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What Does God’s Love Really Feel Like?

God, God's love, family, love

God’s Glorious Crown

No Greater Love

My daughter did it again. She called me out on not going deeper.

She’s right.

I wrote a nice little surface post about 7 simple love steps but didn’t put my heart and soul into it.

Love is an emotion that lifts us up, carries us, and breaks us down.

No other emotion effects us more. It deserves deeper thought and consideration. But there are so many facets we will have to break it into bite sized pieces for reflection.

God’s Love

Let’s start on the love that started this very blog.

The Love of God.

Oh boy, how do we put that one into words?

There is a children’s song that says, “God’s love is higher than the highest mountain, deeper than the sea.”

Having lived a life alone with God for many years I can tell you from walking in it, that little song doesn’t begin to explain how incredible God’s love for us is!

Let’s see if this opens some heart’s doors. . .

Are any of you parents?

That was a trick question, I know you are.

Stop for a minute and think about your children. Let that love swell up in your chest. Till it hurts. Think about how proud of them you are. Even when they’re not at their best we love them so much we wouldn’t think twice about diving in front of a moving vehicle, or even taking a bullet to save them, would we?

We would die to save our children.  Wouldn’t we?

They are the most important thing in our life.


Of course they are.

What makes you think God loves you any less than that?

I grew up in a church that had me scared of God.

If I didn’t do everything right I would have to deal with God’s wrath. I would make Him mad and He would punish me.

Well, trust me, I’ve done things, still do things that hurt Him. But He still loves me enough to die for me!

I hurt Him when I do something stupid, but He never stops loving me!

One of my favorite parts in ANY movie,  is in the Passion of the Christ when Jesus is on the cross, dieing, and the camera zooms away to Heaven and one giant tear falls from Heaven to earth and causes the earthquake.

That is how much God and Jesus love us.

Feel God’s Love

Pause with me a minute. Close your eyes again and breath in that kind of love. Open you heart to the pure, sweet, incredible love of God. The love He wants to fill you up with. Fill you up to overflowing and it spills out on others so they can experience it.

Love that you feel in your heart, your mind, your throat, all the way to your finger tips, and the hair stands up on the back of your neck.  Float in a sea of love washing over you in wave after wave of pure peace and joy.

Open you mind and your heart to it. Love far deeper than we have for our own children. Love more profound than our human minds can rationalize. Love that makes your heart feel like it will explode!

That’s only the tip of the iceberg of how much God loves us!

God is our FATHER!

Not our condemner!

He is the lover of our soul!

No matter what we’ve done. He Loves Us. Purely and completely.

Close your eyes again and breath in that kind of forgiving, caring, nurturing love.

See God’s Love

Look around you and see God’s creation today. Every beautiful thing, every amazing creature, is a testimony to God’s love for us.

His love carries us through hell on earth and prepares us for a family dinner at HIS table.

Do you think He has mashed potatoes?  I hope so!  🙂


I am extremely curious to hear what thoughts and emotions this post created in you.  Would you share with me in the comments section please?  I need the feedback!  Did this post touch you?  Or am I just a talking bobble-head???

Thanks so much for being here! God Bless you!


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How Mother’s Day Brings Joy and Tears To Many Of Us

Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day means different things to each one of us. In all honesty it means different things to me. It brings my incredible joy, but makes me cry, sometimes at the same time.

I lost my Mom almost 25 years ago. I was 29. She was my rock. Without her I had no direction, nothing solid behind my back, no wind beneath my wings. I lost my best friend and most avid supporter.

Mother's Day, Mom, family, love, happiness, joy, together

Mom and Mika on the beach in Mexico. Our last trip with Mom

One of my most cherished memories was going to see her and jumping up and sitting on her dryer in the kitchen. We visited while she cooked, cleaned, or just puttered. We talked about everything in the world with me sitting on that dryer.

