.  But this time it was my turn to wait. I have been waiting to write these posts since they were here! And that has been a long, hard, wait for me!

But I wanted to be able to share it during December. For Christmas. I hope this story inspires you to forgive and allow love to truly conquer all. Because it will. If you allow it.

Here are photos to prove love wins.  Family wins.  Hope, faith, and prayer really do work.

**In case you missed the previous posts in this story, or want to go back and re-read them here they are:  #1 How Listening to God Changes Us;   and #2 Communication Brings Rewarding Life Lessons

family, communication, healing, Christmas

Family! Look at that baby’s face and how she is touching her Grampa’s heart!

Grandfathers, communication, healing, Christmas

Grampa Dean and Rossi


communication, healing, Christmas

Aunt Kaven and Rossi


sisters, communication, healing, Christmas, horses

Sisters Getting Ready to Ride

family, communication, Christmas, healing

Father and daughter

family, healing, communication, Christmas

Family Photo at Mesa Verde

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Please  Have Some Communication With Me!

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God Bless!  Have a wonderful day!

If you haven’t read the previous posts, I recommend you do.  It will make this on make more sense.   Here are the links:

Post #1:  How Listening to God Changes Us

Post #2: Communication Brings Rewarding Life Lessons

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Communication Brings Rewarding Life Lessons

Communication Life Lessons – Post #2

Hello! I’m so glad you’re here! It’s really chilly today so I invite you to grab a cup of something hot, pull up a chair, and join me for a visit.

If you’re new to the blog, you’ve joined us in the midst of a story about how simple communication and trusting God can teach us  transform our lives and teach us incredible life lessons.

I encourage you to read the first post in this series by simply click here.  It will make this post make more sense!

Ok, let’s get back to our story!!

Prayer Brings Communication

From last weeks post you know that two little hand written prayer requests found their way right back to the hand that wrote them. I thought I had been so sneaky in passing them off to the Prayer Team Members! Until they landed right back in my very own pile!

But as much as I dreaded praying for the two men that had shattered my heart, those prayers released the hurt and anger in me.

It left.

It was so odd.

The best way I can describe it, is like a vapor that simply vanished.

The hurt, the heartache, the anger, the resentment.


And Then. . .

communication, thanksgiving, God, Jesus

Two months later my daughter calls and tells me her dad is coming to her new house for Thanksgiving.


My own issues came screaming back.

All I could think of was he hasn’t seen you since you were 17 and suddenly he wants to come for Thanksgiving dinner! You’ve got to be kidding me! Great! Here we go again. He’s going to come and hurt her and I will have to . . . well let’s just say . . . hurt him VERY Badly.

Thank Heaven’s I did not say any of that to her. But I sure was thinking it! And a lot more that is simply not appropriate to share here!

I was ready for the fight. Because even though Mika and her Dad were trying to heal their relationship, I was stuck in the past.

I did not want to ruin my daughter’s Thanksgiving because of my own stuff.

Luckily, my sister and her husband were already planning on going to my daughter’s for the holiday. Yesssss!  They could stand by her through this and we all agreed, well, everyone but Mika, that I should just stay away.

All was going as planned. They were all having a pleasant holiday . . . until my sister announced that she and my brother-in-law had to leave after dinner and drive on to Arizona to visit my brother-in-law’s family.

Reasonable enough.  It’s a holiday and my brother-in-law would like to see his family too.

But wait! That wasn’t part of our plan! I wanted them to hang out and give Mika support.

I over-reacted, threw some clothes in a bag, turned out horses, loaded up dogs, and jumped in my car. I made the nearly 4 hour drive to Cortez in less than 3.

I turned in her driveway, and . . . there he was.

The man I had hated for years.

Standing there like he was king of the world.

I waited for it. . . the anger . . . the resentment . . . the sick feeling . . . the hurt.

But it never came.

There was literally nothing.

It was like seeing a stranger that you knew nothing about.


Then I realized it.

God had played a sneaky on ME!  He had snuck in and made me pray for this man so I would be prepared for this very moment.

I was able to greet him and say my pleasantries unaffected by all the things he had done and said over the years.

I walked right on in the house and visited with my family before my sister and brother-in-law had to leave.  Had a very pleasant visit, and a wonderful Thanksgiving afternoon.

