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FEAR – Why Are We Afraid?


I was afraid

Overcoming fear, Jesus, God, answered prayer

Have you ever suffered with fear?

Have you ever been paralyzed with fear? Unable to move, either physically or psychologically because of fear?

Do you know what FEAR is?

There are many analogies for what fear stands for. My favorite is:





But still,

I was afraid.

Afraid of allowing a stranger into my home.

Afraid of the unknown.

For many reasons.

But I was also afraid of no heat in a the dead of winter.

So I prayed about a roommate for two solid weeks. I prayed God would send the perfect, God chosen roommate.

And I waited.

I was in a situation I had no control over. I saw no way of being able to afford the house I was living in without a roommate.  But I was deeply afraid of what kind of person might show up at my doorstep wanting a place to live. Would they be a normal, honest person? Or would they be a crazy ax murderer?

So I kept praying.

And waiting

But as October wore on and the days grew shorter and nights longer and colder I finally decided I had to do it. I had to put my trust in the Lord and put the ad in the paper for a roommate.

I worked on the wording with the advertising lady from the paper for a week. When we both felt confident about the wording, I ran the ad.

The morning the paper came out I received a call from a woman with a Southern accent. She left a message telling me how she had just moved here from Tennessee and would like to talk to me about the room for rent.

But because of my fears I waited a couple days before calling her back. Finally, out of desperation, I called her.

She was excited to meet me and see the place.

I, on the other hand, was not excited about any of it.

But out of desperation I suggested we meet because if we didn’t like each other there was no reason for her looking at the house. But I was at work so it would have to be after 5.

She said she’d come to my work and could be there in 5 minutes. She really wanted to meet me.

She arrived in exactly 5 minutes.

Which annoyed me.

How could anyone be that prompt?!?

But there she was . . .
This adorable, impeccably dressed, gray haired, little lady with bright blue eyes, and a sweet smile.

Now I really didn’t like her.

And that sweet southern draaaawl. Yuck!

Wait . . . what was her name?


What? Joyce Ann?

I have a dear friend named Joyce Ann. And she is a wonderful woman.

Should I give her a second chance? Just because of her name?

No way!

I tried to be mildly nice and took her down to the front of the building so we could visit a minute.

She was all a buzz about going to look at the house.

She was not picking up on my negative vibes!

I asked if she thought she could afford the rent and utilities on a fixed income. She said she had calculated it and thought she would be fine with the costs.

In a few short minutes I grilled her about her family, her religion, her political views, her  . . . you get the picture.

And finally –

I begrudgingly started to tell her how to get to the house.

“You take Highway 491 North, like you are going to Dove Creek. Out there about 15 miles, in the middle of nowhere you’ll come to where the Highway to Dolores takes off at a gas station called Cox Corner.”

She interrupted me and bubbled in her drawl, “Ooooh myyy goooodness, I knooow exaaaactly where you’re taalkin’ about! God has been shoowin’ me thaat area on the map. That’s Highway 184 isn’t it?”

“Yes . . . why?” I asked with an icy edge.

“Thaaat’s whyyyy I caaame here! The Lord led me here. To you! To this house!”

I knew it!  “Crazy person” was screaming my head!

She excitedly added “I’ve prayed about this for mooonths and here it is!”

Her talk about prayer starting to break through my frigid exterior.

The more she talked about the Lord the more I paid attention and asked, “What? What are you talking about?”

She proceeded to tell me about how she had wanted to move to either Utah or Oregon where she had helped some friends move to. But the Lord kept laying the Dolores Highway, Highway 184, on her heart.

Guess what Highway I lived off of?

Yep, Highway 184! Turn North off 184 onto Road 22 and drive one mile to Road W.  Click right here to see it on Google Maps. 

Ok, she finally had my FULL attention.

She told me about her road map and how, before she left her home in Tennessee, she had put a red dot where she believed the Lord was leading her. And she estimated it was within a 2 mile range of my address.

She was a single, disabled woman that had put all her belongings in her car and headed West toward a red dot on a map because of prayer and prompting on her heart from God.

She had been in town a few days and had tried to find a place but nothing had worked out. She was out of money and was going to have to stay in her car that night if she didn’t find a place.

We stood right there in front of the Court House and prayed together before I sent her to go check out where I lived.

She met me there after work and she has been there, or nearby ever since.

She firmly believes I prayed her here.

I firmly believe the Lord works in Very Mysterious ways!

