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Are You In Need Of A Miracle?

A Miracle? Today? You bet!

I’m in need of them every day.

Who among us hasn’t asked for a miracle?

Have you?

Have you prayed for a miracle? Cried out to a known . . . or even an unknown God for one? Have you resorted to calling a physic? Totaled your numbers in numerology?

If you’re brave enough, I hope you’ll tell me about it in the comments section after reading this post.

All of these are us searching for help from outside ourselves. Something bigger than we are.

And this is Miracle Series Post #7

If you are new to this blog I would encourage you to follow these links and start at Miracle Series Post #1. Then read the others so this post will make better sense.  Here are links to the previous posts:

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Picking Up Where We Left Off

My last post brought you to March. We lost Rob, and my friend, Vicki, soon after. My misery paled in comparison to the gut wrenching heartache of people I now cared very deeply for. I started coming out of my emotional fog by praying for these two families.

It was about this time my daughter, Mika, gave me my, “comeuppance” .  She, not too delicately, told me my recent blog posts were a cop-out and I needed to be open and honest with what was going on in my life. She was right. I apologized in the post  Responsibility, I Let You Down.

In writing that post, I figured out why I had found every excuse in the world to not write anything. Looking at the truth was just too hard.

But after my miracle daughter re-opened my eyes, I started looking for God in the tiniest detail of every day. And I Found Him!

I found Him here, in the sunrise from my front door on a particularly difficult morning

miracles, miracles, God, God's love, family, love

The Miracle Sunrise

And here, in the miracle of my amazing, loving family.

miracles, love, God, family, horses

My Miracle family at the first barrel race of the season – Moab in April 2014

Hidden in that photo, under Mika’s blue sweat shirt, is the miracle of my precious grand daughter. The tiny creature who kept me clinging to my sanity as I sloshed my way through this move and transition to a new life, in a new place, a new job, as I struggled to find new friends . . .

And the old me.

The me that was confident, strong, a fighter, a survivor, happy, and content.

The only photo I had of my inspiration looked like a peanut. So our tiny baby was Grandma’s “Peanut” for months. And I clung to the love of that child, my daughter, and son-in-love as I climbed out of my dark night of the soul. And no, love was not a miss-spelled word.

miracles, love, family, God, Jesus

My Little Peanut

Together they carried me through.

No, that’s not totally right.

Their love, grounded in my love and trust in God, and His son, Jesus, carried me through.

And “Peanut” was my lifeline.

She kept everything in perspective.

And the funny thing is, we all new she was a she, long before we “knew” she was a she.


It’s All In How You Look At It

Life presents us with choices. So many choices.

We always have a choice to look at things from the positive, or from the negative.

We have the choice to do what’s right, or what’s wrong.

We have the choice to look up and see the rainbow  –

miracles, God, love, life lessons

Miracles of a Double Rainbow!

Or keep our head down and miss beauty all around us.

Spring had officially arrived and just like the grass, the trees, the flowers, and my new grand baby, I made the choice to come back to life.

Are You In Need Of A Miracle Today?

Have you ever suffered through a difficult time?

If so, I hope you will share your thoughts and how you coped in the “Comments section” below.  Your story may be just what someone reading this needs to hear.

And if you would like prayer, you can always contact  me personally through the website email.

Thank you faithful readers for letting me know you really ARE reading this series.  I was starting to worry that only the few brave souls leaving comments were!  I finally received some amazing phone calls and messages about the series this week. So I will keep writing.  So if you are enjoying these posts, but haven’t left me a comment, PLEASE DO!  That’s the only way I know you’re enjoying what I write.

And if you are enjoying the posts, others would as well. Please spread the word by copying this link and sharing it via email and facebook iwht your family and friends: www.kristiross.com

Thank you all and God Bless!

Be sure an check back soon for our next Miracles Post, or simply subscribe so you’ll receive notifications when I post.  I wish I could keep up the every day schedule, but the new grand baby, and just plain life get in the way some days!

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What Communication Secrets Could Be?

Communication Secrets

Those of you that know me, or follow me on Facebook, know last week, I was VERY nervous about attending the SCORRE Conference and learning more about public speaking and communication secrets.

If you happened to hear me talk about it at church, you realize I was honestly terrified about going. But God had opened the door, and I learned many years ago that when He says “Go”, you better do it!

Normally, public speaking is as natural as breathing for me. And learning communication secrets  is a deep, burning desire. But this situation was completely different. I felt like I was running into a rock wall, about to smash my head, and was terrified!

communication secrets, fear, confusion, communication, God, prayer, confidence

Sheer Terror!

There were many reasons I was worried:

  1. I was going to speak in front of professionals. People that make their living speaking and writing.
  2. The trainers are very successful doing what I dream about.
  3. These people are published authors and know their stuff.
  4. I respect their knowledge, talents, and skill as communicators. I worried about saying something silly and making a total fool of myself.

Therefore, even with all my abilities, this is how I felt:

Communication secrets, communication, prayer, God, impossible, possible, joy, confidence

Pepper carrying a giant stick

That’s my Blue Heeler, Pepper, the blind one.  The stick in her mouth is longer than she is. That is how I felt as I stepped into my car for the drive to this conference.

The only difference was Pepper was confident carrying that stick around. I felt like the stick was choking me!

Finally, I said this prayer, “Father, if this is not of you, please let it be that something stops me from going. Protect me and keep me safe, but stop me from getting out of town.”