Later that night, Dean had to “make a beer run” and asked me to go with him.  Normally I would have found any excuse in the world to not go with him, but instead I agreed.  And I’m glad I did. It gave us a few minutes of privacy to have some very deep, difficult heart to heart communication about a lot of water that had passed under our bridge. He apologized for being a, well, I’ll clean it up some, a jerk, all those years.  And I was able to tell him that I thought he should have been involved in our daughter’s life over the years, and how badly it hurt ME when he didn’t come to her wedding.

I swallowed my pride and apologized for everything I did to contribute to our dysfunctional marriage, and the years of anger and resentment that followed.

It was one of the most healing 15 minutes of my life.

We were able to let go of years of destructive behavior and lay the foundation for moving forward.

An Important Life Lesson

From that day forward Dean and I have rebuilt a friendship. Not a close friendship, but a friendship non the less. And thankfully Mika no longer has to be the referee. That’s a blessing!

Healing your relationships, no matter how you are related is the most challenging, but also one of the most rewarding gifts you can give yourself. And the other person. I haven’t asked him this, but I think Dean would agree. It’s been very healing for both of us. And Mika.

BUT, this in not the end of the story!  There’s a great deal more as a matter of fact! And trust me, it’s going to get Very interesting in the next post!!

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Please  Have Some Communication With Me!

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God Bless!  Have a wonderful day!

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How Listening to God Changes Us

Listening to God Changes Us

If you are new to the blog, WELCOME! Thank you for joining us! I’m thrilled your here!

I would like to invite you to pull up a chair, grab a cup of something hot and yummy and let’s start a new story of growth, learning, and eventual healing!

Some things are beyond our understanding. Life lessons are learned when we aren’t looking. They catch us on the back side.

Communication Works Miracles

My family experienced healing this past summer like nothing I could have ever dreamed of.

Two families that could have never spoken, did.

Two people that could not say a kind word to each other, did.

And I am forever grateful for an experience I never dreamed possible, but am forever changed because of.

A Little History

I am divorced.

Have been for 26 years.

Just saying that makes me tired.

It’s hard work being a single mom, a single horsewoman, a single . . .

Divorce is never pleasant, but mine seemed to be particularly ugly in many ways.

At our day in court, my ex had his very pregnant girlfriend waiting in the truck as he and I sat in front of the judge and agreed there were irreparable differences and the divorce was declared.

That was actually the easy part.

Things went downhill from there. Even though he cheated on me, he hated me. And made no bones about it.

His leaving me was uneventful, but he disappeared from our daughter’s life as well.  And she loved her Daddy. But he was moving on with his new little family.

Our daughter was, is, an amazing person. She had success and struggles just like any kid. She had hurts and heartaches, joys and triumphs, and he missed every one. He didn’t even come to her wedding.

Oh boy that fired this old girl up! She deserved to have her Dad at her wedding. Even if she had asked me to walk her down the aisle. (Which I did! Talk about an honor! Sorry, I digress!) He still should have been there out of respect and love for her.

Her Dad didn’t make the wedding but he did call the next day and wished her the best. That could have been a start to a new and better relationship between them. But instead of simply leaving it at that, he decided that was the time to go off about how glad he was that now that she was married he never had to speak to me again.

My daughter was so classy about it. She let him have his diarrhea of the mouth moment, didn’t jump him, just let him finish. Then proceeded to flatly tell him never to speak ugly of me to her again.


Needless to say communication between us was never good, and as far as I was concerned, would never happen again.


Listening to God’s Request

After Mika’s wedding life was rockin’ and rollin’ along happy as could be. A few years later, out of the blue, that “still small voice” inside me says, “Pray for Dean and Shane”.

What?  No way!

Dean is my ex-husband, and Shane is an ex-boyfriend who stomped all over my heart not once, but twice!

As much as I wanted to, I’ve learned to not ignore that “still, small, voice” because that’s the Holy Spirit prompting me to do something. And I’ve learned from experience, arguing with God doesn’t work out well.

But this request was simply asking too much. Listening to God was the last thing I wanted to do.

These men had hurt me too deeply.

So I prayed for someone else to pray for them.

