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Where are these pictures taken? Guess & win!

Where are these pictures taken?

How many times have you asked yourself that?  Where is that picture taken? I ask that all the time.  My Dad instilled that in me.  He was a fanatic about a great photo. They had to have something special about them. He loved taking pictures of water.  He loved how it sparkled in a photo.  Can you guess where I took this picture? Hint: It’s on a mountain!  Boy that was a great hint wasn’t it?!

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Sparkling Mountain Stream with tiny white flowers

I Love Photos

Do you love taking pictures? I know it is an odd thing, but I love them. I love to try to tell a story in photos and try to frame the photo in an artistic way that no one even notices. Of course I have no training what so ever so what I find artistic some one else may find odd or even ugly. But isn’t that what all art does?

Photo Mystery

One of my goals is to make you wonder where these pictures are taken. The rest of these pictures my daughter took. I’m not going to tell you where they are at.  If you are the first one to guess correctly I have a little something for you! So make your guess in the comments, and send me your name, guess, and email address via the private “Contact Form” so I can tell you if you win and get your shipping address!

These Pictures of a Cowboy and his horse, mare, Colorado mountains, ranch, western lifestyle, scenery, beautiful picture, mountain splendor

Where is this picture of my wonderful son-in-law, Hardy, and his great mare Reva taken?

Great Photo

My Dad would have loved this picture. It has all his requirements. A human and a horse,and great scenery. He would have wanted a little stream running right beside Hardy to be perfect though. Can you tell me where you think these pictures are from? They may all be from the same location, but then again, they may not!

These Pictures of panoramic view, Cowboy, cowgirl, horses, ranch, Western lifestyle, God's country, Heaven, trail riding, beautiful picture, dude rides, camping, pack trip, cow dog

Breath-taking scenery isn’t it?

Where oh where can we be?

Can you tell what mountains those in the back ground are? If you can you should be able to figure out where this one was taken! Not bad for a cell phone are they?

Now this picture will probably give it away –

These pictures of special point, Cowboy, cowgirl, horses, Colorado mountains, cattle, ranch, picture, trail ride, dude ride, cow dog, scenery, beauty

What does that look like? If you can figure that out you will know exactly where this is taken!

(Sorry, but our family member cannot participate!)

Memories in Photos

Do you have wonderful family memories in photos? I hope you do. I love to go through old photos and reminisce. It puts a smile on my face right now just thinking about it.

Maybe that’s why I love pictures so much. It’s a memory. That makes me think of the song Bob Hope always sang, “Thanks for the memories.” Remember that one? I think I just dated myself didn’t I?

Do you think God has memories of us? I would like to think He does. I hope He has some that make Him laugh, and I’m sure He has some that will bring a tear to His eye, but I know every one of those memories are wrapped in love and stored deep in His heart. Right where they should be.

Be Sure To Make Your Guess!

Have you figured out where those pictures were taken yet?

Just guess if not.  Come on it’s easy! That way I will know if people are actually reading my posts!

Take care my friends. I’ll talk to you soon.

God Bless!


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What is Colorado Rocky Mountain Splendor?

Colorado Rocky Mountain Splendor really is a fitting description of Colorado right now.  John Denver was right when he sang Colorado Rocky Mountain High!  (You can listen while you read!)

Driving back home from Cortez moving cattle I was struck by the incredible beauty of where we live.  These two paint horses in the Sheep Pens on top of Lizard Head Pass caught my eye and the beauty of the scene took my breath away.  I truly experienced a Colorado Rocky Mountain Splendor! All I had was my cell phone so I hope you can get the grandeur of the moment.  I think the song helps, what do you think?  I wish I could tell you whose horses they are, but unfortunately I cannot.  If you know, please let them know about the photo.  Thanks!

Top of Lizard Head Pass looking toward Telluride –

Traveling on, I am always struck by the remarkable splendor of the San Juans as you enter Ridgway. This photo is at the top of Douglas Pass, near the turn off to Silver Dollar.  It is SO gorgeous up there right now!  I really was experiencing Colorado Rocky Mountain splendor!  Not bad photo for a cell photo don’t you think?

colorado, mountains, west, gorgeous, cowboys, horses

Top of Dallas Divide

 I can’t begin to explain how blessed I felt on that drive.  I finally understood the words to John Denver’s song, Colorado Rocky Mountain High.  It was so beautiful I almost cried.  I had spent a few days riding in the mountains with my daughter and son-in-law and was already full, but the trip home was the icing on the cake.  I am so thankful and incredibly blessed.

Every day I have to pause and say a prayer of thankfulness for all the incredible blessings I have.  Have you done that lately?  If you haven’t, I hope you will.  I hope these photos will start to remind you of all your blessings.  Do you have any you would like to share?  I sure hope so!


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