She moved in the end of October and we bought our first propane for the winter in November.

God’s timing is incredible!

But the story doesn’t end there.

This is really just the beginning.

Come back next week for more!

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Have a Great and Godly day!

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Procrastinate? Oh No I Did It Again!

Does Anyone Else Procrastinate?

I hate it, but . . .
I procrastinate.
When something is challenging.
Or when I don’t know how to do something.
Or what to say.
I put it off.

Yes, I’m admitting it. I procrastinate.

Does anyone else?
If so, please tell me about it in the comments section so I don’t feel like I’m the only adult on earth that does! If you have enough courage to admit it, I’ll be impressed because it’s very difficult for me to admit.

Why Do I (We) Procrastinate?

fear, procrastinate

I think it is based in fear.
Fear of failure.
Fear of the unknown.
Fear of being not enough.
Fear of being embarrassed.
And that’s me right now.
I am afraid of how you will react to my long hiatus from posting.
I did this when I moved to Cortez and was struggling with all the emotions.
And I promised you I would not do it again.
But I did.

Miracles in the Midst

If you have been following this blog for a while you know I have gone through some gigantic life changes in the past few years. Unfortunately, with the economic slowdown, a good number of others have experienced similar situations.

But in the midst of my storms God has been SO faithful. I’ve experience Him deeper than words can explain.

He has been my only set of footprints.

Now, I treasure the heartache, loss, and upheaval that’s happened in my life. It is because of those nuggets that I have grown spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically.

I have a different perspective on life because of the hard times.

They have taught me far more than good times.

And if you haven’t read the previous posts in the “Miracle Series” I encourage you to. Those miracles came wrapped in hard lessons.

But those lessons became nuggets of beauty as God shut down my life in Delta County, section by section, so He could push me, kicking and crying. . .

Into my future.

Facing My Fears

And, if you follow this blog you know I have not posted in quite some time.

But that procrastination is over.

I’m afraid of failure.

Afraid you will no longer be interested in what I have to say.

Afraid that in my absence I have let you down and you won’t forgive me of my silence.

But . . . I’m facing my fears, and writing anyway!

That to me is the most powerful cure for those of us that procrastinate.

Face your fear and do it anyway!

Where Have You Been?

But honestly, where have I been?

Why have I been silent for months?

The main reason I have been silent for a while is I’ve had more work than time.

And I’ve been mentally exhausted after work each day.

I know that sounds like a cop-out, but it’s the truth.

The brain is a muscle and mine has been working to the max for several months.

When I walk out that back door from work at 5, 6, 7, even 8 o’clock at night, I’m brain dead.


But Why?

It started in March – when it looked like the purchase of a place here in Cortez was actually going to happen.

The purchase had been on the back burner for months while we waited to see if the government was going to fund ag loans in 2015. When they did, there was one problem after another with the purchase itself.

Talk About STRESS!

Oh and just prior to that, we got a new, young, director at work who was making personnel changes so none of us felt secure in our jobs.

And here I was trying to buy a place!

That was frightening.

Eventually, I was offered a promotion to trainer and love that part of my job. But I still have to do all my former duties as well and there simply isn’t enough hours in the day.

By the time I get home I’m so fried mentally I can’t think to put two words together let alone write and make sense!

Since March, the things that bring me joy have been moved to the back burner while I sloshed through day to day life in upheaval.

Have you ever worn a pair of rubber muck boots outside in the deep mud? When you have to fight for every step? And end up pulling your foot out of the boot rather than the boot out of the mud.

It leaves you are standing there with one foot in the cold, slimy, wet, yuck!

You’re totally bogged down, wet, muddy,and cold.

That’s how I’ve felt since March.

God’s Grace

grace, love, procrastinate


But in His incredible Grace, the Lord has carried me through and provided exactly what I needed, precisely when I needed it.

My life in transition has been a walk among miracles.

But it has not been without trials.

God never said life would be easy, He just said He would be there.

All this “stuff” going on in my life has made me realize what an incredible spiritual walk I’ve been on.

The growth and change have been incredible.

And I’m finally ready to tell the rest of the story.

Are you ready to hear it?

And I don’t mean the surface stuff either.

I mean the nitty gritty, down and dirty.

Are you really ready for that?

I hope so because it has been a growing experience from day one!

And I pray that my situation will cause you to rethink your day to day life with new and different eyes.

Focusing on blessings and joy

Not struggles and heartache.

Because God really does give us beauty for our ashes.

