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Don’t Read This Blog Post Unless You Are Ready for Truth

Don’t Read This Blog Post

Unless you want to hear the truth. Don’t read this blog post unless you’re ready for some of my personal truth.

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Truth:  It’s been three months since I wrote a blog post.

Reason:  I left the job God provided me that caused me to leave my home and move to Cortez and took a new one.

That sounds simple enough doesn’t it?

But in reality, like most things in life, it’s very complicated.

Do you love that line?

“It’s complicated”.

I don’t.

Because when “it’s complicated” things are messy. Mixed up. And difficult. Right?

Nod your head back and forth.  Come on now . . . forward . . . and now backwards.


Thank you.

Yes, they are usually difficult.

But isn’t that life? Messy, mixed up, complicated, and exhilarating?

Frankly, all that does right now is make me tired.

How about you?

I’m ready to simplify my life.

But as of the writing of this blog post, mine is anything but simplified.

It’s better, but not simplified.


What Brought On This Change

What brought on this life altering change you may ask.

Why on earth did Kristi pack up and move from her home and ranch in Hotchiss to take a job in human services and then leave it after only three years?

Trust me, I asked myself that very question a thousand times.

And you faithful, amazing, loyal, loving supporters, and any newbie that happened so stop by this blog post, deserve to know the truth.

Frankly, it all started when the Director that I moved here for and loved working for, suddenly retired.

The County hired a new young gun and he is transforming the human services department.

A friend of mine said to me the other day, “It looks like you walked into a high school when you go in there now!”

Apparently the new management seems to prefer a younger personnel, and since I’m older, when an opportunity came my way, it was time for me to move on.

I was presented an opportunity to try my hand at becoming a real estate appraiser and I jumped at it.

However. . .

Change is never easy.

And this change has been extremely difficult. Having been raised in the real estate business I thought I knew the in’s and out’s of what appraising would entail.

Boy was I wrong!

It is a very difficult profession.

But I’m learning, and I love it.

However, learning requires a great deal of time and tremendous effort, especially for someone with a slightly off kilter brain.

My daughter says I’m just plain crazy, but I really do have brain damage and the car wreck last year seems to have rattled it again.  So learning a new and difficult career has proven to be a tremendous challenge.

But so worth it!

It is no excuse for my loooong hiatus between blog posts, it’s just the truth.

I apologize.  I will try to be better and write more often.

More Truth

My next truth is – I miss writing these blog posts and getting to visit with you.

I miss hearing your thoughts about my thoughts.

But in truth, I have been working so hard that when I would steal a few minutes and sit down at the computer to try to write a blog post my brain was so exhausted nothing came out.


No words.

No thoughts.

And to be honest, I was so empty I couldn’t even pray.

And for me . . . that is bad!

Very bad.

Very empty.

To be totally truthful, it was down right scary.

I have spent many years growing in my faith so I’ve aggravated many deserts.

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The Desert

For those of you new to this blog or to a faith-walk, a “desert” is a time in your spiritual life when it’s as though you are walking in a desert.  It is dry, desolate, empty, and almost lifeless.

I’m accustom to a lively relationship with God. A close, personal relationship where I feel His love for me and experience miracles on a daily basis, realize it, and am incredibly thankful for it.

But during a desert, that intimacy stops.

It’s as though you’re in a vacuum devoid of emotion.

Surrounded by glass walls. You can see out, but nothing spiritual gets through.

It feels as though the lights have been turned off in your heart.

And as I struggled to learn my new chosen career, to learn how to communicate with my boss, and how to get good enough I could actually pay my bills, I fell into a desert.

A serious desert.

Bloody Fingers

As I write this blog post I’m watching my fingers and thinking I should see blood. Typing, researching, working 16, 18, 20 hours a day to try to get a report done on time it felt as though I was crawling, no clawing my way through that desert.

But the great thing about going through something like that, is you are doing just that.

Going THROUGH it.

You’re not stuck there for the rest of your days.

You are making your way through the bad times. Through the hard times.

blog post, God, Jesus, water, desert, oasis

An Oasis

And just like an emerald oasis shimmering at the end of a dry desert, joy, peace, and love rise up out of a spiritual or emotional desert.

I am coming to my oasis.

Join Me!

I am so happy to be entering my oasis!

But more than that, I’m happy to be sharing time and emotion with you again! And thrilled beyond words that you are still here and didn’t give up on me! Thank You!

And I’m very excited to share with you what my upcoming series will be about.

I’ve hinted at it some on my author page on Facebook.

Even mentioned it here in a couple earlier blog posts.

We’re going to examine trust.

On an intimate, up close, and personal level.

Have you ever had a trust issue?

