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FEAR – Why Are We Afraid?


I was afraid

Overcoming fear, Jesus, God, answered prayer

Have you ever suffered with fear?

Have you ever been paralyzed with fear? Unable to move, either physically or psychologically because of fear?

Do you know what FEAR is?

There are many analogies for what fear stands for. My favorite is:





But still,

I was afraid.

Afraid of allowing a stranger into my home.

Afraid of the unknown.

For many reasons.

But I was also afraid of no heat in a the dead of winter.

So I prayed about a roommate for two solid weeks. I prayed God would send the perfect, God chosen roommate.

And I waited.

I was in a situation I had no control over. I saw no way of being able to afford the house I was living in without a roommate.  But I was deeply afraid of what kind of person might show up at my doorstep wanting a place to live. Would they be a normal, honest person? Or would they be a crazy ax murderer?

So I kept praying.

And waiting

But as October wore on and the days grew shorter and nights longer and colder I finally decided I had to do it. I had to put my trust in the Lord and put the ad in the paper for a roommate.

I worked on the wording with the advertising lady from the paper for a week. When we both felt confident about the wording, I ran the ad.

The morning the paper came out I received a call from a woman with a Southern accent. She left a message telling me how she had just moved here from Tennessee and would like to talk to me about the room for rent.

But because of my fears I waited a couple days before calling her back. Finally, out of desperation, I called her.

She was excited to meet me and see the place.

I, on the other hand, was not excited about any of it.

But out of desperation I suggested we meet because if we didn’t like each other there was no reason for her looking at the house. But I was at work so it would have to be after 5.

She said she’d come to my work and could be there in 5 minutes. She really wanted to meet me.

She arrived in exactly 5 minutes.

Which annoyed me.

How could anyone be that prompt?!?

But there she was . . .
This adorable, impeccably dressed, gray haired, little lady with bright blue eyes, and a sweet smile.

Now I really didn’t like her.

And that sweet southern draaaawl. Yuck!

Wait . . . what was her name?


What? Joyce Ann?

I have a dear friend named Joyce Ann. And she is a wonderful woman.

Should I give her a second chance? Just because of her name?

No way!

I tried to be mildly nice and took her down to the front of the building so we could visit a minute.

She was all a buzz about going to look at the house.

She was not picking up on my negative vibes!

I asked if she thought she could afford the rent and utilities on a fixed income. She said she had calculated it and thought she would be fine with the costs.

In a few short minutes I grilled her about her family, her religion, her political views, her  . . . you get the picture.

And finally –

I begrudgingly started to tell her how to get to the house.

“You take Highway 491 North, like you are going to Dove Creek. Out there about 15 miles, in the middle of nowhere you’ll come to where the Highway to Dolores takes off at a gas station called Cox Corner.”

She interrupted me and bubbled in her drawl, “Ooooh myyy goooodness, I knooow exaaaactly where you’re taalkin’ about! God has been shoowin’ me thaat area on the map. That’s Highway 184 isn’t it?”

“Yes . . . why?” I asked with an icy edge.

“Thaaat’s whyyyy I caaame here! The Lord led me here. To you! To this house!”

I knew it!  “Crazy person” was screaming my head!

She excitedly added “I’ve prayed about this for mooonths and here it is!”

Her talk about prayer starting to break through my frigid exterior.

The more she talked about the Lord the more I paid attention and asked, “What? What are you talking about?”

She proceeded to tell me about how she had wanted to move to either Utah or Oregon where she had helped some friends move to. But the Lord kept laying the Dolores Highway, Highway 184, on her heart.

Guess what Highway I lived off of?

Yep, Highway 184! Turn North off 184 onto Road 22 and drive one mile to Road W.  Click right here to see it on Google Maps. 

Ok, she finally had my FULL attention.

She told me about her road map and how, before she left her home in Tennessee, she had put a red dot where she believed the Lord was leading her. And she estimated it was within a 2 mile range of my address.

She was a single, disabled woman that had put all her belongings in her car and headed West toward a red dot on a map because of prayer and prompting on her heart from God.

She had been in town a few days and had tried to find a place but nothing had worked out. She was out of money and was going to have to stay in her car that night if she didn’t find a place.

We stood right there in front of the Court House and prayed together before I sent her to go check out where I lived.

She met me there after work and she has been there, or nearby ever since.

She firmly believes I prayed her here.

I firmly believe the Lord works in Very Mysterious ways!

She moved in the end of October and we bought our first propane for the winter in November.

God’s timing is incredible!

But the story doesn’t end there.

This is really just the beginning.

Come back next week for more!

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miracles, Trusting God, Jesus, home

How Trusting God Can Transform Your Life

Learning About Trusting God

Trusting God can transform your life.

It often pushes you outside your comfort zone.

But it’s always worth it!

Trusting God is simply believing that He loves us, He really does care about us, He is genuinely good and kind, He has the power to help us, He wants to help us, and He really does help us everyday.

This is a story about just that.

The story of a woman trying hard to be a better person. Trying to keep a roof over her head and food on the table.

The story of a woman learning about trusting God and being rewarded by seeing Him in everyday miracles.

Where We’ve Come From

If you have read the previous Miracle Series posted here you know over the past four years I’ve struggled through a dramatic downturn in my business, loosing my contract with Delta County, and finally moving to Cortez. I moved for a job, but my “Little Peanut” kept me here while the Lord kicked me out of my comfort zone, grew me up, changed me, and showed me incredible love and care through it all. He has blessed me beyond imagination. And continues to bless me every day!

But it has been a process of learning every step of the way. But isn’t that how life is supposed to be?

miracles, love, family, God, Jesus

My Little Peanut

 A Quick Review

For those that have not read the previous Miracle Series posts  I want to do a quick review. (And I’ve included links at the bottom of this post in case you want to go read the previous Miracle Series posts)

The month before the last Presidential election my health products business crashed. Then Delta County didn’t renew my contract. To keep the wolf from the door I started a little office cleaning business. But old back injuries quickly let me know I wasn’t going to be doing that long.

