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What Truly Matters in 2017

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Our  “What Truly Matters” Journey Begins

What truly matters is a very deep question. I’m honored you’ve joined us on this journey of self discovery in 2017. Please grab a cup of something warm, pull up a chair, and let’s have a little visit.

As I mentioned in last weeks post, we are going to delve into what truly matters in our lives.  We are going to look within to start this new year in a manner that just might make a difference for the rest of our lives.  But the only way that will happen is if you come along side me, gather your courage and tell me what you think about the ideas shared here.

So . . .

I ask it again, what truly matters in your life?  This time I hope you will pause, and reflect on that question for a few moments . . .

Did you come up with what truly matters in your life right now?  If so, please take a moment and share those things with me in the “Comments” Section below.

Ok, let’s continue –

Why Does What Truly Matters in 2017, Matter? Trust Me, It Does!

On our road to what truly matters let me ask yet another question – How are we going to make 2017 a better year than 2016? Especially when we know 90% of us don’t stick with our New Years Day Resolutions?

I think the best way is to look within.

But at what? And why?

There are several basic emotions that are at the root of many issues today.

When you break those emotions all the way down, we most often get to fear. Unfortunately, fear motivates a great deal of what we do today.

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We are afraid we won’t have enough money at the end of the month.  And this is a valid concern of late!

We are afraid of what the politicians are going to do. Or not do.

We are afraid of what someone is going to think of us. Or not think of us.

Afraid we will say or do something embarrassing.

But in reality, do any of these truly impact us for the long term?


So why are we looking at this you ask. Because we are trying to set up a frame work for each of us for change.

Positive change. Real, meaningful change.

What can do that?  What can turn fear around and allow us to work on real, meaningful change?



Why trust you ask.  What has that got to do with what truly matters?

Ok, that’s fair.  Let’s examine trust.

What is trust? And why does it matter? How do we build trust?

To start figuring that out let’s look at trust from a different perspective.

When you flick the light switch do you trust the light will turn on or off.

Of course you do.

Unless something’s wrong.  Then you trust the power company will fix it.  Right?


What about the water in your sink?

We all trust that if you turn the handle, or lift the lever in our sink, water will come out, right?  Unless you didn’t pay the bill! Or the line is broken.  But under normal circumstances, you turn the handle and water comes out of the faucet.

We all have mindless “trust” in these things.

However, on a deeper level, how does that word and the act of “trust” come into play?

How can trust aid us in making 2017 better than 2016?

How can trust help us figure out what truly matters?

And what does trust do in the face of fear?

Those are all good questions.  And that will be the discussion for our next post!  Make sure you don’t miss it by clicking HERE to become a SUBSCRIBER and never miss another post!

Be Bless my friends!

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Happy 2017!

It’s 2017!

I hope this finds you recovering from a Blessed Christmas and a very peaceful transition into 2017! Speaking of . . . Happy New Year! 

May I invite you to grab a cup of something warm, pull up a chair, and let’s visit for a bit?   Thank you for sharing a few moments with me today!  I am truly honored!

But, Is It Really 2017?


Are you serious!  How did it get to be 2017?  I just barely got used to 2016!  But here it is. And, like many of you, I’m working on the New Year’s Resolution thing.

I don’t know about you, but for me to work on goals for 2017, I have to reflect back on 2016.

We all faced trying times in 2016.  Many of us lost loved ones.  We struggled and worked hard. Our country was united, and yet rrrrripped  apart by the election.   Some of us lost jobs, or changed jobs, and still others thrived in our work.  Others enjoyed good health while some battled to regain theirs.  We watched as our dollar shrank and it took more and more to buy groceries, gas, and keep a roof over our heads.

2017, money






2017, money





2017, money


But we also saw the wonder of a sunset,

2017, sunrise, God, love, Jesus, goals

Heard joy in a child’s laughter,

2017, child's laugh, love, joy

Treasured the mystical fragrance of a rose,

2017, love, God, Jesus









Reveled in the warm hug of a loved one.

And now,

2016 is a roll-call of memories.

What Does The Future Hold?

We gaze into the future of 2017 with anticipation and hope.

Hope for healing,

For love,

For joy, happiness, success, and


We contemplate our goals for the year

As we pray for guidance and for clarity of what God is doing in our lives and where He is leading us.

And we strive to align ourselves with His purpose.

But do we know what that purpose is?

How do we find it?

These are all very good questions.

To tie this together, and start to lay the ground work for the next several posts . . .

Let me ask –  Do you have a burning desire in your heart?

Something that you believe God has put there that, as much as you’ve tried, you have not accomplished.

We all have those.

So how do we go about making those dreams become a reality in 2017?

How do we achieve what so far has been unattainable?

Does it require more prayer?

More work?

More trust?

Or is it a combination of all these?

Priorities for 2017

As 2017 begins, one of my “Resolutions” is I am spending this month trying to refocus my life and realign it with what really matters.

Is that more money?