Has someone ever broken your trust? Or, have you broken someone else’s trust?

Do you know how to trust?

And the biggest question of all, do you know how to trust God?

Not the surface trust . . . but the deep, blood and guts kind of trust?

If not, or even if you do, I hope you’ll join us for this next series because I’ve very excited to see where it will lead us!


If you don’t want to miss a single blog post on this series or any other upcoming event, please click this link and SUBSCRIBE with confidence! Because we will never share your email or any other information with anyone.

Take care and God bless you!

Thank you again,





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Love and The World Coming To An End?

What? Love and the World Coming to an End?

I know you’re expecting Miracles Post #3 today, but I just saw this video and wanted to share it with you.   Talk about speaking truth.

This young man will touch your very soul.  If he doesn’t,  I will be worried about you!

During an interview about his viral video, #Princeea born Richard Williams, said he was thinking about death when he wrote the words.  He asked himself if he died this week what would he want his last words to be about.

The video talks about all the wrongs in our world today. But the ultimate message in the video is LOVE.  “Not the love in your favorite song, but real love.”

Love Matters Most

And that is why this video is interrupting my posts on miracles.

Love matters most.

Not love of money, certainly not empty physical, or as Prince Ea calls it “tweerking”.  But pure, true, meaningful, emotional, love.  The kind that God says if everything else disappears, will last.

Your Call To Action

I don’t ask you to do much.   But today I ask you to please take 3 minutes and 51 seconds and watch this incredible video.  Then please share the video with everyone you know and love!

I just did.  Will you?

Then take a few moments and tell me what you thought of the video in the comments section.   Please.  I want to know your thoughts and opinions on this.  I do not listen to rap. I’m a Christian and Country music lover. But this is too powerful to ignore.  At least I think so.

What do you think?

Thank you #PrinceEa  may “my God” bless you!

Click on the following link to view this incredible video:    Why I Think This World Should End – True Love by #Princeea


love you, God, love, heart

You have my heart!


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Not More Change and Choices!

Things are rapidly changing. Have you noticed that? My entire life seems to be about change.

And we have so many choices for things we buy everyday it’s hard to figure out what we’re having for dinner!

According to Seth Godin there are 19,000,000 different flavors at Starbucks!

No wonder I struggle making a beverage decision! And also no wonder when I find one I like I don’t change. Am I a total oddball, or are you that way? Or are you one of those adventurous types that try a different flavor every time.


Here I’ve been working on my first podcast and worried about everything. What I say, how I say it, is it relevant, is it engaging. Did you know there are 17,000,000 podcasts? And a video of an interestingly unique New Jersey teen lip-sinking and doing a goofy dance to Dragostea din tei, or Numa Numa, an “oddball Rumanian song” (Seth Godin)  has, at the moment of my typing received 53,886,991 hits! That’s almost 59 million views! 59 MILLION!

You don’t believe me? Click here and check it out!

And trust me, this kid is not worried if his ideas are noteworthy, doesn’t for a moment consider his how his hair looks,  or if his makeup is ok, or worry about his lighting. He just spontaneously dances to a crazy, foreign song!

You ask me why am I telling you all this.

That’s a good question.

Because I’m going to change some things on here.

change, tansformation, butterfly

Change can be beautiful!

I’m going to stop worrying so much about what I say and how I say it.

So get ready!  There’s no telling what you may see or hear! But first, I want to hear from YOU!

What would YOU like to talk about on here?

This one sided conversation stuff ends right here!

If you are still reading, I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!

Right down there ↓ ↓ is the “COMMENTS” section. I NEED YOU to Please share with me your ideas. At least one, but today More is Better!

So what will it be???  More about God?  Jesus? Horses?  Dogs?  Ranch life? Moving? Cats?  Surviving as a single parent? Farming?   Rodeo? Writing??  What do YOU want to talk about??

I’m listening!

My choice, writing, blog post, listening

Hummm… What do I want?



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What Jesus and Easter Offer Us In Today’s World


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He’s Alive!

Jesus and Easter

Have you ever thought about what Jesus and Easter really offer us? Especially in today’s world? This question could take us years to cover. But I would like to share some very personal thoughts about it this morning.

This Holy Week has been especially touching for me. As you now know I have been a bit hyper-emotional recently. This week has been no different. I mentioned earlier, it started with the Blood Moon on Passover and then moved to Maundy Thursday and the Last Supper, then Good Friday.

42 Years Ago

The love and intense emotions I experienced this week actually started 42 years ago. I still remember sitting in the children’s choir and deciding I had to give my life to Jesus. I clambered in front of all the little kids in my row and went to the front of the church and accepted Jesus as my Savior.