It was a grand prayer. Very heartfelt. I prayed it for a few days. And . . . then . . . stopped praying about it.

Listening to God, prayer, Jesus

A few days later, again I hear in my spirit, “Pray for them”.

I forgot my previous life lessons and flatly said, “No.”

“Pray for them.”

“I did. I prayed for someone else to pray for them.”

“Pray for them.”

Listening to God can put us in uncomfortable situations. But I knew better than to keep arguing.

So I sort of halfheartedly prayed about God leading them to someone who would pray for them and lead to them into a closer walk with the Lord.

End of it.

The next day I packed my bags and headed off, very saintly mind you, to my annual Christian Women’s retreat. A four day intense study about how to have a more intimate walk with God and Jesus.

I had volunteered to work for the Conference. My job was as a prayer warrior. We prayed all day. It was a glorious, but heavy responsibly.  We prayed for the women attending, the speakers, the facility, etc. But one of our most important jobs was praying over other attendees anonymous prayer requests.

There were little note pads and prayer request boxes on every table, in every room, in every bedroom, every bathroom, in the chapel, everywhere the women went, there was a paper and a secure box for their prayer requests. Three times a day we would gather all the little boxes and bring them to the prayer room. The Prayer Leader opened the boxes and dumped the prayer requests out onto a table in a big pile. We prayed over them as a group, and then the Prayer Leader shuffled them and handed them out one by one to the team. Our little pile of prayer requests became our responsibility to pray over the rest of our time there.

I figured that was the perfect way to get just the right person to pray for Dean and Shane. So I wrote “Please pray for Dean” on a piece of paper and put it in a little box.

Sometime later I was doing something on the other side of the facility. I found a note pad and wrote the same thing for Shane and put it in a box.

Later our Prayer Head gathered all the boxes and brought in the prayer requests for us to pray over. It was a pile at least a 10 or 12 inches tall and the same wide. There were MANY requests.

We joined together and prayed over the pile. Then our Leader shuffled them and handed them out.

Afterwards we took our handfuls of prayer requests and found a private place to pray over each request. As I unfolded my little pile of papers I gasp! Guess which two papers were in my hand.

Yep!  My own!

All my running and scheming, and there they were, right in my hand. At that point I got it that I was to pray for these two men that had hurt me so deeply.

And I did. As painful as it was, I prayed. And I prayed hard for them.

Listening to God, heartfelt prayer, God, Jesus,

All that communication with God about those men may not have affected them.

But it sure did me.

By the end of that retreat I had forgiven both of them and no longer carried the ache that had been buried deep in my heart for years. I was finally able to let it go.

God had asked me to pray for them, because He knew it would change me.

But. . . That’s not the end of the story – not by a long shot!

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Have a Great and Godly day!

And remember to trust God!


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Does God Still Answer Prayer?

If you read last week’s post you know God still answers prayer because He miraculously provided not just one, but two Christian roommates, and took care of my propane worries. Life was good. My home worries eliminated, my new mission was finding the right spine doctor for my friend/roommate Michelle.

Add to these blessings . . . we had a new boss at work. He liked and respected me and started making promises about promotions at work.

I was on top of the world!

I was wrapped up in excelling at work and getting Michelle’s health issues addressed.

Finding a different place to live no longer crossed my mind.

Until the day I was sitting at my desk and suddenly the words “Cortez Land Watch” came into my mind.

It’s a website that lists properties for sale in the Cortez area. When I first moved there and found the landlord wouldn’t take my rental properties in on the place I was living, I was on that website nightly. But when I finally accepted there was no way I could afford to buy anything I had put it out of my mind.

When it arrived that sunny, late fall morning I pushed it right back out of my mind.

But every 30 minutes or so it would float back in.

Float in, distract me, and I would put it aside again.

It even disrupted my sleep that night.

Finally, at the next day I decided to give in and peak at it. Just to see what was causing the website to keep coming up in my mind.

And there it was. The first property that popped up – 40 acres West of Arriola. A beautiful piece of ground, on a hillside, in the area I wanted to live. It had utilities to the property, but not on it. And it was listed at only $165,000.

But there was no house.

I could not afford to buy a place and build a house.

Never mind.

