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Happy Resurrection Day! He’s Alive!

Happy Resurrection Day!

It’s Resurrection Day! He’s Alive!

He’s Alive and we’re forgiven! Heaven’s gates are open wide!

Oh goodness it’s a Glorious Morning!

And How are you feeling this morning? Happy? Excited? Looking forward to a wonderful day with family?

Are you going to church? Did you go to Sunrise service? Or this it just another day for you?

I hope most of you reading this are going, or have already gone to church.

Because Resurrection Sunday is . . . well . . . special!


They say reflection is good. Going over what we’ve just gone through can teach us and help us to do things differently. Therefore, let’s look back 3 days to Good Friday.

Does anyone else wonder why on earth they ever called last Friday, Good Friday?

Good Friday’s not good. It is the worst day humanity has ever experienced.

And this one was especially hard on me because . . .

Good Friday, Easter, Jesus, Resurrection, He's Alive, sin

MY sin nailed Jesus to that tree. He was looking forward and saw me. His love for me kept him on that cross.

The worst day . . .

Good Friday, Jesus, death, resurrection, God, love

“It Is Finished”

Did you ever stop to think about what Jesus’ followers had to be experiencing yesterday? Saturday.

They were hiding. They were bewildered. They were utterly devastated.




Friday, the day before, was the worst day ever, and then, first thing this morning Mary and the others went and found Jesus’ body was gone!

Friday, the Worst Day EVER and 3 Days Later


And . . .

The Stone was rolled away!

resurrection, Easter, Jesus, empty tomb, the stone was rolled awaypicture of Jesus' empty tomb

The Empty Tomb –  Photo Credit – Kevin Carden


He’s ALIVE!  ( And if you’ve never heard this song, I encourage you to click this link and listen! It’s wonderful!)

He’s ALIVE and I’m forgiven!

There are no words to describe that kind of love!

But when I think about it, it’s as though my heart could burst!

Are you ready?

Ready to experience that kind of love?

If you haven’t, simply invite Him into your heart today!

If you have, I hope you will meditate on this today. Step refreshed and renewed into His presence!

You are LOVED!

Let’s talk again soon!

Happy Resurrection Day my friends!

Be Blessed!


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Good Friday, Jesus, death and resurrection, God, love

Good Friday Truth

Requested Redo

It’s Good Friday and a friend request this post again. I don’t ordinarily like to recycle a post, but as I read back through this one I decided there is nothing I want to change. It still speaks my heart on Good Friday.

Good Friday

Good Friday

It was my sin

Good Friday Hurts





A sadness that is gut wrenchingly deep

There is no blue in the sky

No birds sing

Only a cold wind blows

Tears from Heaven fall in thunderous torrents

Pain that wrings all emotions out of the heart


A beard torn from his face

A crown of thorns and

A purple robe

Three nails

One hammer



Death comes as slowly

“Father forgive them for they know no what they do”

“It is finished”

Good Friday, Jesus, death and resurrection, God, love

Good Friday is not the End! It is the Beginning!


Good Friday has never been “good” in my mind.

It is too hurtful to remember that the Lord hung on a cross because He loved me enough to die for me over 2000 years ago.

How incredible is that?

We love because He first loved us! (John 4:19)

What a statement!

Have you taken the time to remember today?

Have you spent any time thinking about the fact that Jesus came to earth with one purpose.

One goal.

To die.

So we might live.

And live more abundantly. (John 10:10)

I hope you take time to consider this today.

If this post touched you, please tell me in the comments section.

If it doesn’t . . . that’s between you and God.


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God Morning Good Friday

God Morning!

No, that isn’t a typo. That’s my morning greeting with my friend Lark.  And this morning it really fits!

God Morning Good Friday!

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Sun Rise Good Friday Out My Front Door

Good Friday started Monday

The Blood Moon on Passover started the week with intense emotion for me. Then I bared my soul with my confessions of fears and vulnerability, and now, it’s Good Friday and I just want to stop my life and spend the day in prayer and meditation.

Today is the day our Lord Jesus carried his own cross down the Via Dolorosa to die for me.  For ME.  I swung the hammer and drove the nails into His hands and feet.

Via Dolorosa

I find it interesting that the Via Dolorosa  in Latin means “Way of Grief”, “Way of Sorrows”, “Way of Suffering” or simply “Painful Way.” It is thought to be the very street within the Old City of Jerusalem that Jesus traveled on his way to be crucified.  Very appropriate name.

I hope you will be mindful of what Jesus did for us today, over 2000 years ago. Today, he suffered ridicule and shame, beating, and a torturous death for us. For you, and for me.


Jesus told his disciples at their “Last Supper” last night that “Greater love hath no man than to lay down one’s life for a friend.” (John 15:13) And then he did it. For you and for me. He loved us enough to die for us.

I know this is unconventional, and breaking every blogging rule in the book, but I would like to pray right here, right now.

Father God, I come before you and pray for the eyes reading these words.  Lord, please bless this person, their family and friends. Lord, I ask for a fresh awareness of you in their life right now!  Right this very moment Lord.  Stir in them a love for you like they’ve never experienced before.  Lord, bring Jesus and His life, death, and love for us into their consciousness and heart as never before.  Sweet Jesus, thank you for suffering and dieing for me. Me, with all my sins and faults. Thank you. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

Go with God.


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