Flowers For Mom

She loved flowers. She had them all over her kitchen and a huge flower/garden spot out behind the house that fed us when I was a kid. As us kids left the home the garden grew smaller and the variety of flowers grew much larger. She shared her love of flowers with me. If she would have only shared her green thumb so I could keep them alive and blooming!

Missing Mom

Mother’s Day makes me melancholy for Mom. I miss her terribly. I still buy her Mother’s Day cards and put them in zip-lock bags and pin them with her flowers to the grave. It’s killing me to not be close enough to do that this year. I know I’m not the only one that can’t take my flowers to my mother’s grave. My heart goes out to each and every one of you experiencing the same thing.

Mother's Day, love, flower, blossom, family, kindness, joy, happiness

A Flower For Mom

Mother’s Day Joy

But Mother’s Day also brings me incredible joy! When I think of my daughter, Mika, and now my coming grand daughter.  I know Mom is looking down on us and is thrilled!

The joys of a mother’s heart are sung in the words of her children and grand children.

The other day Mika and I were talking about how her life will change after the baby arrives. She was unsure about so many things. My only real words to her were to not worry, mother-nature takes over and we all do fine. I added that she won’t remember what her life was like before the baby. This confused her. I tried to put into words what happens when you hold that baby in your arms for the first time. But I can not articulate the depth of emotion it creates.

Afterward, I thought more about my comment. I remember my life before my daughter, but it took on a new purpose, balance, and love after she was born. It as thought she filled all the empty spots I didn’t even realize were empty.

Do you agree with me? Can you put that love into words? Please share in the comments section if you can. Not just for me, but for all mothers, daughters, dads, and sons out there.

How Important Family Photos Are

As I wrote this and was looking for pictures of my Mom I realized what is missing in my new house. Why I don’t feel comfortable here. Suddenly I realized I have no photos out. They’re all packed. I have no photos of my Mom, Dad, Mika, family. No one. Since I don’t know how long I will be living here I didn’t unpack much. Most of my things are in storage. But after writing this I’m headed to find my photos and get my family around me again!

We need that love around us! It’s our protection from the daily buffeting we take from the world. That love is our harbor of protection.

Photos may not be our loved one in the flesh, but they smile that person’s love back into our lives.

Is Your Mom in Heaven?

I wish each one of you a Happy Mother’s Day. I hope each of you can feel love and be loved this Mother’s Day. It’s a special day to reflect on love, life, new birth, and even death.

There is a special place in my heart for each of you with a Mom in Heaven. We experience love on a different level.  I’m wrapping you in my arms and hugging you right now! I know our Moms look down on us from above and still send us their love. I can feel it! Can you?

Parting Blessings

May God Bless and keep each of you!

Happy Mother’s Day!
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What Jesus and Easter Offer Us In Today’s World


Jesus, God, Easter, unconditional love, horse, cowboy, cowgirl, ranch, rodeo, horse show,

He’s Alive!

Jesus and Easter

Have you ever thought about what Jesus and Easter really offer us? Especially in today’s world? This question could take us years to cover. But I would like to share some very personal thoughts about it this morning.

This Holy Week has been especially touching for me. As you now know I have been a bit hyper-emotional recently. This week has been no different. I mentioned earlier, it started with the Blood Moon on Passover and then moved to Maundy Thursday and the Last Supper, then Good Friday.

42 Years Ago

The love and intense emotions I experienced this week actually started 42 years ago. I still remember sitting in the children’s choir and deciding I had to give my life to Jesus. I clambered in front of all the little kids in my row and went to the front of the church and accepted Jesus as my Savior.

That childlike faith of a little girl has grown over the years into a life foundation.


But the reason it is so vital, and allowed me such deep emotions this week is because 21 years ago, during a very dark time in my life, standing under a tree in my back yard I actually told God “If this is the best you can do for me, I don’t want you in my life!”

And I turned away from God.

Lock, stock, and barrel. Done.

The following 3 days were the darkest, emptiest, saddest, loneliest days of my life. I experienced No Hope on a level no words can really describe.

