Does God Still Answer Prayer?

If you read last week’s post you know God still answers prayer because He miraculously provided not just one, but two Christian roommates, and took care of my propane worries. Life was good. My home worries eliminated, my new mission was finding the right spine doctor for my friend/roommate Michelle.

Add to these blessings . . . we had a new boss at work. He liked and respected me and started making promises about promotions at work.

I was on top of the world!

I was wrapped up in excelling at work and getting Michelle’s health issues addressed.

Finding a different place to live no longer crossed my mind.

Until the day I was sitting at my desk and suddenly the words “Cortez Land Watch” came into my mind.

It’s a website that lists properties for sale in the Cortez area. When I first moved there and found the landlord wouldn’t take my rental properties in on the place I was living, I was on that website nightly. But when I finally accepted there was no way I could afford to buy anything I had put it out of my mind.

When it arrived that sunny, late fall morning I pushed it right back out of my mind.

But every 30 minutes or so it would float back in.

Float in, distract me, and I would put it aside again.

It even disrupted my sleep that night.

Finally, at the next day I decided to give in and peak at it. Just to see what was causing the website to keep coming up in my mind.

And there it was. The first property that popped up – 40 acres West of Arriola. A beautiful piece of ground, on a hillside, in the area I wanted to live. It had utilities to the property, but not on it. And it was listed at only $165,000.

But there was no house.

I could not afford to buy a place and build a house.

Never mind.

But as I started to log out, a tree lined driveway and the words “JUST REDUCED” popped up.

I had noticed the place several months ago but only because it was a pretty driveway. The property was way out of my price range. But this time, I clicked on the picture.

Up came a beautiful hay meadow with a side roll sprinkler. The trees lining the driveway also lined the hay field.
Hummmm . . . That’s pretty. . .

Click again

Up came a cute house . . .


Up came a little barn and another meadow.


The address was off G Road, down McElmo Canyon, my second choice of location, but the price was $230,000.
WAY more than I wanted to spend.

But my gut told me to call and look at both places anyway.

Mainly because I knew this time it wasn’t me trying to push and make something happen. I hadn’t thought about buying something for many months.

I set up appointments for the following Saturday.

I headed to the McElmo Canyon property first. I drove down the canyon but couldn’t find the correct side road anywhere. Time was ticking by and soon I was late for the appointment. I decided to drive back to my daughter’s where I would have cell service and call to see where I had missed the turn.

The realtor answered and said, “Oh no, you don’t turn right at the light, you should have turned left.”
I knew turning left meant heading towards the dump. I told the realtor I simply wasn’t interested in property there.

She insisted I should come look at the place and explained the property wasn’t anywhere near the dump.

She continued to talk but I wasn’t paying any attention. I was admiring the cottonwood trees to the Southeast of my daughter’s house that I had enjoyed every year since she moved there. That day they were dressed in their fall best. I had tried to go take pictures of them but couldn’t seem to find the right road to get to them.

I finally pulled myself back to her conversation enough to get correct directions. I hung up, admired the distant cottonwoods one last time, and headed back out.

When I reached the last stoplight in town, this time I turned left and after about a half a mile I found the dead end road the realtor had mentioned and soon arrived at the tree lined driveway. The realtor said to come all the way to the end of the driveway, make the right hand corner, and come a little further to the house.

As I drove down the driveway I scrutinized the hay field. It was exactly what I was looking for. Side roll sprinklers and all.

God, answers prayer

Tree lined hay field with sprinklers

I focused on the driveway when I came to the sharp right hand corner. As I finished the turn I looked up . . . and caught my breath!

There were the very trees I had been admiring from my daughter’s!

I was crying as I stepped out of the car.

I had to quickly explain that I was not hurt, but that I was crying because of the trees.

I knew the moment I saw those trees God still answers prayer and had put Cortez Land Watch in my head. I also knew this was my place. I didn’t know how HE was going to do it. But I knew I didn’t even need to go look at the other place. THIS was my place.

These were my trees!

God answers prayer

I turned the corner and there were the trees

I could have cared less about the house. They had it crammed so full of plants you couldn’t really see much of it. It was laid out nice, had some nice upgrades, and I loved the colors she had it painted.

But it was the trees and the fields that let me know this was the place for me.

BUT . . . and it was a big but!

I had misread the price.

It was $290,000, not $230,000. WAY outta my price range!

So, as much as I loved the place, I went to look at the other property.

It was a beautiful place. But didn’t have any water rights. It had adjudicated water, but no actual rights. In SW Colorado that’s a big thing. That means you only get someone else’s run off water. Not good on a dry year.

I prayed over the situation for a couple days and finally decided to go talk to the local ag agency and see if the little place would fit their criteria for an ag loan. I knew there was no way I could buy the place with a conventional loan. No way! I had -0- down and should have declared bankruptcy three years earlier. My credit was . . . shot.

He said if they deemed me qualified, he thought the place should be eligible. He wasn’t as afraid of my credit as a normal bank would be. He said we would just have to see.

I called my real estate agent sister. Told her how I had found the place, what the banker had said, and asked her if she would come look at the place and see if she thought it was as nice as I did.

She did. And she did.

The owners had been praying for the right person to come that would love the place.

Months ago I had prayed for the perfect place for me, and my animals and pets.

But when we talked to the realtor she said the owners would not even consider an offer lower than what they were asking.

We made an offer anyway.

Are you wondering if God heard my prayers all those months before?

Do you think God still answers prayer?

You’ll have to come back next week to see!

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    Love It, leaving everyone hanging, great as always

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      Thank you Kathy! I’m thrilled you’re enjoying it!


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