I started praying for a new and better job.

A month later I was driving down a dusty gravel road outside Delta headed to one of my cleaning jobs when my cell phone rang. I pulled over and answered. It was the Director of Human Services for Montezuma County. We had never met, but he offered me a job right there on the spot.

They were in a bad situation because of Obamacare and needed an experienced Med person and troubleshooter.  We talked about me working 2 or 3 days a week for several months. I was going to Cortez the following week to house-sit for my daughter and son-in-law and would stop in and meet him while there.

As soon as he shook my hand I knew I liked the man. And by the end of what turned into an interview, he offered me a full time position.

But that would require shutting down a life that had taken me almost 30 years to build, uprooting, and moving. I wasn’t too keen on that idea because it meant leaving the bulk of my family, all my friends, and my home. And I loved my place:

miracles, Trusting God, Jesus

The view from my back porch looking over the entire place

miracles, trusting God, Jesus, family, moving

My River-bottom In Hotchkiss


Miracles, God, Jesus, horses, trusting God

Some of my mares at the “horse pasture” gate

miracles, God, Jesus, family, ranch, miracles, trusting God

Sun Dog over one of the pastures during haying

Add to that my daughter was furious that I was even considering taking the job. She didn’t want me commuting, or camping out at her house, and certainly not moving.

So I ramped up my prayers for guidance and clarity in the situation.

The following Sunday, as I drove to church I had yet another argument with Mika about the job. I had to give the Director my final answer the following morning. Through the entire service I prayed and begged God for direction. By the end of the service I had decided to not take the job. It just wasn’t worth the fights it was causing with my daughter.

After church I drove a few blocks to the gas station. As I put the car in park, my cell phone rang.

It was my daughter.

I debated if I should answer.

Finally I gave in and the conversation went something like this.

Me, “Hello”.

An agitated voice on the other end fired back, “Where have you been?

As calmly as possible, “At church.”

“Well we have to tell you something and now Hardy (my son-in-law) has to leave so we have to hurry.”

“Sorry, I didn’t know you needed me.”

“And don’t cry!”

I thought, great, now I’m going to yelled at by both of them and it’s so bad it’s going to make me cry.

With that, my son-in-law got on the phone and together they told me they were pregnant.

I didn’t cry.

All I could do was laugh!

God knew about the coming grandchild all along.  He knew it would kill me to not be close enough to see her often and to not have a bond with her.

And there was the answer that I had been diligently praying for.

Trusting God, the next morning I accepted the job.

Trust God And He Will Bless You

When I accepted the new job my second trial came moments later.

As I had driven home after my interview the week before, by accident I had looked at a rental property that would work perfectly for me if I accepted the job. I had walked the place with the owner’s aunt and uncle who were managing the property.  I told them I should know in a few days if I was coming. They called the owner and he said not to worry they would hold it for me.

After accepting the job I called the owner to confirm I wanted the property and see where to wire the money. He informed me he had hired a local realtor as his new property manager and the rent had Tripled! 

I tried to get him to honor his commitment but he would not.

And I could not afford the new amount he wanted. So there I was with a new job, but nowhere to live. Thanks alot God!

I had two weeks to find a rental property – with room for me, 4 horses, 2 cats, and 2 dogs, pack up 20 years of life,  move, get settled, and be ready to start a new job.

You would think that in this economy finding such a rental property would be fairly easy. But it is not!

I searched, Mika searched, Hardy searched, everyone I knew in Cortez searched. But no one found a rental that would work for me. I almost backed out on taking the job. But then I found a one room cabin 20 plus minutes out of town with a 10’x10′ corner of fenced in dirt. I wasn’t enough ground for my horses and the cats would have to stay at the barn in Hotchkiss for the time, but it would give me a place to sleep, shower, and keep my dogs while I looked for a different place.

But I was pretty frustrated with God. He got me in this mess! He knew I came as a “package” and needed a place with some land for all my animals. I believed He was a big God, capable of great things. But I couldn’t believe He would get me this job, in the same town as my daughter, son-in-law, and coming grandchild, and not provide a decent place for me, and my animals to live.

But never doubt God!

He was at work.

The cabin owner said she would email me wiring instructions for the rent the following morning. Instead the email I received asked if I would consider renting the main house and rest of the 30 acres where the cabin was located instead of the cabin.

As she and I were talking the night before, a neighbor had emailed her pictures of how bad the place looked. She and her husband were going to evict the current renter as soon as her husband could drive from N. Carolina. If I was interested, I could have that place instead.

That place consisted of 30 acres of lush horse pasture, a six stall horse barn, hay shed, and a beautiful custom home with a giant fenced yard.

I could not have built a more perfect place for myself!

To top it off, the property was for sale and the owners said they would consider taking my rentals in Delta as part of the purchase price.

YES! Oh definitely Yes!

Trusting God will provide can be challenging, but SO Worth It!

A New Place

I was apprehensive, but excited about the possibilities the Lord was laying out in front of me.

God was taking amazing care of me and my little menagerie of 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 4 horses!

But I had my work cut out of me! The weeds were over my head!

Trust God, Jesus, miracles, blessings

The rental house when I moved in

Trust God, miracles, blessings

One of Many weed piles I pulled!

But by spring, this is the jewel God had dropped into my lap!

trusting God, Jesus, rental house

The custom rental house God blessed me with!


trust God, miracles

View From My Rental Property come spring

More Chances for Trusting God

Soon after I moved in, the owners decided they couldn’t afford to take my rentals. I would have to sell them to be able to afford the place.

But the economy in Delta County was already in the toilet, and tumbling towards the sewer. The hope of selling my properties was slip-sliding down the drain with it.

