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9/11 Remembered and Our Flag Honored

9/11 Remembered

9/11 must be remembered! 15 years ago today our country was attacked. Thousands of innocent lives were tragically lost. Murdered by radicals because our religion is different than theirs.

Did you remember it is September 11th?

Some people did.

Others did not.

I’ll admit I remembered yesterday, but I’m embarrassed to say I almost forgot today.

Until I saw this –

9/11, flag, respect the flag, flag

Respect 9/11 and our great flag!

I pulled over to take this photo and the Assistant Fire Chief, Shawn Bittle, stepped out as I was over-come with emotion.

Flooded with the memory of watching the second plane hit the building, the realization that we were under attack, the firemen and women that perished as they rushed to save all those innocent people.

And I couldn’t speak.

When I finally could, I thanked Officer Bittle for his service. We talked about how our country must never forget. How the politicians want us to. They want us to become complacent.

But We Cannot!

Complacency allows us to put blinders on and completely miss the truth of what is happening all around us.

So let me ask you –

Do you choose to remember?

Or is it easier to forget?

Did you choose to forget?

If you need a reminder, click here for the 9/11 Memorial Museum.

Honoring 9/11

Driving back through town I noticed something that offended me.

A lack of flags.

I normally don’t discuss things like this here, but today, I feel I must. We must take a stand for our country. We must take a stand and say, stand up for this flag. No matter what your personal opinion is, we live in America!


And this is our flag!  Respect it!

Honor the men and women that have fought and died so you have the right to be offended by it!

If you can’t do that, then I challenge you to find somewhere else to live.

As for me, I will continue to stand, and cry, at the National Anthem!

I will continue to stand up with my hand over my heart during that song.  I will teach my Granddaughter to honor that flag, and to never let it touch the ground.  I will tell her about the men that died almost 250 years ago and whose bodies piled up to keep that flag upright and tell the British we will not fall! We will be free! And that’s what the song was written about. Not about you, or me. But about freedom.

Freedom for you and I! And even for a football player to sit and show disrespect.

That’s the very thing that flag represents!

Honor The Flag

This flag has flown over soldiers that have fought for our freedom for almost 250 years.

In my family this flag flew over my Great, Great, Great Grandfather as he fought for our freedom from the British. It flew over my Great, Great Grandfather as he fought to free slaves. It flew over my Dad in WWII as he fought for world wide freedom.  Over my nephew in Desert Storm as he fought for freedom from a tyrant who was killing his own people. And now, it flies over my Great nephew as he prepares to answer that same call.

I inherited a love of that flag. And the respect that goes with it.

9/11 Support

I turned around and drove back through town looking for businesses that were showing their memory of 9/11 by having a flag flying.

I found this –


This is Matt Warner and his truck. His twin brother, Casey, is a veteran.  I took this picture, and soon after chased Matt down as he drove home.  I thanked him for doing this. He said, “I’m not a veteran, but we can’t forget. We have to show our respect on this day. I couldn’t not do this.” Matt and Casey also have a flag pole at their home and he said the flag is flying at half staff. I asked if I could follow him and take a photo of it. Here’s his response:

flag, 9/11, respect, honor

9/11 – Never Forget!  Flag at half-staff

You may not agree, but I want to support businesses that honored the memory of 9/11 and proudly fly the American flag.  Here are some of the businesses in Cortez, CO that did.


9/11, flag, honor, memorial









9/11, flag, memorial









9/11, flag, memorial








9/11, flag, honor, memory









9/11, flag, honor, memory









9/11, flag, honor, memorial










9/11, flag, honor, memorial









9/11, flag, honor



































































Has Our History Been Perfect?

No!  Of course not.

Have we done things wrong?

Yes!  We all know that.

Are we perfect now?

Defiantly not.

But where else is better?

I seriously doubt you’ll find a better country. But if you do, I hope you’ll go there. Start a new life and be happy!

Because I’m tired of people bad-mouthing what I believe is the greatest country on earth.

The Pledge of Allegiance

It’s not just mere words folks!

It says “Indivisible” for a reason people!  It means “unable to be divided or separated”.

That’s what the founders of this country wanted. We are not whites or black, Hispanic, Japanese, Chinese, Europeans, Italians, French, Swedish, or African-American. We are AMERICANS!

