How Mother’s Day Brings Joy and Tears To Many Of Us

Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day means different things to each one of us. In all honesty it means different things to me. It brings my incredible joy, but makes me cry, sometimes at the same time.

I lost my Mom almost 25 years ago. I was 29. She was my rock. Without her I had no direction, nothing solid behind my back, no wind beneath my wings. I lost my best friend and most avid supporter.

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Mom and Mika on the beach in Mexico. Our last trip with Mom

One of my most cherished memories was going to see her and jumping up and sitting on her dryer in the kitchen. We visited while she cooked, cleaned, or just puttered. We talked about everything in the world with me sitting on that dryer.

Flowers For Mom

She loved flowers. She had them all over her kitchen and a huge flower/garden spot out behind the house that fed us when I was a kid. As us kids left the home the garden grew smaller and the variety of flowers grew much larger. She shared her love of flowers with me. If she would have only shared her green thumb so I could keep them alive and blooming!

Missing Mom

Mother’s Day makes me melancholy for Mom. I miss her terribly. I still buy her Mother’s Day cards and put them in zip-lock bags and pin them with her flowers to the grave. It’s killing me to not be close enough to do that this year. I know I’m not the only one that can’t take my flowers to my mother’s grave. My heart goes out to each and every one of you experiencing the same thing.

Mother's Day, love, flower, blossom, family, kindness, joy, happiness

A Flower For Mom

Mother’s Day Joy

But Mother’s Day also brings me incredible joy! When I think of my daughter, Mika, and now my coming grand daughter.  I know Mom is looking down on us and is thrilled!

The joys of a mother’s heart are sung in the words of her children and grand children.

The other day Mika and I were talking about how her life will change after the baby arrives. She was unsure about so many things. My only real words to her were to not worry, mother-nature takes over and we all do fine. I added that she won’t remember what her life was like before the baby. This confused her. I tried to put into words what happens when you hold that baby in your arms for the first time. But I can not articulate the depth of emotion it creates.

Afterward, I thought more about my comment. I remember my life before my daughter, but it took on a new purpose, balance, and love after she was born. It as thought she filled all the empty spots I didn’t even realize were empty.

Do you agree with me? Can you put that love into words? Please share in the comments section if you can. Not just for me, but for all mothers, daughters, dads, and sons out there.

How Important Family Photos Are

As I wrote this and was looking for pictures of my Mom I realized what is missing in my new house. Why I don’t feel comfortable here. Suddenly I realized I have no photos out. They’re all packed. I have no photos of my Mom, Dad, Mika, family. No one. Since I don’t know how long I will be living here I didn’t unpack much. Most of my things are in storage. But after writing this I’m headed to find my photos and get my family around me again!

We need that love around us! It’s our protection from the daily buffeting we take from the world. That love is our harbor of protection.

Photos may not be our loved one in the flesh, but they smile that person’s love back into our lives.

Is Your Mom in Heaven?

I wish each one of you a Happy Mother’s Day. I hope each of you can feel love and be loved this Mother’s Day. It’s a special day to reflect on love, life, new birth, and even death.

There is a special place in my heart for each of you with a Mom in Heaven. We experience love on a different level.  I’m wrapping you in my arms and hugging you right now! I know our Moms look down on us from above and still send us their love. I can feel it! Can you?

Parting Blessings

May God Bless and keep each of you!

Happy Mother’s Day!
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  1. Penny Linman May 10, 2014 #

    So beautifully written. Makes me cherish my Mom even more. Happy Mother’s Day to you!!


    • Kristi May 12, 2014 #

      Thank you Penny! I’m glad you still have her! Give her a hug for me too please.
      Thank you and God bless you and your sweet family!

  2. Mika May 11, 2014 #

    Happy Mother’s Day mom! I love you and proud of you for being such a strong independent woman. Even if you didn’t have ur mom to help guide you, you done a good job in life. And she would of been proud of how u raised me. You done a good job mom! Thank you!

    • Kristi May 12, 2014 #

      Oh Mika, thank you Luv! You made me cry. I am loving being closer so we can get together more often. It’s wonderful watching you grow into the woman you are and the mother you are becoming! Makes my heart sing!
      Love you!

  3. Ranette May 11, 2014 #

    Happy Mother’s Day Kristi!

    • Kristi May 12, 2014 #

      Thank you Ranette! Happy Mother’s Day to you! I read Baile e’s post. What a great kid! You done good Mom!
      Love you guys,

  4. Willa May 12, 2014 #

    My goodness, Kristi, did you take that photo of your mom and Mika at the beach? You are so danged gifted, girl! I’m glad you are sharing your God given gifts of photography and writing with us:) God handed out all our different “giftednesses” so we could bless others with the knowledge of the fullness of who HE is. We can see who HE is through who you are!

    Reading your Mother’s Day blog brought back floods of memories of my momma who died just 3 short hears ago. I am exceedingly grateful for the years I had with her – she died at 84 1/2 – and I weep for those who’s mothers died before their time. And it’s made Heaven so much more real. Before Mom died, I knew heaven was a place people went to spend eternity with their Maker when they’d accepted His Son as their Savior. However, once she left this earth and entered the heavenly realm, heaven became so much more personal. It became a place I was going to spend eternity not only with God but with Mom. I often feel her hand reaching down from above as my hand reaches up. We will be united, in eternal perspective, in less than the blink of an eye!

    Happy Mother’s Day to you, my friend and sista!

    • Kristi May 12, 2014 #

      Oh Will a you really got me! What a wonderful comment on Heaven! It does seem more real when our loved ones are there doesn’t it! I had never thought of that. Thank you for bringing that to mind! I wish I could have met your mother, I bet she was a gem! Like her daughter!

      As for the photo, yes, I took it Long ago with an ancient camera but I still love it. Of course I have others of her but they are packed and God only knows where, literally! Thanks for your wonderful compliment on my photos! I’m really enjoying exploring my new photography hobby! I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed it. I’m glad you enjoy them too! Too fun!
      God bless you my friend and sista!

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