But as I started to log out, a tree lined driveway and the words “JUST REDUCED” popped up.

I had noticed the place several months ago but only because it was a pretty driveway. The property was way out of my price range. But this time, I clicked on the picture.

Up came a beautiful hay meadow with a side roll sprinkler. The trees lining the driveway also lined the hay field.
Hummmm . . . That’s pretty. . .

Click again

Up came a cute house . . .


Up came a little barn and another meadow.


The address was off G Road, down McElmo Canyon, my second choice of location, but the price was $230,000.
WAY more than I wanted to spend.

But my gut told me to call and look at both places anyway.

Mainly because I knew this time it wasn’t me trying to push and make something happen. I hadn’t thought about buying something for many months.

I set up appointments for the following Saturday.

I headed to the McElmo Canyon property first. I drove down the canyon but couldn’t find the correct side road anywhere. Time was ticking by and soon I was late for the appointment. I decided to drive back to my daughter’s where I would have cell service and call to see where I had missed the turn.

The realtor answered and said, “Oh no, you don’t turn right at the light, you should have turned left.”
I knew turning left meant heading towards the dump. I told the realtor I simply wasn’t interested in property there.

She insisted I should come look at the place and explained the property wasn’t anywhere near the dump.

She continued to talk but I wasn’t paying any attention. I was admiring the cottonwood trees to the Southeast of my daughter’s house that I had enjoyed every year since she moved there. That day they were dressed in their fall best. I had tried to go take pictures of them but couldn’t seem to find the right road to get to them.

I finally pulled myself back to her conversation enough to get correct directions. I hung up, admired the distant cottonwoods one last time, and headed back out.

When I reached the last stoplight in town, this time I turned left and after about a half a mile I found the dead end road the realtor had mentioned and soon arrived at the tree lined driveway. The realtor said to come all the way to the end of the driveway, make the right hand corner, and come a little further to the house.

As I drove down the driveway I scrutinized the hay field. It was exactly what I was looking for. Side roll sprinklers and all.

God, answers prayer

Tree lined hay field with sprinklers

I focused on the driveway when I came to the sharp right hand corner. As I finished the turn I looked up . . . and caught my breath!

There were the very trees I had been admiring from my daughter’s!

I was crying as I stepped out of the car.

I had to quickly explain that I was not hurt, but that I was crying because of the trees.

I knew the moment I saw those trees God still answers prayer and had put Cortez Land Watch in my head. I also knew this was my place. I didn’t know how HE was going to do it. But I knew I didn’t even need to go look at the other place. THIS was my place.

These were my trees!

God answers prayer

I turned the corner and there were the trees

I could have cared less about the house. They had it crammed so full of plants you couldn’t really see much of it. It was laid out nice, had some nice upgrades, and I loved the colors she had it painted.

But it was the trees and the fields that let me know this was the place for me.

BUT . . . and it was a big but!

I had misread the price.

It was $290,000, not $230,000. WAY outta my price range!

So, as much as I loved the place, I went to look at the other property.

It was a beautiful place. But didn’t have any water rights. It had adjudicated water, but no actual rights. In SW Colorado that’s a big thing. That means you only get someone else’s run off water. Not good on a dry year.

I prayed over the situation for a couple days and finally decided to go talk to the local ag agency and see if the little place would fit their criteria for an ag loan. I knew there was no way I could buy the place with a conventional loan. No way! I had -0- down and should have declared bankruptcy three years earlier. My credit was . . . shot.

He said if they deemed me qualified, he thought the place should be eligible. He wasn’t as afraid of my credit as a normal bank would be. He said we would just have to see.

I called my real estate agent sister. Told her how I had found the place, what the banker had said, and asked her if she would come look at the place and see if she thought it was as nice as I did.

She did. And she did.

The owners had been praying for the right person to come that would love the place.

Months ago I had prayed for the perfect place for me, and my animals and pets.

But when we talked to the realtor she said the owners would not even consider an offer lower than what they were asking.

We made an offer anyway.

Are you wondering if God heard my prayers all those months before?

Do you think God still answers prayer?

You’ll have to come back next week to see!

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prayer, God, Jesus

Does Prayer Really Work?