Having grown up in the church  I had never lived without the love of God.

But to consciously  make a choice to walk away from that faith and walk completely in “the world” opened my eyes to what people with no spiritual base experience on a daily basis.

That was the turning point in my life.

That old saying you have to get to the bottom before you can start to come back up was absolute for me.

No God.

No love.

No future.

No hope.


But then came the third day!

I was spiritually dead for 3 days.

But that third day God reached down and touched my heart. He brought me back to life. And set my feet on the path to today.

Without Him I am nothing. I can say that from experience. I was Nothing.

In reality I walked away from Him. I turned my back on God.

But, thankfully, He never left me.

So now, may I ask again, what does Jesus and Easter really offer us today?

It offers us life and love on a level that fills us to overflowing so it splashes out on those around us!

Love, indescribably, uncontainable love!

And Joy that is infectious!

What do Jesus and Easter offer us?

  • Life, full and eternal.
  • Peace, that passes all understand.
  • Happiness that no words can contain.

A Prayer For You

Wherever you go today, go with God my friends.

Father, in the name of Jesus, carry us today, to a higher place. A place in the cleft of your heart. That place of pure spiritual connection. Thank you for sending your Son to be our lamb.

In Jesus precious name I pray.



Here is a link to the song, “He’s Alive!” A favorite of mine!

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Ice breakers, moving, stress, new home, cowboys, cowgirls, Colorado mountains

What Ice Breakers Work?

What Ice Breakers Work?

Finally! I have internet and can talk to you again! This hiatus made me wonder what ice breakers work for a situation when you haven’t talked to someone you care about for far too long?

What ice breakers work when you have so much to share but only a little time to do it in.  As you can see, “Finally, I have internet” was my ice breaker.  But now that the ice is broken, I can’t blurt out the stuff I have to share all at once. So this post is really to prepare you for the next one.

Earning Your Trust Again

The reason I was wondering about ice breakers is because it honestly feels like I fell off the face of the earth and now I have to earn your trust all over again. So to do that I thought I would share a little bit of what has been happening in my world with you.  And trust me, the next post will take that to a whole new level!

Since this new job and move dropped in my lap I have been running as fast as I could and working harder than I ever have, but getting no where fast.  It felt like I was running in mud, dragging a 50 pound weight. Nothing was happening, and I was struggling. But I’m starting to feel the momentum changing, things are starting to settle down, and I’m feeling stronger.

Pay Back

I can finally see the light at the end of this endless transition!  Most of my stuff is now in Cortez and I’m getting comfortable in my new home and enjoying my new job. But the special payback for this transition is I have enjoyed several lunches with my daughter, and a wonderful dinner last night with my daughter and son-in-law.  What a blessing!

A Journey

This entire experience has been an amazing journey.  It is an incredible story about upheaval, change, and faith.  But that till have to wait till the next post. Trust me, I’m going to try some new, exciting things with the next one.  You don’t want to miss it!

In the mean time, I would like to share with you a few pictures of my new place.  If you would like more “insider info” & goodies, I hope you will click the subscribe button on the side or top menus and become a follower of the blog.  You get special features, more photos, contests and prizes, and more contact with yours truly!

Photo timeline:

This was my last photo taken at my barn in Hotchkiss.  Even after a month it still brings tears to my eyes.  Moving from my home was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done.  I left my home, my ranch, my barn, some of my favorite horses, my friends, and most of my family.  As I look at this photo it all seems surreal.

Ice breakers, Last night, barn, sunset, saddness, tears, horses, cattle, cowboys, cowgirls, moving

Last sunset over the barn at home

I took this one as I topped over Dallas Divide above Ridgway.  It had snowed the night before and the wind was blowing like crazy.  It was beautiful.