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6 Simple Steps Say I Miss You!

How to say I miss you

Oh my goodness I can hardly believe I’m finally able to talk to you! I miss you something terrible! I finally have internet at my new place and am able to communicate! If you would have asked me 10 months ago if I would miss blogging I would have told you you were crazy! That’s right, just 10 short months ago I had no idea what a blog was let alone how to do it! But now, having to miss a couple months of talking with you has been killing me!

What is missing someone like?

I love this quote, and it is so fitting, “It feels intense and the worst part is that you feel completely out of control because there isn’t a whole lot that you can do about it” Nitika Chopra. That describes how I felt during this absence.

Where Have You Been?

So much has happened in two short months that I have wanted to share with you but with no internet, it was impossible. A month ago I went to town and used the free internet at a coffee shop but then was warned about how vulnerable that made my computer so I didn’t do that again. Instead I waited . . . and waited . . .  and waited! And I MISS YOU! I look forward to sharing all the amazing things that have happened with you. And even more, I look forward to your comments. Your comments make my day! To know you are out there reading my thoughts and are moved enough to talk with me about them is the most amazing thing. We may not be talking face to face, but I still feel like I’m talking with you when you comment back to me! I love your take on life. Your input on my thoughts. Even the times when you call me on something. What a wonderful means of communication and I value you and what you share with me. Thank you for honoring me with that. I have really missed interacting with you.

Six Simple Steps to Say I Miss You

So how do you show or tell someone you miss them? There are far too many ideas to cover all of them but here is the list I put together to tell YOU how much I Miss You!

  1. Tell them! Tell them you miss them and mean it.  So . . . I miss you. I have really, really missed you!
  2. Show them you miss them. Bring a gift the next time you see them or talk to them. So here is my gift to you! They represent what I would like to give each one of you! My roses for you! how to tell someone I miss you, joy, happiness, excited, God, love, family, communication, Colorado, mountains, cowboy, cowgirl, horses, cattle, roses
  3. Write them something to show you miss them – – I think you’re reading my example
  4. Work hard to show them you value them – – I hope I’m doing that right now as well.
  5. Thank them for being the kind of person, or people that makes you value them and miss them – – Thank you, each one of you for being that kind of person. I treasure you and I miss you when I can’t communicate with you.
  6. Show them your heart.  Honestly, I hope I am able to convey through these words had deeply I care about you. I feel like you are my extended family.


I treasure each one of you. Thank you for honoring me with your time, friendship, and readership. Thank you for sticking with me during my move and long absence!

miss, missing you, care about you, love you, God, love, heart, Colorado, mountains, moving, home, family, communication, cowboy, cowgirl, horses, cattle

You have my heart!

I am already looking forward to my next post! I’ll be missing you till then!

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What Ice Breakers Work?

What Ice Breakers Work?

Finally! I have internet and can talk to you again! This hiatus made me wonder what ice breakers work for a situation when you haven’t talked to someone you care about for far too long?

What ice breakers work when you have so much to share but only a little time to do it in.  As you can see, “Finally, I have internet” was my ice breaker.  But now that the ice is broken, I can’t blurt out the stuff I have to share all at once. So this post is really to prepare you for the next one.

Earning Your Trust Again

The reason I was wondering about ice breakers is because it honestly feels like I fell off the face of the earth and now I have to earn your trust all over again. So to do that I thought I would share a little bit of what has been happening in my world with you.  And trust me, the next post will take that to a whole new level!

Since this new job and move dropped in my lap I have been running as fast as I could and working harder than I ever have, but getting no where fast.  It felt like I was running in mud, dragging a 50 pound weight. Nothing was happening, and I was struggling. But I’m starting to feel the momentum changing, things are starting to settle down, and I’m feeling stronger.

Pay Back

I can finally see the light at the end of this endless transition!  Most of my stuff is now in Cortez and I’m getting comfortable in my new home and enjoying my new job. But the special payback for this transition is I have enjoyed several lunches with my daughter, and a wonderful dinner last night with my daughter and son-in-law.  What a blessing!

A Journey

This entire experience has been an amazing journey.  It is an incredible story about upheaval, change, and faith.  But that till have to wait till the next post. Trust me, I’m going to try some new, exciting things with the next one.  You don’t want to miss it!

In the mean time, I would like to share with you a few pictures of my new place.  If you would like more “insider info” & goodies, I hope you will click the subscribe button on the side or top menus and become a follower of the blog.  You get special features, more photos, contests and prizes, and more contact with yours truly!