Many People Ask Does #Prayer Really Work?

prayer, God, Jesus

You bet it does!

I’m living proof of that!

And God’s Timing Is Incredible!

As I shared in last weeks post, my new roommate, Joyce, moved in in October, and we had to buy our first propane of the winter in November.  She had moved all the way from Tennessee because of prayer! And I let a total stranger move into my house, and bought her a new bed, because of prayer.


I guaranty you it felt crazy!

But it also felt right.

Very right.

Prayer Carried A Woman 1500 Miles To My Doorstep

Understandably my new roommate was a bit cautious of me. And I of her. We liked each other and we both knew the Lord had a hand in getting her into my home, but still we were cautious of each other.

Because of that caution my new roommate didn’t move everything right in from her car. Each night she felt a little more comfortable and brought in a few more little things. But only little things.

It took nearly a month before she finally decided she wasn’t in danger, I wasn’t going to steal her belongs, nor was I going to turn crazy and kick her out. At that point she got serious about unpacking her car.

I was at work when she found it.

The road map. Her road map. The one she had told me about the first day I met her. She called and asked if she could come show me something. Of course I said yes.

In her normal, annoyingly prompt manner, she was there in 5 minutes and came rushing through my office door.

She had tears in her eyes as she opened the map to the Colorado page and showed me the red dot on the map that had brought her here. Sure enough, there it was at the corner of Highway 184 and Road 22, the road you turned on to come to my house. Literally 1 mile from my, now our, home. She insisted the Lord had led her to put that red dot on her map before she left Tennessee.

She still says I prayed her here.

We hit it off and she settled in. But just before Thanksgiving she got a phone call from Tennessee. A dear friend of hers had fallen and was gravely injured. She packed up and drove back home to be with her friend while she was in the hospital. She called and let me know she would send me a check for her part of the rent for December but would have to wait a few days to see how she could pay the utilities. I told her not to worry we would figure it out.

Over Thanksgiving weekend I spoke with a lifelong friend of mine. She had been struggling with back problems for over a year and now her husband had taken a job in North Dakota. She was dreading moving there in the middle of the winter, but was also in desperate need of a new back doctor.

Durango is 45 minutes away from Cortez and has one of the best spine clinics in the U.S. #Dr. Yossef and his team at #SpineColorado  has a reputation only preceded by #SteadmanClinic in Vail. I asked my friend, if it was ok with my roommate, if she would like to come stay with me and we could get her to the Durango doctor.

She said yes.

Hearing this I jumped on the phone and asked Joyce, my roommate, if it would be ok with her if my friend moved in and stayed while she was in Tennessee. She was thrilled! She had been praying that God would help her with how to pay rent and utilities in Colorado while she was in Tennessee.

So my friend, Michelle, and her husband Ric moved in. Michelle stayed with me and Ric headed to the snowy North.

Frightened Again

My girlfriend had always been a tall, beautiful, stunning blue eyed brunette. I was stunned when I first saw her.

She had always been a vivacious person. Beautiful with sparkling blue eyes that could be as mischievous as mine!
But when she arrived from Texas I was looking at a gray shell of the person I had once known and loved. She was so thin it terrified me. And she no spark left in her eyes. Only pain. And fear.

I knew them both personally.

When you hurt to the point of no longer wanting to go on it gives you a vacant, haunting look. I had looked out of those same eyes for many years.

She became my mission. And I became her prayer warrior. I had to find a doctor that could help my friend. We had to get rid of her pain.

And we had to help her get her joy back.

Come back next week for more!

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FEAR – Why Are We Afraid?


I was afraid

Overcoming fear, Jesus, God, answered prayer

Have you ever suffered with fear?

Have you ever been paralyzed with fear? Unable to move, either physically or psychologically because of fear?

Do you know what FEAR is?

There are many analogies for what fear stands for. My favorite is:





But still,

I was afraid.

Afraid of allowing a stranger into my home.

Afraid of the unknown.

For many reasons.

But I was also afraid of no heat in a the dead of winter.

So I prayed about a roommate for two solid weeks. I prayed God would send the perfect, God chosen roommate.

And I waited.

I was in a situation I had no control over. I saw no way of being able to afford the house I was living in without a roommate.  But I was deeply afraid of what kind of person might show up at my doorstep wanting a place to live. Would they be a normal, honest person? Or would they be a crazy ax murderer?