Ice breakers, Last night, barn, sunset, saddness, tears, horses, cattle, cowboys, cowgirls, moving, snow, Colorado mountains

Snow blowing during the move

When I arrived, I was crying.  So to try to pull myself together I walked to the top of my new, rented, pasture and marveled at the vast beauty.  It didn’t fill the hole of missing home, but it was  nice band-aid.

Ice breakers, Last night, barn, sunset, saddness, tears, horses, cattle, cowboys, cowgirls, moving, snow, Colorado mountains

View from my new horse pasture

And this is the first sunset off my new back porch.  It was breathtakingly beautiful.  The photo doesn’t come close to the real thing.  Again, it helped, but the hole of missing home was still there.

Ice breakers, Last night, barn, sunset, saddness, tears, horses, cattle, cowboys, cowgirls, moving, snow, Colorado mountains

First sunset at new place

So back to my original question, “What do you say when you haven’t talked for some time?”  I hope this was a good ice breaker and you will forgive me for being too long gone.  Now it’s on to the next post!  I can’t wait!


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Memorial to a Treasured Family Member

Memorial to Banana

We lost a treasured family member last week and she will be greatly missed.  She taught my family so many things but the most important one was life-long dedication to those we love.  She loved us, and saved my Dad’s life.  She deserves a memorial.

Even before Banana saved Dad she was a treasured family member.    I was telling Mika a day or two after she passed how when she came to us, she was a bit fractious, but once she bonded with us, “she would walked through fire for us and killed a mountain lion on the way.”

She had the biggest, kindest eye and when she saw you coming she would meet you at the gate and follow you wherever you went.  She couldn’t say a word but you knew she loved you.  The look in her eye, the tilt of her head, the way she worked her ears to hear your every word, the way she would walk up to you and wrap herself around you.   You knew she loved you.

She came to my family as a show horse, but became a member of the family by lucky default and I will be forever thankful.    She was incredible.  One of those once in a lifetime horses that changes every one fortunate enough to have known her.

Her outstanding athletic ability showed every time we did something with her.  Her back that was too long for a great athlete, but she didn’t know that.  When she was young she was incredibly physical.  She could stop like crazy, spin till she made you dizzy, and she was beautiful and such a great mover you couldn’t help but watch her.


memorial, love, family member, horse, Quarter Horses, riding, cowboys, cowgirls, Colorado, mountains, Las Vegas

Banana in one of her normal stops in Las Vegas at the Silver Dollar QH Show many years ago


She had amazing intelligence and could out smart any cow.  But her most endearing feature was the love that emanated from her.  You knew “Nana-Ba” loved you and she knew you loved her.  There was never a question.  It was just felt.

She was one horse you could always trust.  She went down the horse-show road with my ex-husband and I and had tremendous success.  After the divorce she stayed with Mika and me and was retired to the pasture.  But she was the horse you pulled out when you needed one you could count on.

When Mika outgrew her first barrel horse, I had Banana ready to take Mika to the next level in competition and Nana loved it!  But a couple weeks before they were able to go to their first barrel race stray dogs ran Banana through a fence.  Even after the wounds were healed she was still slightly lame so she was re-retired to the pasture.

A few years later when Mika hit high school she wanted to learn how to cut so Nana came back in from the pasture and taught Mika the basics.


memorial, family member, love, cattle, cowgirl, cowboy, cutting horse, Colorado, mountains, high school rodeo, family member

Nana teaching Mika how to cut


Soon her old soreness showed up again so back to the pasture she went and this time  she raised us an adorable little filly, Reva.  Who is now Hardy’s number one mount and also “eats cattle”.


Memorial, family member, love, Colorado, mountains, Dad, Mika, foal, colt, filly, best friend, great horse, Banana, treasure,  kindness,

Banana, baby Reva, Mika, and my Dad


Notice her eyes?  She never missed anything and would look right at you like she understood every word you said to her. It was as though she looked right into your soul.  And the love and caring she showed to every person involved with her taught us all so much.  Her dedication to us was incredible.  She would put herself between you and a dangerous cow, or a fractious colt.  She used her own body as a shield to protect you from any danger.