I hope you’ll take a few moments to really LISTEN to the simple truths in this video by the great John Wayne. No matter what your political stand, your religion, or your nationality, it tells what the United States stands for!

I’m sure some of you will agree, and I’m also certain some of you will not.

But either way, I encourage you to comment below.

And most importantly, take a moment to remember the victims of 9/11 and their families.

Thank you and God Bless you, and God Bless America!








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9/11 Tribute On The 13th Anniversary


Never Forget 9/11

9/11 Tribute

Do you remember where you were?

We all do.

The knife still goes through my heart when I see the images on TV or the internet.

The lives lost may not have been in my family, but they are burned in my heart none the less. As I’m sure they are yours as well.


As Toby Keith’s song “Courtesy of the Red White and Blue” said shortly after that tragic day, “We got sucker-punched from somewhere in the back.”

How can these people hate us so badly they want to kill you and me? Why? Just because they believe differently than we do? How can they hate freedom so badly they are willing to die to stop us from having it?


But I wonder more about the people here that don’t feel Patriotism every 9/11. How could they not be angry? How can they not care?

I don’t like war. I hate the thought of our loved ones having to go to war.

I have a Great Nephew that is getting ready to go into the military as I write this. And it makes me sad to my very core. He is a wonderful, talented, kind, gentle soul. But he is following in his Grandfather and his Fathers foot-steps and going to defend our country.

To defend yours, and my, freedom from these mad-men.

And that breaks my heart.

But makes me incredibly proud at the same time


Am I the only person that still cries on 9/11?

Am I the only person that is still heartbroken?

Please share how you feel today and tell me if I’m crazy for still being so incredibly hurt.

God Bless America!
Copy write 2013 and 2014
Kristi Ross, PO Box 133, Hotchkiss, CO 81419

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9/11, September 11, attack, terror attack, airplanes, towers, tragic, tribute

9/11 Tribute to Victims, Heros, and Motorcycle Riders

9/11, September 11, Tribute, victims, heros, survivors, emergency reponders

A Tribute to 9/11

9/11 Tribute

The post is a 9/11 Tribute to the victims, and heros of that fateful day, and a new set of heros, the motorcycle riders that rode into our nation’s capital today.

I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when the first tower went down. I’m sure you are the same way. It is a day we all wish was just a bad dream that we could wake up from.  Then it  wouldn’t hold such a prominent position in our memory.  But it does.

9/11 Tribute – ATTACKED

Our great country was attacked.

Fellow countrymen died. Brave men and woman gave their lives to save others.

In that hour of peril America remembered who we are and what we stand for. We were united in our patriotism, pain, horror, and anguish.

Our personal situations sudden were trivial as the collective conscience was assaulted. We rushed to churches in droves, we remembered God and prayed again, we hurried home to hold our loved ones. We gave blood, had bake sales, and donated money. And we waited for word on survivors.

9/11 Tribute – Heros

Then came the stories of incredible heroism in the face of certain death. Every one of us know words, “Let’s Roll”. The photos are burned into our brains.

9/11, September 11, attack, terror attack, airplanes, towers, tragic, tribute

The Towers

Photos and video everywhere from photographers known and unknown.

Each of us experiencing depth of loss and pain.

9/11 Tribute – Proud Again

Since then our country has continued to struggle. But today, on the 12th anniversary of September 11, something happened that made me proud.

Our country, the country we love, rode on chrome thunder today to take a stand and I couldn’t be prouder! I had to write a 9/11 tribute to the victims and heros, but also to the motorcycle riders that reminded us to take a stand for what is right and true!

Honor, 9/11, Victims, Heros, Towers, Attacked   Honor, 9/11, Victims, Heros, Towers, Attacked

Honor, 9/11, Victims, Heros, Towers, Attacked      Our patriotism was flying it’s flag high and proud today!

I am proud to be an American! And I know you are too! We don’t need someone apologizing for us. We are fearless! We will stand for what is right every time.

9/11 Tribute – Iron Horses

Our forefathers won this country’s freedom on the back of a horse. Today, our brave soldiers of freedom rode Iron Horses and reminded us of our patriotism and our pride for this great nation!

Are you with me? Is this a great country or what?

And every one of you that rode to DC today, thank you for honoring our 9/11 victims and heros!




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