So I kept praying.

And waiting

But as October wore on and the days grew shorter and nights longer and colder I finally decided I had to do it. I had to put my trust in the Lord and put the ad in the paper for a roommate.

I worked on the wording with the advertising lady from the paper for a week. When we both felt confident about the wording, I ran the ad.

The morning the paper came out I received a call from a woman with a Southern accent. She left a message telling me how she had just moved here from Tennessee and would like to talk to me about the room for rent.

But because of my fears I waited a couple days before calling her back. Finally, out of desperation, I called her.

She was excited to meet me and see the place.

I, on the other hand, was not excited about any of it.

But out of desperation I suggested we meet because if we didn’t like each other there was no reason for her looking at the house. But I was at work so it would have to be after 5.

She said she’d come to my work and could be there in 5 minutes. She really wanted to meet me.

She arrived in exactly 5 minutes.

Which annoyed me.

How could anyone be that prompt?!?

But there she was . . .
This adorable, impeccably dressed, gray haired, little lady with bright blue eyes, and a sweet smile.

Now I really didn’t like her.

And that sweet southern draaaawl. Yuck!

Wait . . . what was her name?


What? Joyce Ann?

I have a dear friend named Joyce Ann. And she is a wonderful woman.

Should I give her a second chance? Just because of her name?

No way!

I tried to be mildly nice and took her down to the front of the building so we could visit a minute.

She was all a buzz about going to look at the house.

She was not picking up on my negative vibes!

I asked if she thought she could afford the rent and utilities on a fixed income. She said she had calculated it and thought she would be fine with the costs.

In a few short minutes I grilled her about her family, her religion, her political views, her  . . . you get the picture.

And finally –

I begrudgingly started to tell her how to get to the house.

“You take Highway 491 North, like you are going to Dove Creek. Out there about 15 miles, in the middle of nowhere you’ll come to where the Highway to Dolores takes off at a gas station called Cox Corner.”

She interrupted me and bubbled in her drawl, “Ooooh myyy goooodness, I knooow exaaaactly where you’re taalkin’ about! God has been shoowin’ me thaat area on the map. That’s Highway 184 isn’t it?”

“Yes . . . why?” I asked with an icy edge.

“Thaaat’s whyyyy I caaame here! The Lord led me here. To you! To this house!”

I knew it!  “Crazy person” was screaming my head!

She excitedly added “I’ve prayed about this for mooonths and here it is!”

Her talk about prayer starting to break through my frigid exterior.

The more she talked about the Lord the more I paid attention and asked, “What? What are you talking about?”

She proceeded to tell me about how she had wanted to move to either Utah or Oregon where she had helped some friends move to. But the Lord kept laying the Dolores Highway, Highway 184, on her heart.

Guess what Highway I lived off of?

Yep, Highway 184! Turn North off 184 onto Road 22 and drive one mile to Road W.  Click right here to see it on Google Maps. 

Ok, she finally had my FULL attention.

She told me about her road map and how, before she left her home in Tennessee, she had put a red dot where she believed the Lord was leading her. And she estimated it was within a 2 mile range of my address.

She was a single, disabled woman that had put all her belongings in her car and headed West toward a red dot on a map because of prayer and prompting on her heart from God.

She had been in town a few days and had tried to find a place but nothing had worked out. She was out of money and was going to have to stay in her car that night if she didn’t find a place.

We stood right there in front of the Court House and prayed together before I sent her to go check out where I lived.

She met me there after work and she has been there, or nearby ever since.

She firmly believes I prayed her here.

I firmly believe the Lord works in Very Mysterious ways!

She moved in the end of October and we bought our first propane for the winter in November.

God’s timing is incredible!

But the story doesn’t end there.

This is really just the beginning.

Come back next week for more!

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beloved horse, loved one, God, Jesus, miracles

Memorial to A Loved One

Tribute to A Loved One

It is with a heavy heart I write tonight.

We lost a treasured member of our family.

horse, beloved horse, loved one

Chili at 29 years old!

She came into our lives because of prayer and many miracles.