I mentioned earlier she saved my Dad’s life.  She did.  When Dad was getting up there in years he still thought he should take the colts to the mountain.  The last time he did he had yearlings and was going to ride Banana and lead the colts up the mountain.  He had saddled Nana at home and when he got to the mountain, at 75 or 80 years old he forgot to tighten his cinch before getting on.  He stepped on, tied a colt off hard and fast to the saddle horn, and started up the dirt road to the top of our summer mountain ground.  Not far up the trail the colt decided it didn’t want to lead and pulled back.  The loose cinch allowed the saddle to slip and in a flash turn completely under Banana’s belly with Dad hung up in the stirrup.  My Step Mom watched in horror as Banana spread all four legs out and straddled Dad.  Kay said she stood rock solid against the thrashing, fighting, frightened colt and protected Dad as he extracted himself from the stirrups, dropped to the ground, and finally crawled out from under her without a scratch.

We had always loved her but from that day on she was treasured for the unique individual she was.  She was amazing.  Not only did she protect Dad, but she protected the other horses in the field with her as well.  She was the official coyote chaser.  Any coyote that came in the pasture learned very quickly they were not welcome and would not be tolerated.  I never saw her kill one, but they certainly didn’t hang around long when she took out after them with her head low to the ground, ears pinned back tight, nostrils flared, eyes squinted, and running straight at them.

Just thinking about her makes me smile and sigh an incredibly peaceful sigh.  She had so much wisdom and talent but was so gentle and kind.

As she grew older she didn’t handle the cold well.  So a couple of years ago we let her go to Hardy and Mika’s little nephew, Kelby, and live in a warm canyon south of Cortez.


memorial, family member, love,horse, cowboy, cowgirl, Colorado, mountains, Mesa Verde, Indian

Nana and Kelby


I traveled down the canyon to be with Hardy’s family last Christmas.   I stepped out of the truck and hollered, “Nana-Ba,” and she threw up her head, eyes bright and eager, and ears turned right to me, as she loudly nickered her greeting!  If anyone ever tells you animals don’t have emotion, don’t believe them.  She was as thrilled to see me as I was to see her.  That life long love was still as strong as ever.

I’m glad she had a little boy who loved her the last months she was here on earth, but I certainly missed seeing her sweetness everyday.  And now my heart will never be whole again.  She took a little piece of it with her in her passing.  Those of us fortunate enough to have known her, loved her, and she loved us in return, deeply.

I hope I have learned your greatest lesson and gift, Nana.  To love, and remember, to the very end.

Good bye Nana.  You are still loved, and greatly missed by many.

Go with God and I’ll see you on the other side!

Do you have, or did you have an animal that touched your life?   If so, I encourage you to give them their memorial in the Comments section below.


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stress management, dog, cattle, horses, cow dog, cowboy, cowgirl, Colorado, ranch

Stress Management Secrets

Meddling in mud made us mindful of stress management.

If you haven’t read the first in this series I recommend you click here to read it so you know “the rest of the story” of what’s going on in this post.

Here on the ranch we had our most important culvert on the place with a beaver dam in it. When beaver build a dam in a culvert they completely STOP the flow of water.  Thus the term “dam”.  Or as we prefer “Damn”!

No Water

Water for the West half of our property comes through that culvert. So we had to remove the beaver dam.  You have to give the little rodents credit, they built a serious dam that humans, with thumbs, could not figure out how to remove.

Us humans, with thumbs, in our rambunctious attempts to find and destroy said dam ended up breaking the original culvert into pieces trying to remove the damn dam.  (Sorry sensitive readers!)

All of us working on getting rid of the beaver dam were trying to stay light hearted and not get angry.  But with each failed attempt to remedy the situation all of us grew more and more stressed.

How the Day Progressed

The day had started with just Joe and I working to open up the culvert.