With each showing of my dream property my anxiety increased. I wondered if today was the day I would be told “it’s sold and you have to find another place.”

But not just a place for me, but also my little herd of animals and pets.

From the time I figured out I wouldn’t be able to buy the place, I had been praying, and casually looking for a different one. Preferably one that was not for sale. But the rental properties that allowed horses were so expensive there was no way I could afford them. I needed yet another miracle.

Back Track For A  Second

When I had been getting ready to move from Hotchkiss, a friend from Crawford who had always wanted to live in Cortez asked if I would consider a roommate. She would pay half the rent and utilities. I gladly said yes!

I was so thankful she moved with me not only to help with the rent, but also because I didn’t anticipate was how much propane it would take to keep that giant house warm. It had tile floors sitting directly on the concrete foundation. The heat was in the ceiling. Making it nearly impossible to keep the house warm in the winter. It defiantly took us both to pay the rent and utilities during the cold months.

But by August, my roommate decided Montezuma County wasn’t the place for her. She packed up and moved back to Crawford. Leaving me with winter coming and a huge house to heat with pro-pain, (Yes, that’s spelled correctly!) and her horse and one of her cats!

The propane bills for the coming winter terrified me. When my friend told me she was moving I ramped up my search for a cheaper place to live, or another roommate.

I ran around like a crazy person for a month and found nothing. Nothing to buy, nothing to rent, and no one wanting to live 20 miles out in the country in a house that might sell the day after they moved in!

Let Go and Let God

Finally, out of desperation,

I gave up.

I decided the Lord brought me here so I had to remember He is faithful and He would provide.

I settled into enjoying the property the Lord had allowed me to be living on. And I started praying He would provide an incredible, Christian roommate before the winter cold set in, or a different place.

Simple, right?

Pray and trust.

Trust in the God that I firmly believed had brought me here and had been providing miracle after miracle in the process.

One of my favorite sayings to share with others is “Speak It Till You See It”.

But did I really believe that? Did I honestly believe God was trustworthy?

With every fiber of my being!

I started speaking positive about the impending winter cold.

I started thanking God for taking my roommate out of my house.

I thanked Him for bringing me an amazing Christian woman for a roommate.

I thanked Him for the great friendships and amazing blessings that would come out of this transition and situation.

I just kept thanking Him and praising Him as the nights grew chillier, and the days grew shorter.

I trusted Him with every fiber of my being.

At first I had spread the word around work and the church I attend that I either needed a new place to rent, or a roommate.

I had put up a flyer at the vet’s office and the local feed stores.

But with winter looming, eventually I felt I had no other option but to put an ad in the local paper for a roommate.

Oh I dreaded doing that.

Because . .

I was afraid.

Do you want to know what happened next? You have to come back to find out! We have some very exciting events ahead!

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beloved horse, loved one, God, Jesus, miracles

Memorial to A Loved One

Tribute to A Loved One

It is with a heavy heart I write tonight.

We lost a treasured member of our family.

horse, beloved horse, loved one

Chili at 29 years old!

She came into our lives because of prayer and many miracles.

She was Mika’s horse for 8 years, but after Mika’s second year of college and a new horse, Chili adopted me.

If you’ve never been close to a horse you can’t grasp the depth of their love.

Their dedication to their loved ones.

Even their jealousy and depression.

Chili was dedicated to Mika. Had lifted her up when she was down, taught her things, and loved her. But when Mika got a new horse, Chili stopped coming into the barn and mopped around like a lost puppy. She slowly grew depressed and resentful towards Mika.

Out of pity I started walking out in the pasture to scratch her and love on her. It took me several months to gain her trust but eventually she decided I was ok and she would allow me to be her human.

From that point on she would follow me around like a dog. When I stopped she would almost push me over for attention. And without saying a word beg me to scratch or rub her.

And she enjoyed a good massage as much as you or I. Because of her troubled past she had knots in her neck muscles. She would press her neck against my chest and stand there. If I didn’t start rubbing she would put her head and neck over my shoulder and push down until I gave in and started rubbing.

I’ve had several amazing horses, but she was a one of a kind.

She would love on you till she almost knocked you down, but you always had to watch her because if you didn’t scratch her enough, or something didn’t sit just right, she would kick you.    Hard!

You could never ignore her that’s for sure!

Chili Was Our (First) Miracle Horse

She was a walking miracle.

And it took several miracles for her to walk into our lives.

She was flipped over backwards in a freak accident when she was three and shatter her withers. And a freak set of circumstances kept her alive.

When she lived through the initial accident, her owner at the time prayed over her every day for three years until she was healed.

Seven years later God brought her into our lives again through prayer and miracles.

Consequently she was a walking miracle in my opinion.

She was a tremendous competitor and an incredible teacher for my daughter. She taught her about being competitive, but also about collection, flexion, suppling, how to control every body part seperatly, or together, lead changes, rate of speed, showmanship, horsemanship, and animal husbandry like no other horse I had. She taught her about barrel racing, western pleasure, working cowhorse, and how a little horse could have a giant stride. A combination very few horses could do.

She was unique!

loved one, beloved horse

Mika and Chili

Therapy Horse

And she was the best therapy I could buy.

When Mika had surgery after blowing both her ACLs in different basketball games I would come home from work and . . . no Mika on the couch, no Mika in her room, no Mika in the house.

She was at the barn. Laying on Chili with her knee in this huge, bulky, brace thing.

When Mika had surgery on her spine, as soon as she could move, guess where I found her. . .

Yep, on Chili.

They were best friends.

She was my daughter’s confidant.

And then she became mine.

She knew when I was having a bad day and would lean a little harder. Force me to stop thinking about whatever was eating at me, and scratch her. Love on her.

Her healing love was . . .






Life changing

She helped me look at adversity with new eyes.

She should never have accomplished what she did without any withers.

Oh, I almost forgot, and a broken coffin bone!