More success?

No!  Not for me.  Not this year!

Because of my circumstances and the odd chain of events that have come down in the last three years, and especially after my silly little car accident, I had to be focused on money.  And success.  And you know where it got me?


Oh sure, it got me a new career.  Not one that I’m passionate about, but one that’s interesting, and I am enjoying it none the less. Success allowed me to keep that new job!

But what these transitions are reminding me of as I reflect on 2016, is what really matters.

And for 2017, and beyond those are:

  • Trust in God.
  • Faith that His will and His good are truly the foundation of every nook and cranny of my weird life.
  • My family and the bonds of Love that hold us together in life, and in death.
  • My friends. Yes, that’s YOU.  Those who even though you are not related to me, still love me.  Just as I am.


And now I have a very important question for you –

What matters most to you as you reflect on 2016 and look forward to 2017?

Have you even thought about it?



Either way,

Will you join me on this journey of 2017?

If so, please take a moment and think about what 2016 has taught you.

And what do you hope to focus on in 2017?

Then, please share a word, or two, or two hundred in the “Comments” section below.

I know some of you are faithful commenters, but some of you, for whatever reason, have never left a single comment.  And because of that, I don’t even know you read these posts.

So today, as we start 2017, I ask you to please, bravely comment.  Do not worry about putting your email address in where it asks because I vow to NEVER share your email or personal info with anyone, anywhere, EVER.  And I won’t be sending you all kinds of email asking for something.

So, are you in?

I hope so!

Please comment below and check back soon for the next post in this series.  Or better yet, sign up as a subscriber and you will get notification when something new happens!  Simply click HERE.

Thank you and God Bless you!





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How Trusting God Can Transform Your Life

Learning About Trusting God

Trusting God can transform your life.

It often pushes you outside your comfort zone.

But it’s always worth it!

Trusting God is simply believing that He loves us, He really does care about us, He is genuinely good and kind, He has the power to help us, He wants to help us, and He really does help us everyday.

This is a story about just that.

The story of a woman trying hard to be a better person. Trying to keep a roof over her head and food on the table.

The story of a woman learning about trusting God and being rewarded by seeing Him in everyday miracles.

Where We’ve Come From

If you have read the previous Miracle Series posted here you know over the past four years I’ve struggled through a dramatic downturn in my business, loosing my contract with Delta County, and finally moving to Cortez. I moved for a job, but my “Little Peanut” kept me here while the Lord kicked me out of my comfort zone, grew me up, changed me, and showed me incredible love and care through it all. He has blessed me beyond imagination. And continues to bless me every day!

But it has been a process of learning every step of the way. But isn’t that how life is supposed to be?

miracles, love, family, God, Jesus

My Little Peanut

 A Quick Review

For those that have not read the previous Miracle Series posts  I want to do a quick review. (And I’ve included links at the bottom of this post in case you want to go read the previous Miracle Series posts)

The month before the last Presidential election my health products business crashed. Then Delta County didn’t renew my contract. To keep the wolf from the door I started a little office cleaning business. But old back injuries quickly let me know I wasn’t going to be doing that long.

I started praying for a new and better job.

A month later I was driving down a dusty gravel road outside Delta headed to one of my cleaning jobs when my cell phone rang. I pulled over and answered. It was the Director of Human Services for Montezuma County. We had never met, but he offered me a job right there on the spot.

They were in a bad situation because of Obamacare and needed an experienced Med person and troubleshooter.  We talked about me working 2 or 3 days a week for several months. I was going to Cortez the following week to house-sit for my daughter and son-in-law and would stop in and meet him while there.

As soon as he shook my hand I knew I liked the man. And by the end of what turned into an interview, he offered me a full time position.

But that would require shutting down a life that had taken me almost 30 years to build, uprooting, and moving. I wasn’t too keen on that idea because it meant leaving the bulk of my family, all my friends, and my home. And I loved my place:

miracles, Trusting God, Jesus

The view from my back porch looking over the entire place

miracles, trusting God, Jesus, family, moving

My River-bottom In Hotchkiss


Miracles, God, Jesus, horses, trusting God

Some of my mares at the “horse pasture” gate

miracles, God, Jesus, family, ranch, miracles, trusting God

Sun Dog over one of the pastures during haying

Add to that my daughter was furious that I was even considering taking the job. She didn’t want me commuting, or camping out at her house, and certainly not moving.

So I ramped up my prayers for guidance and clarity in the situation.

The following Sunday, as I drove to church I had yet another argument with Mika about the job. I had to give the Director my final answer the following morning. Through the entire service I prayed and begged God for direction. By the end of the service I had decided to not take the job. It just wasn’t worth the fights it was causing with my daughter.

After church I drove a few blocks to the gas station. As I put the car in park, my cell phone rang.

It was my daughter.

I debated if I should answer.

Finally I gave in and the conversation went something like this.

Me, “Hello”.

An agitated voice on the other end fired back, “Where have you been?