Stress management, cattle, horses, dogs, Colorado, mountains, backhoe, mud, beaver, beaver dam, anger, stress, kindness, worry, injury, finance

Joe in his backhoe

Then my nephew, Mike, and his fun dog, Wally came to help.

Stress management, cattle, horses, dogs, Colorado, mountains, backhoe, mud, beaver, beaver dam, anger, stress, kindness, worry, injury, finance

Mike and his dog Wally with Joe

Stress management, peace, cattle, horses, dogs, Colorado, mountains, backhoe, mud, beaver, beaver dam, anger, stress, kindness, worry, injury, finance


stress management, Colorado, horses, cattle, cows, dogs, happiness, ranching, cowboys, cowgirls, beaver dam, mountain

Where did your ears go Wally?











stress management, dog, cattle, horses, cow dog, cowboy, cowgirl, Colorado, ranch

Oh, there they are!




















Around noon, my Brother-In-Law, Clint, and niece, Lisa, came to help as well.  Clint had a load of cattle to haul so he checked out our progress, announced he didn’t approve of what we were doing,  and headed off.  Adding just a bit more stress!

Stress management, peace, cattle, horses, dogs, Colorado, mountains, backhoe, mud, beaver, beaver dam, anger, stress, kindness, worry, injury, finance

Clint and Mike surveying work on the culvert

Isn’t the photo below a great picture of my niece and nephew? Sure love ’em!  I took this photo while we were waiting on Clint to get back from hauling the cattle so we could go get some lunch.

We were hungry!

Mike & Lisa - Great Picture










While we waited on Clint  the new culverts arrived.  As soon as the trailer with the culverts pulled up, cattle began meandering in from all over the pastures to complete their own quality inspection of trailer and culverts.

Stress management, peace, cattle, horses, dogs, Colorado, mountains, backhoe, mud, beaver, beaver dam, anger, stress, kindness, worry, injury, finance

Cattle arriving to inspect the new culverts













After lunch Mike gathered a rope and a chain to wrap around the culvert and guide its movement.

Mike with the rope and chain












It was a bit tricky but with the trusty rope Mike guided it into it’s new home.

Stress management, peace, cattle, horses, dogs, Colorado, mountains, backhoe, mud, beaver, beaver dam, anger, stress, kindness, worry, injury, finance

Down She Goes!














And Voila’! New culvert is finally in!

Pipe in the ditch & Mike's foot












Of course I have to get down in the ditch to check it all out and take a picture!

Stress management, peace, cattle, horses, dogs, Colorado, mountains, backhoe, mud, beaver, beaver dam, anger, stress, kindness, worry, injury, finance

Inspection time

And while I was inspecting the work Lisa became the photographer and goes shutter happy!

Stress management, peace, cattle, horses, dogs, Colorado, mountains, backhoe, mud, beaver, beaver dam, anger, stress, kindness, worry, injury, finance

All’s well so I can come out and dirt can go in.


Stress management, peace, cattle, horses, dogs, Colorado, mountains, backhoe, mud, beaver, beaver dam, anger, stress, kindness, worry, injury, finance

Woops! Almost took a nose dive into the ditch!

Woo, thank Heavens, safe!

Stress management, peace, cattle, horses, dogs, Colorado, mountains, backhoe, mud, beaver, beaver dam, anger, stress, kindness, worry, injury, finance

All good!

While recording my grace, Lisa notice how fun the shadows were becoming.

And so the shadow games began:

Stress management, peace, cattle, horses, dogs, Colorado, mountains, backhoe, mud, beaver, beaver dam, anger, stress, kindness, worry, injury, finance

Lisa and I find our shadows

And now shadow pointing:

Stress management, peace, cattle, horses, dogs, Colorado, mountains, backhoe, mud, beaver, beaver dam, anger, stress, kindness, worry, injury, finance

Shadows watching the culvert and taking photos

And the grand prize shadow for the day:

Stress management, peace, cattle, horses, dogs, Colorado, mountains, backhoe, mud, beaver, beaver dam, anger, stress, kindness, worry, injury, finance, shadow

The prize winner

As you can tell from the shadows it is getting late in the day.  We were all tired and grouchy, or silly.  Lisa and I were obviously doing our own fun form of stress management while the men were busily working.