We didn’t even know she had that until she had something wrong with her foot and the vet took an x-ray that revealed that the tip of her coffin bone had been broken off long before.

But she was a trouper and we would never have known if something else hadn’t happened and we had not taken that x-ray.

And if you’re a “horsey” person and are thinking, “Well why didn’t she have a pre-purchase exam? They would have found the broken coffin bone.” Yes, but with the broken withers she would never have passed the vet check. No vet in the world would have passed her. So why waste the money. Or the vet’s time.

I saw her true value even though to the world she was considered, “damaged,” “crippled”, and of no value.

But to us she was priceless.

To me especially.

She taught me about life.

About going on and striving to do your best no matter what the circumstances.

No matter what “life” has thrown at you, keep going. Keep trying. Keep striving to be and do better.

That your true value is what’s inside.

What you can share with those around you.

How much courage you have to go on in the face of adversity.

And how to share love and joy no matter what.

She did that for me, Mika, and anyone that had the privilege of knowing her.

She was, and to me, still is, and inspiration. And I promised her I will finish her story. She is my inspiration.

beloved horse, loved one, God, Jesus, miracles

Kristi and Chili just before Chili decided to buck!

I love you Chili.

You took a piece of my heart with you.

Go with God sweet mare. I’ll see you on the other side!

Did you have a beloved pet or animal you lost? Please tell me about them in the comments section below and create a tribute to them as well!

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Jesus, love, God, peace

Finding Peace In 3 Steps

Is Peace Possible in Today’s World?

Rush, rush, rush!

Everyone is rushing here and there, doing more in less time.

Companies cutting back staff resulting in fewer employees doing more work.

For less pay!

We see it all around us.

Have you experienced any of this?

Not very peaceful is it?

But would you like to find more peace?

Is that possible?

You bet it is!

Walk with me the next few days and let’s see if we can’t make a difference.

Let’s see if together we can create more peace in your life, and your families and loved ones lives.

Walk With Me

PLEASE read through this once and then go back and re-read it. Let’s start this process together and see if this works.

Walk with me for a bit please.

Step One:

Close your eyes . . . Breathe deep . . . Relax . . .

Walk with me . . .

We’re on a cobblestone road

In the warm, spring, sunshine

Palm fronds rustle in a gentle breeze

Breathe deep and catch a hint of the sea

There’s a large crowd gathered ahead of us on a hillside.

What is going on?

There is a man speaking.

We walk closer . . .

The man is speaking about God.

He calls Him our Father God.

Let’s sit and listen a little while.

Hummm . . .

Jesus, love, God, peace

Jesus teaching on love and peace

He is talking about “turning the other cheek” when someone is ugly or unpleasant (Matthew 5:39), “going the extra mile” (Matthew 5:41), “loving your enemies” (Matthew 5:44), “treating others the way you want them to treat you” (Luke 6:31).

The man speaking is named Jesus. His teachings are unrivaled for their penetrating simplicity.

He is trying to describe how wide, and long, and deep, and high God’s love for us is (Ephesians 3:18-19)

We’re sitting beside a man and his family.  He leans over and quietly tells us how he was blind all his life and had to beg to feed his family. Until the man speaking healed him.  He said, “Jesus spit in the dirt, made mud balls, and put it on my eyes. The he told me to go wash in the Pool of Siloam. When I washed the mud off, I could see!” (John 9:5-7)

His family and neighbors sitting around us all testify this is true. He had been blind since birth, but now can see perfectly.

We listen as Jesus teaches about not just loving your neighbors, but also loving your enemies. (Matthew 5:43-48 and Luke 6:27)

Have you ever really thought about how difficult that is?

Have you ever prayed for your enemies? For those you know hate you?

Let’s try it.

Step Two:

Close your eyes again and think of someone that has hurt you. Someone that makes no question about it they do not like you. Or someone that has broken your heart.

You know the person.

The one you just can’t forgive, and unfortunately can’t forget.

Think of them. Bring them up in your mind.

Hear their hurtful words.

Feel the sting in your heart.

Now . . .

Step Three:

Together, let’s pray for them.

Take another deep breath and say the words that come up in your heart.

Not your mind,

But your heart.

Speak it.

Now pause, breath deep and say,

“I forgive you.”

Now, continue with, “Father God, please bless __________ (put your person’s name in the blank)

Father God, I forgive them for the hurt they have done to me. Please forgive them Father.

Lord, I ask you to bring blessings into their lives. Bring someone that will shine the light of your love into their life.

Father, I ask this for them. Father, please love them.

Father, I give them to you and ask for your perfect will for them.

Father, I release them to you.”


I know that was not easy.

And you probably don’t think it made a difference.

You may even be angry at me for walking you into that.

If so, please forgive me.

But you  need to speak it till you see it.

So feel the hurt, and do it anyway.

Forgiveness, Leads to Healing, Leads to Freedom and Peace

This will start you on a path to healing, forgiveness, and FREEDOM!

Now isn’t that worth it?

I thought so.

Here are the steps for you to copy and keep:

  • Step 1:  Breathe deep, relax, and feel love emanating from your heart
  • Step 2:  Allow yourself to feel and acknowledge the pain and heartache
  • Step 3:  PRAY FOR THAT PERSON!  Ask God to love them and forgive them and speak words of forgiveness for them.

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prayer, God, Jesus

Why Is Prayer Important Today?



What is Prayer?

It’s communication.

Reverent communication.

Every evening as a child heading to bed I heard, “Remember to say your prayers!”

We said Grace and blessed our food at every meal.

But as a child and teenager I didn’t “get it” about prayer.

I felt it was something I had to do to keep God from being mad at me.  It wasn’t about visiting with someone who loved and cared about me.

Is that how you were taught about prayer?

My parents raised me in church.