That childlike faith of a little girl has grown over the years into a life foundation.


But the reason it is so vital, and allowed me such deep emotions this week is because 21 years ago, during a very dark time in my life, standing under a tree in my back yard I actually told God “If this is the best you can do for me, I don’t want you in my life!”

And I turned away from God.

Lock, stock, and barrel. Done.

The following 3 days were the darkest, emptiest, saddest, loneliest days of my life. I experienced No Hope on a level no words can really describe.

Having grown up in the church  I had never lived without the love of God.

But to consciously  make a choice to walk away from that faith and walk completely in “the world” opened my eyes to what people with no spiritual base experience on a daily basis.

That was the turning point in my life.

That old saying you have to get to the bottom before you can start to come back up was absolute for me.

No God.

No love.

No future.

No hope.


But then came the third day!

I was spiritually dead for 3 days.

But that third day God reached down and touched my heart. He brought me back to life. And set my feet on the path to today.

Without Him I am nothing. I can say that from experience. I was Nothing.

In reality I walked away from Him. I turned my back on God.

But, thankfully, He never left me.

So now, may I ask again, what does Jesus and Easter really offer us today?

It offers us life and love on a level that fills us to overflowing so it splashes out on those around us!

Love, indescribably, uncontainable love!

And Joy that is infectious!

What do Jesus and Easter offer us?

  • Life, full and eternal.
  • Peace, that passes all understand.
  • Happiness that no words can contain.

A Prayer For You

Wherever you go today, go with God my friends.

Father, in the name of Jesus, carry us today, to a higher place. A place in the cleft of your heart. That place of pure spiritual connection. Thank you for sending your Son to be our lamb.

In Jesus precious name I pray.



Here is a link to the song, “He’s Alive!” A favorite of mine!

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Responsibility, I Let You Down


Have you ever had a come-upance? That’s where someone calls you on your “stuff” and you have to acknowledge they are right. Then you are faced with either dealing with your “stuff”, or ignoring it.

That happened to me today.

My daughter gave me a come-upance on my blogging during and following the move. Essentially, she said I had shirked my responsibility to be real with my readers during a very difficult time.

She was right.

I have.

I used the excuse of not having internet to not sit down and share what I was going through. Well, that ends right here. And I apologize. I will never leave you out of what is happening ever again. I have a responsibility to be open and honest if you are to ever really trust me.

Time To Tell The Truth

In reality I think I didn’t write because I was struggling so hard trying to keep it together. I couldn’t write. It would have been too painful. I would have actually had to look at my situation rather than just try to survive it.

I was a wreck.

I thought I covered it up pretty well, but I was drowning. I did in two weeks what should have taken me a month. Then every weekend I was driving back trying to finish in two days what should have taken two weeks. I would rush home, work myself literally to tears, and bloody fingers, then drive back to Cortez so I could be at work Monday morning all smiles, cool, calm, and collected. Trying to make a good impression and let them know the job was important to me.

But it was all a front. Inside I was falling totally apart. I didn’t want to seem weak. But in reality I have never been more afraid or weaker. I felt totally lost. Still do. I left every scrap of security I have fought my entire life for, threw it to the wind, jumped in my truck and drove away to live in a rented house, and work for total strangers, at a job I didn’t know if I could do.

Talk about losing your base. I had nothing. And frankly, there are still times where I feel like I will never have the wind back in my sails. And I swear I’m not feeling sorry for myself. I’m just being totally, utterly, honest.

Responsibility to Be Brutally Honest

After writing those previous words, now I know for certain the reason I couldn’t write this before. I’m crying like a baby as I write it, now.  I can only imagine what a wreck I would have been if I would have tried to write it while I was floundering so badly. As I look at it now all I see are “I’s” and I feel like I’m whining. I don’t whine, I don’t complain, I shoulder into whatever the situation is and go do what needs to be done.

Vulnerable isn’t in my vocabulary.

Weak isn’t either.

But in the past three months I’ve been both, many times. Most times.

Heck, I am right now.

I’m as vulnerable as I ever get. I’m spilling my guts to you. Writing my heartache on a sheet of white paper for your review, reflection, and comments. And frankly that terrifies me as well. I know I have to reestablish your trust in me. But I’m terrified I won’t be able to win you back.

If I have no readers, then I truly have nothing to say that really matters.

That is terrifying.

So there you have it.

I have no ideas or suggestions today. No witty words. No novel thoughts. I only have raw, open truth.

Responsibility to Rebuild

During this move I faced leaving behind family and friends that I have worked many years to build solid relationships with. Women of value and strength of character. And a small circle of men I could trust. That’s a very hard thing for a single woman to do. And now, I have left them all. And I’m out of my element here. Every time I turn around it seems I need help. How I hate being needy. That is not a characteristic I want. Ever.

