How are You Riding to Higher Ground #2 in a series

Are you riding to higher ground?  –   #2 in the series

(Please refer to Post #1 for definition and explanations of terminology.)

When we last visited we had just finished gathering the cattle and were lunching in the shade with a small, quiet group of mother’s and babies. Cows that is. One was playing Peek-A-Boo with me from behind my horse! In case you missed it, you should check out the previous post to see his cute little face!

Every good gather needs at least one GOOD cow-dog. This is Hardy and Mika’s  GOOD cow dog Sugar ready and waiting for more action!

Sugar signed

After lunch Hardy, my son-in-law, started the cattle up the narrow mountain road moving to higher ground. They need to head up the road in small groups of twenty to twenty five with a couple riders escorting each little bunch.

The older cows know they are headed to cool summer pasture.  But they are comfortable right where they are with good feed and water and don’t want to put out the extra effort to walk up the steep trail to higher ground. Instead they bunch up and won’t move.

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Bunched up not wanted to walk the trail to higher ground

Does that sound familiar? We may know we need to put out a little extra effort to reach higher ground, but we fight it. We bunch up and don’t want to move. We fight it even though it is for our own good. We may be moving up to lush, cool, summer pastures in our lives, but we don’t want to put out the effort to get there.

At times I have done the same thing and it has cost me a great deal.

Once the first bunch gets started all the girls jump on board and try to crowd to the front.

cattle, horses, dogs, cows, horseback riding, ranch, rodeo, mountains, Colorado

Suddenly everybody wants to be first

It takes awhile to string 150 head of cattle up a small mountain trail in little bunches.

higher ground, cattle, horses, cows, dogs, horseback riding, Colorado, mountains, west, western lifestyle

Riding drag to higher ground

Mika, and I brought the final bunch and rode drag. Riding drag means you follow the herd and push the cows and calves that are tired, distracted, belligerent, and simply not as willing to move. This job takes a patient rider that will continually adjust to the circumstances and work hard to keep guiding, pushing, and backing off to ease the cattle on up trail to higher ground.

Have you ever been tired, distracted, belligerent, or simply not wanting to do something that was actually a good thing for you?

Was someone there to patiently continue to guide you on up the trail to higher ground?

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  1. Mika August 18, 2013 #

    Haha. Very good point. Ya I have a few people in my life that guide me up the right trail. Thank God

    • Kristi Ross August 19, 2013 #

      Hi Mika, I am thankful we all have a few people that keep guiding us on that right trail!


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