She was Mika’s horse for 8 years, but after Mika’s second year of college and a new horse, Chili adopted me.

If you’ve never been close to a horse you can’t grasp the depth of their love.

Their dedication to their loved ones.

Even their jealousy and depression.

Chili was dedicated to Mika. Had lifted her up when she was down, taught her things, and loved her. But when Mika got a new horse, Chili stopped coming into the barn and mopped around like a lost puppy. She slowly grew depressed and resentful towards Mika.

Out of pity I started walking out in the pasture to scratch her and love on her. It took me several months to gain her trust but eventually she decided I was ok and she would allow me to be her human.

From that point on she would follow me around like a dog. When I stopped she would almost push me over for attention. And without saying a word beg me to scratch or rub her.

And she enjoyed a good massage as much as you or I. Because of her troubled past she had knots in her neck muscles. She would press her neck against my chest and stand there. If I didn’t start rubbing she would put her head and neck over my shoulder and push down until I gave in and started rubbing.

I’ve had several amazing horses, but she was a one of a kind.

She would love on you till she almost knocked you down, but you always had to watch her because if you didn’t scratch her enough, or something didn’t sit just right, she would kick you.    Hard!

You could never ignore her that’s for sure!

Chili Was Our (First) Miracle Horse

She was a walking miracle.

And it took several miracles for her to walk into our lives.

She was flipped over backwards in a freak accident when she was three and shatter her withers. And a freak set of circumstances kept her alive.

When she lived through the initial accident, her owner at the time prayed over her every day for three years until she was healed.

Seven years later God brought her into our lives again through prayer and miracles.

Consequently she was a walking miracle in my opinion.

She was a tremendous competitor and an incredible teacher for my daughter. She taught her about being competitive, but also about collection, flexion, suppling, how to control every body part seperatly, or together, lead changes, rate of speed, showmanship, horsemanship, and animal husbandry like no other horse I had. She taught her about barrel racing, western pleasure, working cowhorse, and how a little horse could have a giant stride. A combination very few horses could do.

She was unique!

loved one, beloved horse

Mika and Chili

Therapy Horse

And she was the best therapy I could buy.

When Mika had surgery after blowing both her ACLs in different basketball games I would come home from work and . . . no Mika on the couch, no Mika in her room, no Mika in the house.

She was at the barn. Laying on Chili with her knee in this huge, bulky, brace thing.

When Mika had surgery on her spine, as soon as she could move, guess where I found her. . .

Yep, on Chili.

They were best friends.

She was my daughter’s confidant.

And then she became mine.

She knew when I was having a bad day and would lean a little harder. Force me to stop thinking about whatever was eating at me, and scratch her. Love on her.

Her healing love was . . .






Life changing

She helped me look at adversity with new eyes.

She should never have accomplished what she did without any withers.

Oh, I almost forgot, and a broken coffin bone!

We didn’t even know she had that until she had something wrong with her foot and the vet took an x-ray that revealed that the tip of her coffin bone had been broken off long before.

But she was a trouper and we would never have known if something else hadn’t happened and we had not taken that x-ray.

And if you’re a “horsey” person and are thinking, “Well why didn’t she have a pre-purchase exam? They would have found the broken coffin bone.” Yes, but with the broken withers she would never have passed the vet check. No vet in the world would have passed her. So why waste the money. Or the vet’s time.

I saw her true value even though to the world she was considered, “damaged,” “crippled”, and of no value.

But to us she was priceless.

To me especially.

She taught me about life.

About going on and striving to do your best no matter what the circumstances.

No matter what “life” has thrown at you, keep going. Keep trying. Keep striving to be and do better.

That your true value is what’s inside.

What you can share with those around you.

How much courage you have to go on in the face of adversity.

And how to share love and joy no matter what.

She did that for me, Mika, and anyone that had the privilege of knowing her.

She was, and to me, still is, and inspiration. And I promised her I will finish her story. She is my inspiration.

beloved horse, loved one, God, Jesus, miracles

Kristi and Chili just before Chili decided to buck!

I love you Chili.

You took a piece of my heart with you.

Go with God sweet mare. I’ll see you on the other side!

Did you have a beloved pet or animal you lost? Please tell me about them in the comments section below and create a tribute to them as well!

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