A lifelong girlfriend is staying with me right now and we both remember the tiny chairs and tables in our first Sunday School class. We think we were three. She remembers each of the teachers. I only remember two, but oh how I loved them.

Those women helped mold us into who we are today.

Those women, and our parents, taught us the importance of prayer.

Do you remember who taught you how to pray?

If no one did, don’t worry, we’ll work on that before we’re done.

prayer, God, Jesus

Prayer Unlocks Doors

Why Should We Pray?

That’s an odd question isn’t it?

Why should we pray?

Is it to ask the “Big guy in the sky” to forgive us for messing up? Or our daily wish-list?

Yes and no.

There are so many reasons to pray.

My favorite is to say thank you.

It shows God we are thankful to be His children. For me, I want to acknowledge I don’t have a clue and I am SO thankful He is in control.

My second favorite prayer is a love letter. I’m a long way from a “good Christian”, but He loves me just the way I am, I LOVE Him for that, and I want to tell Him.

If you love someone don’t you want to tell them? So why isn’t it the same way with God?

Tell Him!

I’ve experienced God watching out for me like my earthly father did. Our fathers guide us, nurture us, teach us.

Our loving Heavenly Father does the exact same thing.

If you ever allow yourself to experience Him you will see He loves you.  If you’ve experienced that, how did you not fall in love with Him?

You can’t.

Trust me.

Oh you can run away from His love. You can deny it. You can fight it. You can ignore it.

But if you will ever stop fighting it and give in, you will be wrapped in the most incredible love you will ever experience and you won’t be able to deny it any longer.

Because it’s real. And He’s waiting for you to accept it.

I’ve lived many, many years as a single woman. I’ve been lonely.

But I’ve never been Alone. I learned many years ago all I had to do was cry out “Jesus, Jesus” and instantly I felt better. My circumstances didn’t change, but I changed.

My attitude changed.

My thought process changed.

I let go and let God.

Was it easy?


Was it effective?


So why do we pray?

To change things.

A Little Story About Big Prayer

Two nights ago the neighbor’s dogs were going nuts. They live a mile North of me and occasionally I hear them bark, but not very often.

But two nights ago they raised a ruckus from just after the sun set til the wee hours of the morning.

When you live in the country you learn to notice things like that.

You don’t over react, but you pay attention.

I knew something was up. I almost called the other neighbors and asked if everything was ok. But I didn’t want to seem paranoid so instead I prayed.

I have a small yearling filly out there in the pasture. She’s a snack size treat for a predator.

But I also have a couple old, slightly crippled, mares out there that don’t move too fast. But they are bigger, even if they are slower.

The hair raised up on the back of my neck and I knew something was out there. But I also know a single woman has no business being out in the dark with any kind of wild predator.

So I prayed.

I asked God to protect my animals. I asked Him to not let whatever was out there attack any of my animals. And I went to bed knowing He heard that request.

I trusted Him to watch over my horses and give whatever was out there something to eat other than my filly.

And He did.

I walked out the next morning and right in the middle of my horse pasture was the evidence of a brutal death.

And mountain lion tracks.

Much too close for comfort!!

But God answered my prayers.

He protected my horses.

And now they are all coming in the barn at night.

prayer, thank you God, Jesus, faith

Thank you God

I have other little prayers that are answered every day. I find misplaced items. Mom taught me to pray for parking spots. 99% of the time if I pray early enough I’ll have a spot right in front of where I’m headed.

My prayers get answered.

Sometimes not the way I want. But they are always answered none the less.

prayer, God, Jesus

The Power of Prayer

I’m looking for answered prayer stories. Do you have any?

I want to put together a book full of them.  Will you share your most powerful answered prayer story  in the comments section below please?  Thank You!!

Ok, I promised a prayer. Actually my plan is to share several of my favorite prayers over the next few posts.

Here’s one of my favorites and the prayer the Bible says Jesus gave His disciples:  The Lord’s Prayer, Mathew 6:9

the Lord's Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer

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Why Start 2015 With Water?

water, mountain stream, refreshing, Happy New Year

Mountain Stream Splendor

Welcome in 2015 With Water

What? Why on earth should we start 2015 thinking about water?

Because there’s something in the water!

Let me ask this, what comes to mind when I say, Rebirth and Renew in 2015?

I can hear you asking, “What on earth is she talking about?”

These are very good questions!

I have three other posts ready as my INTRO TO 2015, but none of them rang true to my own ears after I wrote them. Yes, they each had good points but none of them felt right in my heart.

I did not want to post fluff.

And all of them were just that, fluff.

But at 3:17 A.M. on January 4th while I was unable to sleep, Carrie Underwood was singing her heart out to me via my computer. She was singing her incredible song Something In The Water

And it splashed me right in the face what I wanted my first post of 2015 to be about.


Again I can hear you saying, “What??  Water??  Why on earth water??”

Because there really is something in the water!

Water is Life

Water is a life giving source for all plants and all animals. Did you know a person can last for 21 days without food, some say a month. But only 3 days without water.

Please take a moment and think of all the ways you use water in a single day.

We start our day in it, wash our children, and our clothes in it.


water, baby bathing, bathtime, clean

Adorable Baby Bathing


Now add all the fun things you can do on or in water.

Please think of the beautiful art displays created with water. Have you ever stood in front of the #Bellagio Fountains in Las Vegas as the water dances to beautiful music and lights? It is one of my favorite spots in Vegas. My family and I go to the #NationalFinalRodeo there as often as we can afford, and no matter how cold it is, one night we walk down the strip and stop to watch the fountains.  They are magical.

Water sustains and transforms our lives.


horse, water, God,

Beautiful Horse Running Through the Water


But I can still hear you asking, why is Kristi talking about water being associated with the New Year?

The New Year is about renewing, reviving, recommitting to old goals, or establishing new ones.

And I hope to trigger a deeper awareness, or a new interest in how powerful a deeper reflection on water could mean to you.