Next Disaster

Then, just as I thought the day was winding down, I looked up and noticed a group of mares on the river had come to the fence to watch the commotion. But even from that distance I could see one of them was limping.

I keep a halter on the fence case of emergencies.  This was just such a situation.

Excusing myself from culvert duty I headed straight to the mares.

Stress management, peace, cattle, horses, dogs, Colorado, mountains, backhoe, mud, beaver, beaver dam, anger, stress, kindness, worry, injury, finance

Mares at the gate

Sure enough, one of our best mares had cut her pastern.  More stress.  She let me catch her and we headed back toward the barn. Me leading and her limping.

Since the road still had a major gash in it we had to go the long way around.

You will have to check back on Sunday for the next segment in this series to see how I handled leading a lame horse almost a mile through pastures,  over bridges, and past other horses to get her back to the barn and the wound cleaned and treated.

What do you for stress management?

Please share in the comments section below!


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Who Else Wants Less Anxiety, Self Doubt, and Fear?

Who Else Wants Less Anxiety, Self Doubt, and Fear?

Now that is an interesting question for this blog isn’t it? This is a motivational blog not a psychological one! So what in the world am I thinking starting the week with a post about Less Anxiety, Self Doubt, and Fear? It all has to do with my weekend.

My weekend was spent at Camp Cedaredge on Grand Mesa attending a spiritual retreat called, Tres Dias, or three days.

Here are a couple photos of the sunset the night before as I was getting gas in preparation to drive there the following day.  It was a breathtaking sunset!

anxiety, self doubt, fear, mountains, Colorado, prayer, God, Jesus, horses, cattle, cowboys, cowgirls, love, forgiveness

Sunset filling my car to go





















Setting the Stage

The sunset set the stage for what I already knew would be an amazing experience. And to simply say it was amazing would be a gross understatement!  The best way I can sum it up is to quote one of the spiritual leaders, “God showed up!”  And boy did He!

But in addition to an incredibly uplifting experience, the time together brought something quite unexpected and unsettling to the forefront. It revealed how many woman suffer with anxiety and fear stemming from self doubt. And on many levels. Almost every woman I talked with, no matter what the situation or circumstances, was suffering from questioning  something they did, or said, or thought. Many others were struggling with anxiety, self doubt, and fear over something they thought another woman had said.

It was a sad realization that even where we were, in the midst of an incredible Godly time, we were all doubting ourselves over something.

self doubt, anxiety, fear, mountains, Colorado, prayer, God, Jesus

Friday afternoon after a brief snowstorm from those clouds!

 Truth Revealed

It was so interesting to hear others voicing what, unfortunately, was also going on inside my head!

These women were leaders in the organization, some were leaders in the church, wives, widows, divorced women young and old, even 20 something fresh young girls without a care in the world.  We were each living out a different set of circumstances, but each one of us was suffering wondering if we did or said something that hurt someone else.

Why? Why do we all struggle with anxiety, self doubt, and fear? Personally, I think it comes from simply living life. The world beats us up time and time again. All of us.

I love Ann Voskamp’s comment in her blog, A Holy Experience, on September 30, 2013,  “It’s either take captive every thought or be taken captive. When you realize life is war, you make prayer a shield, and Christ your general, and the victory is found in grace.”

Self doubt, anxiety, fear, God, Jesus, Colorado, mountain


Faith, prayer, and grace. These carry me though each and every day. Faith, prayer, and God’s Grace.

Do you know that FAITH is the opposite of fear?

What do you rely on to carry you beyond anxiety, self doubts, and fear to forge ahead?

Please share your thoughts and any tips you have.  Sharing is healing for you and for other readers!