Photo timeline:

This was my last photo taken at my barn in Hotchkiss.  Even after a month it still brings tears to my eyes.  Moving from my home was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done.  I left my home, my ranch, my barn, some of my favorite horses, my friends, and most of my family.  As I look at this photo it all seems surreal.

Ice breakers, Last night, barn, sunset, saddness, tears, horses, cattle, cowboys, cowgirls, moving

Last sunset over the barn at home

I took this one as I topped over Dallas Divide above Ridgway.  It had snowed the night before and the wind was blowing like crazy.  It was beautiful.

Ice breakers, Last night, barn, sunset, saddness, tears, horses, cattle, cowboys, cowgirls, moving, snow, Colorado mountains

Snow blowing during the move

When I arrived, I was crying.  So to try to pull myself together I walked to the top of my new, rented, pasture and marveled at the vast beauty.  It didn’t fill the hole of missing home, but it was  nice band-aid.

Ice breakers, Last night, barn, sunset, saddness, tears, horses, cattle, cowboys, cowgirls, moving, snow, Colorado mountains

View from my new horse pasture

And this is the first sunset off my new back porch.  It was breathtakingly beautiful.  The photo doesn’t come close to the real thing.  Again, it helped, but the hole of missing home was still there.

Ice breakers, Last night, barn, sunset, saddness, tears, horses, cattle, cowboys, cowgirls, moving, snow, Colorado mountains

First sunset at new place

So back to my original question, “What do you say when you haven’t talked for some time?”  I hope this was a good ice breaker and you will forgive me for being too long gone.  Now it’s on to the next post!  I can’t wait!


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Who Else Wants Less Anxiety, Self Doubt, and Fear?

Who Else Wants Less Anxiety, Self Doubt, and Fear?

Now that is an interesting question for this blog isn’t it? This is a motivational blog not a psychological one! So what in the world am I thinking starting the week with a post about Less Anxiety, Self Doubt, and Fear? It all has to do with my weekend.

My weekend was spent at Camp Cedaredge on Grand Mesa attending a spiritual retreat called, Tres Dias, or three days.

Here are a couple photos of the sunset the night before as I was getting gas in preparation to drive there the following day.  It was a breathtaking sunset!

anxiety, self doubt, fear, mountains, Colorado, prayer, God, Jesus, horses, cattle, cowboys, cowgirls, love, forgiveness

Sunset filling my car to go





















Setting the Stage

The sunset set the stage for what I already knew would be an amazing experience. And to simply say it was amazing would be a gross understatement!  The best way I can sum it up is to quote one of the spiritual leaders, “God showed up!”  And boy did He!

But in addition to an incredibly uplifting experience, the time together brought something quite unexpected and unsettling to the forefront. It revealed how many woman suffer with anxiety and fear stemming from self doubt. And on many levels. Almost every woman I talked with, no matter what the situation or circumstances, was suffering from questioning  something they did, or said, or thought. Many others were struggling with anxiety, self doubt, and fear over something they thought another woman had said.

It was a sad realization that even where we were, in the midst of an incredible Godly time, we were all doubting ourselves over something.

self doubt, anxiety, fear, mountains, Colorado, prayer, God, Jesus

Friday afternoon after a brief snowstorm from those clouds!

 Truth Revealed

It was so interesting to hear others voicing what, unfortunately, was also going on inside my head!

These women were leaders in the organization, some were leaders in the church, wives, widows, divorced women young and old, even 20 something fresh young girls without a care in the world.  We were each living out a different set of circumstances, but each one of us was suffering wondering if we did or said something that hurt someone else.

Why? Why do we all struggle with anxiety, self doubt, and fear? Personally, I think it comes from simply living life. The world beats us up time and time again. All of us.

I love Ann Voskamp’s comment in her blog, A Holy Experience, on September 30, 2013,  “It’s either take captive every thought or be taken captive. When you realize life is war, you make prayer a shield, and Christ your general, and the victory is found in grace.”

Self doubt, anxiety, fear, God, Jesus, Colorado, mountain


Faith, prayer, and grace. These carry me though each and every day. Faith, prayer, and God’s Grace.

Do you know that FAITH is the opposite of fear?

What do you rely on to carry you beyond anxiety, self doubts, and fear to forge ahead?

Please share your thoughts and any tips you have.  Sharing is healing for you and for other readers!















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