I have lived my life being strong. Courageous. Independent. 

I feel bad for my daughter and son-in-law. I’m sure they feel I’m a burden. I don’t ever want to be a burden. To anyone. Ever. 

The funny thing is I’ve lived in other places, Texas, Oklahoma, eastern Colorado so moving is not the root of my issues. It is leaving the solid personal foundation I’ve build over my entire lifetime. Striving to be a better person, surrounded by people I loved, in a community that I cared very deeply about.

And now I’m a stranger. On the outside looking in.

That is such an empty feeling.

But like I always say, feelings are fleeting. Mine are no different than the next person’s. My feelings will change. I will be strong again. Someday.

I have no doubt God brought me here. That’s what I’ve clung to through all this. That, and my daughter, son-in-law, and coming Grandchild.

I Will Be Strong Again.

I am a survivor. I will make it through this. And it will happen before that baby arrives. I am determined to be putting roots in the ground again and getting my footing by then. Each day I feel myself growing a bit stronger.

Funny how walking back through all of this with you just now took me right back to my most vulnerable weaknesses. But in writing it, I had to face them. My weaknesses and vulnerabilities. And by doing that, now I see I really am going through this. I’m not stuck!  I’m moving through it and am already stronger.

Facing my fears has taken away their strength to control me.

Have any of you ever faced a time of weakness and vulnerability that you would like to share? It might do the same thing for you that it has for me. Looking at our fears takes their power away. Then we can address them rather than continue to run from them. 

If you want to share here, in the comments section, that would be great. If you prefer a more personal interaction, please feel free to email me at  We can talk there if you prefer.

Thank you and God Bless you!

Thank you Mika. I love you!


love you, God, love, heart, Jesus, responsibility

YOU have my heart!


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Stepping Into The Light of A New Beginning!

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What Fundamental Foundation Concepts Are We Missing?

Grace a Fundamental Foundation for Life

Have you ever considered what fundamental foundation are we missing?

Working on a different blog post I had an Epiphany:  Grace is a gift, Truth should be a requirement, and Love is the foundation of life.  After pondering that for a moment I realized this is not a new concept for life, it is the oldest, most fundamental one there is.

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Grace IS a gift. No one can earn it, it must be given. I am thankful for Grace everyday! I am gifted grace and forgiveness from my Heavenly Father, but also from my friends and family that sometimes, I’m not the best to. I forget birthdays, anniversaries, and other important stuff with regularity. I don’t mean to, I just do.  By grace, these people I love, still love me!

Truth a Fundamental Foundation for Life

Is truth a fundamental foundation we are missing?

Before I started writing today I was reading the news. As most of you know I raise horses and my family all raise cattle. From the time I was born I raised cattle, but had to sell them all after my divorce. I had to use the money to pay off bills. I miss the cattle.

As I was praying about the blog post, I was reading about the horrible blizzard and devastation in South Dakota – That Has Not Made The News. Every one is reporting on the government shut down. Meanwhile, lives were lost and people are without power in South Dakota. Unless you are somehow connected to South Dakota, or the livestock industry, you wouldn’t know about it.  That is wrong.

Our world has drifted so far away from the truth it’s frightening.

The truth is South Dakota is devastated. Our military and National Parks are being used as pawns in a political game of Russian roulette. And our “genetically modified” foods are killing us. That is truth.

The truth is the democrats and republicans will not accept responsibility for anything. The truth is when I run out of money I don’t get to buy anything else. Wake up Washington!

Fundamental foundation, truth, faith, love, grace, new life concept


Love the Ultimate Fundamental Foundation for Life

Now that I’ve had my rant about the truth, let me move to the most important item on my little list.  Love.

I have a habit of going back to the Bible for my hard core life truths. This is one of them. In Corinthians 13 it talks about love. If you have never read it I encourage you to do so. It should be the foundation of your life. Simply put the scripture talks about how we can have everything there is to have but if we do not have love, we have nothing.

Verse 4 through 8 says “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.”

That sounds like a fundamental foundation to me.  Verse 13 says, “And now these three remain:  faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”

Fundament Foundation, Love, life concept, faith, hope, grace,Grandparents - Kristi Ross


That is truth.

When we stare death in the face, nothing else in life matters.  Not the newest car, our homes, the toys we have in the garage, or how much money we have in the bank matter. 

Love matters.

I hope you will consider this long established, fundamental foundation for life!

Do you agree?  Or disagree?  Please let me know in the Comments section. I would like to have an ongoing, open conversation about these thoughts.

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