Because if this was something “I” wanted, I no longer wanted it! If it was not HIS will for me, I was running away from it as fast, and as far as I could!

Well, no car break-downs came, no animal emergencies, the weather turned bad, but certainly not bad enough to stop me. Then, at that last minute, I found out I would not be able to use Pepper as a “prop” in my first speech. As I was getting ready to drive out of town I had to decide if I was going to take her, or leave her. Still not enough to stop me, only enough to fluster me just a bit more!

I took her. She was great therapy. Nothing like petting a pet to sooth the nerves.

The moment I arrived at the hotel we hit the ground running! None of that, settle in your room and we’ll start tomorrow. No, it was, “Hurry up and eat your dinner because we have work to do folks!”

So, are you interested? Would you like to see incredible photos and hear what we learned about communication secrets?

What do ya think??

I will share if you want me to.  Fair enough?

Please, if you are interested in learning about communication secrets let me know in the comments section below!

If there are no comments I won’t bore you with the secrets of communication or any other details of my trip.

Thanks all!  Sure hope I hear from you, cause Ooooo I wanna share!












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How To Have A Double Rainbow Day

How About A Double Rainbow Day for you!

Have you ever wished for a double rainbow day?

I don’t know about you but it was a tough day at the ranch today! It seems like just when you think things are getting better suddenly there is more bad news. That was my day.  I was blue and wishing for something to brighten my mood. I decided to share these beautiful photo of a sundog, and a double rainbow as a pick me up.  Hopefully it will do the same for you!

Feeling a bit envious

A couple weeks ago a friend of mine posted a photo of a double rainbow on Facebook. It was beautiful. Secretly I envied him for being able to photograph such a wonderful gift and wished I could see one, too. I re-posted his photo on my Facebook author page and wished my followers a double rainbow kind of week.

Sun Dog

Yesterday, we had a nice shower and as I drove in my driveway there was a beautiful Sun Dog over a meadow of freshly baled hay on the river bottom. I drove out into the pasture and took a photo with my trusty cell phone. It’s light but you can see the Sun Dog in between the mountains angling off to the left.

Rainbow, ranch, hay, round bales, cattle, horses

Sun Dog over our river bottom pasture

A Sun  Dog is  a little piece of a rainbow.

Amazing Surprise!

After enjoying the beauty of the scene I drove back to the barn to do my chores. I finished feeding and stepped outside the barn to a spectacular sight.

There was a gorgeous double rainbow right outside my barn!

It was breath-taking. I felt honored to have such a beautiful fulfillment of my wish!

I was deeply touched by the beauty and checked out the meaning of a double rainbow. It was interesting to learn I am not the only person that feels the sight is spiritual and extremely lucky!

Double rainbow, rain storm, clouds, horses, cattle, river, meadows, hay, cowboys, cowgirls, ranchers

Wishing you a Double Rainbow Day!

The lower rainbow was so bright and vibrant that I didn’t notice the second rainbow until I brought it up on the computer.

My Wish For You

So, here is my wish for you – I wish you a Double Rainbow Day! A gift to you, my wonderful readers!

I hope you enjoy this beautiful photo!

Take care and God Bless!



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What do you have the Courage to Change in your life?

courage, Change, Kristi Ross

How much courage do you believe you have?

Do you have the courage to change?

Life is full of choices. The little things that make our lives so much richer, like a ride at sunset, are easy to do. But they are also easy not to do. It’s easy to take a quick walk for our health. Just as easy not to. Easy to shut off the TV and read a few pages of a good book. Easy not to. We face choices every day. Are you going to choose to do the little things that move you ever so slightly forward into a new and better you?  Or not?  What do you have the courage to change in your life?

Can we gather our courage and “Just Do It”?

Five years ago I was stuck in a rut and didn’t know if I would ever escape it. Gathering up my courage, and putting my faith in God, and I started doing one small new thing each day. Working my way up a little at a time. Now, five years later – my new resume includes a recent college graduate, a website, a real blog, several books in the works, one well on the road to be publication, and my own business. My life is being transformed. All because I prayed, asked God for courage,  started making small changes in my life, and reached out for the courage to change my life!. One small change at a time and things started transforming.

Brain Damage

For those of you that don’t know me, that was a huge feat! Seventeen years ago I suffered a closed head injury. The doctors told me I would never be able to handle college and would be partially paralyzed the rest of my life. The physical diagnosis was simply not acceptable and I fought my way back from dragging a leg and not being able to use my left hand correctly. But I accepted the brain-damage diagnosis toward my education. For fifteen years my brain sat in neutral.  Five years ago I decided enough was enough. I was going to gather up my courage to change and my life was going to be different!  And with God’s help, it is!

My previous education had focused around equine science.  When I  decided to try college again I had to do it online and they had no horse related classes.  A new major was my first obstacle.  What did I want to be when I grew up!  Working for the County I decided on Organizational Management.  I took a writing class (funny isn’t it!) to see how I would handle it.  I passed! With an A!

Now I am a college graduate!  And I graduated with Honors!

Photo Credit: David Castillo Dominici

Photo Credit: David Castillo Dominici

It took a great deal of courage to change and to make those tough choices, but it has all been worth it!

Do YOU have the Courage?

Do you have anything you want to change?  Have you ever been faced with needing the courage to make tough choices?  How did that turn out? Do you or someone you know have a dream you have given up on?


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