Dive Deep

Carrie Underwood sings about it in her song, #ThereMustBeSomethingInTheWater

I’ve been there.

I understand.

There must be something in the water because I came out of it, changed.

Have you?

A True Story:

I was born and raised in the church. My first Sunday of life I hung out in the church nursery while my parents taught Sunday School.

I know church.

I remember sitting in Children’s Choir Loft at 9 years old and knowing that I wanted to accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior.  Right then.  At 9.

I still remember having to excuse myself and work my way in front of an entire row of kids to get out of the Choir Loft. Then walk in front of the entire church to finally get to the pastor and profess my faith in front of everyone. I was terrified and on top of the world at the same moment!

But as a teenager and early college kid, I drifted as far from God as anyone can go. Until one Sunday morning in college when I felt I should go to church.

There was a beautiful church I had been admiring since I started college, and felt in my heart I should go that morning.

But my girlfriends wanted a giant cinnamon roll from the nearby restaurant and they needed a ride. Cinnamon roll . . . church . . . Cinnamon roll . . . church.

Cinnamon roll won.  Church would have to wait.

The girls all piled in and I fired up my bright red dully pickup and off we roared towards that cinnamon roll.

Until the loud CRUNCH!

I had backed into a couple kids in a small car that WERE headed to church.

Their car was lower than the bed on my truck and I didn’t see them.

Of course chattering to a truck load of girls didn’t distract me! Surely not!

Oh yes it did! And I backed right into them.

But God had His hand on both of us and there was very little damage. I agreed to pay for the repairs and neither of us reported it. To the cops, or our parents.

I was one lucky girl.

Talk about getting someones attention! The next Sunday my butt was in a pew of that beautiful little church and my road back to the Lord began.

If you follow this blog you know I took the scenic route back to God. But I got there none the less.  He was patient. It’s a good thing.

After several years of working my way into a serious relationship with the Lord I was invited to a river baptism of an entire family who had recently accepted the Lord.

I arrived and was asked to carry some towels for the family to dry off with.

Because I had the towels I was up front and center. As soon as the family member stepped out of the river I was there to give them their towel as another family member gave them dry clothes to change into behind a nearby bush.

After the family was baptized, the preacher asked if any one else would like to accept the Lord and be baptized.  A few in the crowd stepped forward and did it. No towel, no dry clothes. They just stepped down in the water, took the preachers hand and went under.

They came up smiling like I had never seem people smile.

Then, out of the blue the preacher asked if anyone would like to rededicate their life to the Lord and get re-baptized.

I all but dove in the water.


water, baptism, God, love

There really was something in the water!


There must have been something in the water because I went in an old, solid, mature Christian, and came out a new, vivacious Christian more deeply in love with the Lord, and knew I was Changed.

So, that is my prayer for you this New Year 2015.

I pray you will either accept the Lord and experience the life changing effect of going under for the Lord and coming up new.

Let’s start the year with new goals, new dreams, new desires, and most importantly, a refreshed and renewed spirit.

So . . . are you ready to dive in?

Thank You For Joining Me Here!

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Miracle Zone, miracles, God

How To Step Into The Miracle Zone

PLEASE NOTE:  This is Post #10 in the Miracle Series

If you are new to this blog I encourage you to follow these links and start at Miracle Series Post #1. Then read the others so this post will make better sense.  Here are links to the previous posts:

Post #1  How To Experience  Miracles in Your Life

Post #2  Who Wants Miracles In Their Life?

Post #3  What Happens When Miracles Don’t Look Pretty

Post #4  How Tragedy Can Create Miracles

Post #5  When Miracles Bring Transformation

 Post #6  What Do Miracles Look Like

Post #7  Are You In Need Of A Miracle?

Post #8  Where Can You Find A Miracle

Post #9  Miracles Keep Coming

miracle zone, miracles, God

Incredible Sunset Looks Like What I Think The Miracle Zone Would Look Like

Desperately In Need Of The Miracle Zone

What? You’re kidding me right?

I had 36 hours to completely rewrite a talk that had taken me from January to May to prepare?

That’s what had just been laid on my shoulders.

But I had been living in the midst of what I call the miracle zone all year so why was I questioning this?


Because I Panicked!

Even though I knew the Lord had His hand over the women that participate in this conference, I couldn’t see how I could possibly pull this off.

But that should have been my first clue that God was right in the middle of all this.

If you trust God, really trust Him . . . when things look impossible . . . is exactly when things are about to get exciting.

But There Was No Time

The Director’s “I don’t think this is your talk” comment was declared Thursday afternoon around 4:45 P.M. (If you haven’t read post #9, please stop right here, go back, and ready that post so you understand what’s going on in this post. The link is above.)

The conference opening meet and greet started at 4:30 P.M. in the Chapel, so as soon as we finished with my practice talk, we had to dash over there. After the meet and greet we went to dinner, and then back to the meeting/training room for introductions and our first training session.

After the training session finished we had a worker strategy meeting that didn’t get over until midnight. I was exhausted so I trusted God and went to bed.

Miracle Zone, miracles, God

Just Before Sunrise

Friday Started At 5:00 AM with showers, church, and breakfast.

Then straight to the meeting/training room.

As I sat at the table, working with other women, I silently prayed.

I listened to the other speakers with fresh ears.

Read the Bible with fresh eyes.

And kept trusting God would show me what He wanted me to talk about.

But the hours kept ticking by.

While I had a lot of notes,

I didn’t have a talk.

Only thoughts,

bits and pieces.

But no talk

Inspiration Takes Shape

Tick-tock, tick-tock . . .

When we came back from lunch ideas suddenly started flowing like water.

But there was no time to write them down and create a talk out of the jumble of ideas in my head.

The day was jam packed till midnight.

After the closing meeting I decided to stay and see where the Lord led me.

Sure enough, my miracle showed up at midnight.