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What Do You Think Heaven Is Like?

What Do You Think Heaven Is Like?

Now that is an interesting question isn’t it?

Today we have many published books about people that have died and gone to Heaven. They tell us about going to a brilliant light. One of my favorites is “Heaven is For Real“. It is the true story of Colton Burpo, a little boy that died during an emergency surgery for a ruptured appendix.

He gives vivid details of how Jesus loves us in his wonderful description of Heaven, God, and Jesus. It is one of those, “Out of the mouths of babes” kind of stories.  His own family was blown away when he told about Jesus holding him on his lap while he was in surgery.

He describes what his mom and his dad were doing during the surgery, even though they were in different rooms far from the operating room. The dad was locked in the bathroom, mad at God for taking his son. It’s a great book. If you haven’t read it I highly recommend it! You will soon find it on My Book Table.

Today’s topic, What Do You Think Heaven is Like, comes from another day on the mountain.

cattle, horses, God, Jesus, love, happiness, joy, mountains, cattle drive, dude riders, picnic, Colorado, splendor


We had to give booster shots today to the soon-to-be-weaned, not-so-baby-anymore, calves. The vaccinations are similar to those you give a human baby. They keep the calves from getting the flu and several  strains of respiratory disease common among cattle.

cattle, horses, horse back riding, God, Jesus, Heaven,happiness, joy, mountains, cattle drive, dude riders, picnic


It was an incredibly beautiful day. The cattle worked easy and we finished vaccinating two big punches early in the afternoon.

Afterwards Mika, Hardy, and I took our horses to the creek to water them. When they were done drinking we turned them loose to graze for a bit and the three of us laid on the creek bank relaxing and enjoying the beauty of the day as we talked, laughed, and simply enjoyed being a family.

Here was my view laying on my back in the grass, beside the gentle little creek, looking up at the amazing sky. It was so warm and relaxing. Truly an epic moment!

cattle, horses, God, Jesus, love, happiness, joy, mountains, cattle drive, dude riders, picnic

My View Creek-side

I made the comment that I hoped this is what Heaven will be like.

I hope on any given day I can have my family with me, riding our horses wherever we want to, then be able to turn our horses loose to water and graze nearby as we lay down in the lush green grass beside the little bubbling creek, and just enjoy soaking up the sunshine.

Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

What do you hope Heaven is like?



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Colorado Back Porch Sunrise

What is Country Living in Colorado?

What is Country Living in Colorado?

My kitchen window looks out on gorgeous river bottom meadows with mountains as the backdrop. Country living in Western Colorado is awesome! It really is the good life! I am incredibly blessed.

 Just like this photo – sunrise off my back porch!  It is beautiful.

Colorado, sunrise, mountains, horses, ranch


Riding at sunset

I love to jump on a horse and ride through the fields. There is nothing like a ride as the sun is setting. The shadows are long and the warm yellow light filters through the branches like flickering golden glitter. You feel the warmth on your skin and smell the meadow. There is no sound except the quiet swush, swush, swush of the horse’s legs through the tall grass. It’s glorious!  The peacefulness washes away all the worries of the world and I find my true self.  No one to impress, no one to listen to, just quiet, peace.

Black Horse, Kristi Ross, country living, mountains

Little Kristi and her wonderful Black Horse

This is my first “big” horse. His name was Black Horse. I loved him and he loved me! The outside of a horse truly is good for the inside of a man (or a woman)!He carried me all over the country here in Colorado and dedicated his life to making mine better.

Living in the country here in Colorado allows that incredible luxury. We are so spoiled. But we often forget to appreciate what we have. No matter where you are today I hope you pause, look around you, reflex on your blessings, and enjoy where you are and what you have. No matter how great our how little, let us rejoice today.

I treasure my family, my home, my kitchen windows, my horses, my country living, and I thank  God for those blessings everyday.

What is special for you today? Do you have a great family? Or a lovely home?

What do you do for peaceful quiet time?


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