The Lord opened the Bible and reveal the scriptures He wanted me to reference, and I was able to easily put the talk together using humor, and yet, deep spiritual intensity.

My head hit the pillow around 3:30 A.M. but the talk was complete.

I was almost ready!

I only needed a couple props to help me pull it off.

Later that morning the ladies going to town for supplies added my few things to their list and by noon I was ready.

Step Into The Miracle Zone

At 2:30 I walked onto the stage with total peace and confidence.

My props were in place, my note cards numbered and waiting on the podium.

I was ready.

I carefully followed my first couple of note cards, and then . . .

I sat the cards down, walked out from behind the podium, down to the edge of the crowd,

stepped into the miracle zone, and gave the rest of my talk with no notes.

I couldn’t tell you exactly what I said, but I know it encouraged women to strip away the things that hold them back and become the Christian Leaders God made them to be.

The women must have been touched because there was thunderous applause as I left the building.

God received a standing ovation.

Not me.

I merely allowed Him to speak through me.

I was definitely walking in the Miracle Zone.

Thank you God!

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miracles, God, love, life lessons

Are You In Need Of A Miracle?

A Miracle? Today? You bet!

I’m in need of them every day.

Who among us hasn’t asked for a miracle?

Have you?

Have you prayed for a miracle? Cried out to a known . . . or even an unknown God for one? Have you resorted to calling a physic? Totaled your numbers in numerology?

If you’re brave enough, I hope you’ll tell me about it in the comments section after reading this post.

All of these are us searching for help from outside ourselves. Something bigger than we are.

And this is Miracle Series Post #7

If you are new to this blog I would encourage you to follow these links and start at Miracle Series Post #1. Then read the others so this post will make better sense.  Here are links to the previous posts:

Post #1  How To Experience  Miracles in Your Life

Post #2  Who Wants Miracles In Their Life?

Post #3  What Happens When Miracles Don’t Look Pretty

Post #4  How Tragedy Can Create Miracles

Post #5  When Miracles Bring Transformation

 Post #6  What Do Miracles Look Like

Picking Up Where We Left Off

My last post brought you to March. We lost Rob, and my friend, Vicki, soon after. My misery paled in comparison to the gut wrenching heartache of people I now cared very deeply for. I started coming out of my emotional fog by praying for these two families.

It was about this time my daughter, Mika, gave me my, “comeuppance” .  She, not too delicately, told me my recent blog posts were a cop-out and I needed to be open and honest with what was going on in my life. She was right. I apologized in the post  Responsibility, I Let You Down.

In writing that post, I figured out why I had found every excuse in the world to not write anything. Looking at the truth was just too hard.

But after my miracle daughter re-opened my eyes, I started looking for God in the tiniest detail of every day. And I Found Him!

I found Him here, in the sunrise from my front door on a particularly difficult morning

miracles, miracles, God, God's love, family, love

The Miracle Sunrise

And here, in the miracle of my amazing, loving family.

miracles, love, God, family, horses

My Miracle family at the first barrel race of the season – Moab in April 2014

Hidden in that photo, under Mika’s blue sweat shirt, is the miracle of my precious grand daughter. The tiny creature who kept me clinging to my sanity as I sloshed my way through this move and transition to a new life, in a new place, a new job, as I struggled to find new friends . . .

And the old me.

The me that was confident, strong, a fighter, a survivor, happy, and content.

The only photo I had of my inspiration looked like a peanut. So our tiny baby was Grandma’s “Peanut” for months. And I clung to the love of that child, my daughter, and son-in-love as I climbed out of my dark night of the soul. And no, love was not a miss-spelled word.

miracles, love, family, God, Jesus

My Little Peanut

Together they carried me through.

No, that’s not totally right.

Their love, grounded in my love and trust in God, and His son, Jesus, carried me through.

And “Peanut” was my lifeline.

She kept everything in perspective.

And the funny thing is, we all new she was a she, long before we “knew” she was a she.


It’s All In How You Look At It

Life presents us with choices. So many choices.

We always have a choice to look at things from the positive, or from the negative.

We have the choice to do what’s right, or what’s wrong.

We have the choice to look up and see the rainbow  –

miracles, God, love, life lessons

Miracles of a Double Rainbow!

Or keep our head down and miss beauty all around us.

Spring had officially arrived and just like the grass, the trees, the flowers, and my new grand baby, I made the choice to come back to life.

Are You In Need Of A Miracle Today?

Have you ever suffered through a difficult time?

If so, I hope you will share your thoughts and how you coped in the “Comments section” below.  Your story may be just what someone reading this needs to hear.

And if you would like prayer, you can always contact  me personally through the website email.

Thank you faithful readers for letting me know you really ARE reading this series.  I was starting to worry that only the few brave souls leaving comments were!  I finally received some amazing phone calls and messages about the series this week. So I will keep writing.  So if you are enjoying these posts, but haven’t left me a comment, PLEASE DO!  That’s the only way I know you’re enjoying what I write.

And if you are enjoying the posts, others would as well. Please spread the word by copying this link and sharing it via email and facebook iwht your family and friends: www.kristiross.com

Thank you all and God Bless!

Be sure an check back soon for our next Miracles Post, or simply subscribe so you’ll receive notifications when I post.  I wish I could keep up the every day schedule, but the new grand baby, and just plain life get in the way some days!

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miracles, miracles, God, God's love, family, love

What Does God’s Love Really Feel Like?

God, God's love, family, love

God’s Glorious Crown

No Greater Love

My daughter did it again. She called me out on not going deeper.

She’s right.

I wrote a nice little surface post about 7 simple love steps but didn’t put my heart and soul into it.

Love is an emotion that lifts us up, carries us, and breaks us down.

No other emotion effects us more. It deserves deeper thought and consideration. But there are so many facets we will have to break it into bite sized pieces for reflection.

God’s Love

Let’s start on the love that started this very blog.

The Love of God.

Oh boy, how do we put that one into words?

There is a children’s song that says, “God’s love is higher than the highest mountain, deeper than the sea.”

Having lived a life alone with God for many years I can tell you from walking in it, that little song doesn’t begin to explain how incredible God’s love for us is!

Let’s see if this opens some heart’s doors. . .

Are any of you parents?

That was a trick question, I know you are.

Stop for a minute and think about your children. Let that love swell up in your chest. Till it hurts. Think about how proud of them you are. Even when they’re not at their best we love them so much we wouldn’t think twice about diving in front of a moving vehicle, or even taking a bullet to save them, would we?

We would die to save our children.  Wouldn’t we?

They are the most important thing in our life.


Of course they are.

What makes you think God loves you any less than that?

I grew up in a church that had me scared of God.

If I didn’t do everything right I would have to deal with God’s wrath. I would make Him mad and He would punish me.

Well, trust me, I’ve done things, still do things that hurt Him. But He still loves me enough to die for me!

I hurt Him when I do something stupid, but He never stops loving me!

One of my favorite parts in ANY movie,  is in the Passion of the Christ when Jesus is on the cross, dieing, and the camera zooms away to Heaven and one giant tear falls from Heaven to earth and causes the earthquake.

That is how much God and Jesus love us.

Feel God’s Love

Pause with me a minute. Close your eyes again and breath in that kind of love. Open you heart to the pure, sweet, incredible love of God. The love He wants to fill you up with. Fill you up to overflowing and it spills out on others so they can experience it.

Love that you feel in your heart, your mind, your throat, all the way to your finger tips, and the hair stands up on the back of your neck.  Float in a sea of love washing over you in wave after wave of pure peace and joy.

Open you mind and your heart to it. Love far deeper than we have for our own children. Love more profound than our human minds can rationalize. Love that makes your heart feel like it will explode!

That’s only the tip of the iceberg of how much God loves us!

God is our FATHER!

Not our condemner!

He is the lover of our soul!

No matter what we’ve done. He Loves Us. Purely and completely.

Close your eyes again and breath in that kind of forgiving, caring, nurturing love.

See God’s Love

Look around you and see God’s creation today. Every beautiful thing, every amazing creature, is a testimony to God’s love for us.

His love carries us through hell on earth and prepares us for a family dinner at HIS table.

Do you think He has mashed potatoes?  I hope so!  🙂


I am extremely curious to hear what thoughts and emotions this post created in you.  Would you share with me in the comments section please?  I need the feedback!  Did this post touch you?  Or am I just a talking bobble-head???

Thanks so much for being here! God Bless you!


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miracle, blossom, God

Incredible Random Acts of Kindness

There are still incredible people out there in this world that take the time to care about others. Not surface, meaningless stuff, but a deep, incredible, random acts of kindness.

Something happened to me this past Mother’s Day that touched me so deeply I want to share it.

In case you don’t know, I grew up in a the small town of Delta Colorado. If you follow my blog you know I moved in January. Things were rough for quite a while.

But every time I reached a horrible low time, God would send me an amazing blessing for a pick me up. I’m working on my first video blog to share more with you about that. God has been working on me about “speaking” to you since January. But in all honesty, I’m afraid. My fear, and embarrassment has kept me writing rather than speaking.

But I’m finally working on it! So soon I will be on here sharing with you about how God works in so many mysterious ways.

One of those was on Mother’s Day.

I was feeling very sorry for myself that I couldn’t go home, to Delta, and put flowers on my mother’s grave. Frankly, my heart was broken over it. By that time I knew I was meant to be here, in Cortez, but I was still holding on to my old heart aches, and not being able to put flowers on Mom’s grave was the straw that was about to break this camels back.

Then, out of the blue, a friend that I had not heard from in some time called me. I don’t have good cell service at my house so I didn’t know she had called until I drove into town and there was her name on my call list. So of course I called her back.

The conversation that ensued changed my life.

I’m going to cry just trying to write it.

This amazing woman told me she had heard I had moved and she knew I would want flowers on my mother’s grave, so she had taken extra to the cemetery and put them on Mom’s grave for me.


Mother's Day Flowers, act of kindness, joy, love, God

Mother’s Day Flowers

What an amazing, thoughtful, tender, heartfelt gift!

It touched me far deeper than my mere words can express.  She blessed me on a level I didn’t realize would go so deeply. Her caring and love brought me joy and lifted my heart.

She went on to tell me that she had lost her sister in January. Her heart was broken, but even in the midst of her pain and deep heartache, she thought of me and graciously took flowers to my Mom for me.

What an incredible act of kindness.

She blessed me, my mother, and now you.

She gave me a precious gift that will keep giving for as long as this story is shared. I guaranty I will share it with my Grand children and challenge them to follow in her footsteps of kindness and giving themselves.

And now I offer you the same challenge.

Together, let’s walk in her footsteps of kindness and thoughtfulness and make a difference in someone’s life today.

Have you done, or been the blessed recipient of a random act of kindness lately? Or ever?

Have you helped an elderly person carry their groceries? Rescued a child that wandered into the street? Taken food or presents to a family at Christmas?

My Mother would cook our family’s Christmas dinner, and then while we ate, she would skip dinner and take plates of food to elderly and shut-ins.

Now, my friend has honored my mother’s memory by taking her flowers on Mother’s Day. Thank you Mary! Your kindness changed my life.

I think the world of this lady and her family and feel horrible that I was so wrapped up in my own drama I didn’t know about their devastating heartache of loosing her sister. Now all I can offer is my condolences, hold them in my heart, and lift them up in prayer.

Will you join me in following in her footsteps and do an intentional act of kindness today? If you will, please leave me a comment and let me know. If you’ve done, or been the recipient of an act of kindness I hope you will share it so we can all be blessed by it.

Thank you and God Bless!
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