As calmly as possible, “At church.”

“Well we have to tell you something and now Hardy (my son-in-law) has to leave so we have to hurry.”

“Sorry, I didn’t know you needed me.”

“And don’t cry!”

I thought, great, now I’m going to yelled at by both of them and it’s so bad it’s going to make me cry.

With that, my son-in-law got on the phone and together they told me they were pregnant.

I didn’t cry.

All I could do was laugh!

God knew about the coming grandchild all along.  He knew it would kill me to not be close enough to see her often and to not have a bond with her.

And there was the answer that I had been diligently praying for.

Trusting God, the next morning I accepted the job.

Trust God And He Will Bless You

When I accepted the new job my second trial came moments later.

As I had driven home after my interview the week before, by accident I had looked at a rental property that would work perfectly for me if I accepted the job. I had walked the place with the owner’s aunt and uncle who were managing the property.  I told them I should know in a few days if I was coming. They called the owner and he said not to worry they would hold it for me.

After accepting the job I called the owner to confirm I wanted the property and see where to wire the money. He informed me he had hired a local realtor as his new property manager and the rent had Tripled! 

I tried to get him to honor his commitment but he would not.

And I could not afford the new amount he wanted. So there I was with a new job, but nowhere to live. Thanks alot God!

I had two weeks to find a rental property – with room for me, 4 horses, 2 cats, and 2 dogs, pack up 20 years of life,  move, get settled, and be ready to start a new job.

You would think that in this economy finding such a rental property would be fairly easy. But it is not!

I searched, Mika searched, Hardy searched, everyone I knew in Cortez searched. But no one found a rental that would work for me. I almost backed out on taking the job. But then I found a one room cabin 20 plus minutes out of town with a 10’x10′ corner of fenced in dirt. I wasn’t enough ground for my horses and the cats would have to stay at the barn in Hotchkiss for the time, but it would give me a place to sleep, shower, and keep my dogs while I looked for a different place.

But I was pretty frustrated with God. He got me in this mess! He knew I came as a “package” and needed a place with some land for all my animals. I believed He was a big God, capable of great things. But I couldn’t believe He would get me this job, in the same town as my daughter, son-in-law, and coming grandchild, and not provide a decent place for me, and my animals to live.

But never doubt God!

He was at work.

The cabin owner said she would email me wiring instructions for the rent the following morning. Instead the email I received asked if I would consider renting the main house and rest of the 30 acres where the cabin was located instead of the cabin.

As she and I were talking the night before, a neighbor had emailed her pictures of how bad the place looked. She and her husband were going to evict the current renter as soon as her husband could drive from N. Carolina. If I was interested, I could have that place instead.

That place consisted of 30 acres of lush horse pasture, a six stall horse barn, hay shed, and a beautiful custom home with a giant fenced yard.

I could not have built a more perfect place for myself!

To top it off, the property was for sale and the owners said they would consider taking my rentals in Delta as part of the purchase price.

YES! Oh definitely Yes!

Trusting God will provide can be challenging, but SO Worth It!

A New Place

I was apprehensive, but excited about the possibilities the Lord was laying out in front of me.

God was taking amazing care of me and my little menagerie of 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 4 horses!

But I had my work cut out of me! The weeds were over my head!

Trust God, Jesus, miracles, blessings

The rental house when I moved in

Trust God, miracles, blessings

One of Many weed piles I pulled!

But by spring, this is the jewel God had dropped into my lap!

trusting God, Jesus, rental house

The custom rental house God blessed me with!


trust God, miracles

View From My Rental Property come spring

More Chances for Trusting God

Soon after I moved in, the owners decided they couldn’t afford to take my rentals. I would have to sell them to be able to afford the place.

But the economy in Delta County was already in the toilet, and tumbling towards the sewer. The hope of selling my properties was slip-sliding down the drain with it.

With each showing of my dream property my anxiety increased. I wondered if today was the day I would be told “it’s sold and you have to find another place.”

But not just a place for me, but also my little herd of animals and pets.

From the time I figured out I wouldn’t be able to buy the place, I had been praying, and casually looking for a different one. Preferably one that was not for sale. But the rental properties that allowed horses were so expensive there was no way I could afford them. I needed yet another miracle.

Back Track For A  Second

When I had been getting ready to move from Hotchkiss, a friend from Crawford who had always wanted to live in Cortez asked if I would consider a roommate. She would pay half the rent and utilities. I gladly said yes!

I was so thankful she moved with me not only to help with the rent, but also because I didn’t anticipate was how much propane it would take to keep that giant house warm. It had tile floors sitting directly on the concrete foundation. The heat was in the ceiling. Making it nearly impossible to keep the house warm in the winter. It defiantly took us both to pay the rent and utilities during the cold months.

But by August, my roommate decided Montezuma County wasn’t the place for her. She packed up and moved back to Crawford. Leaving me with winter coming and a huge house to heat with pro-pain, (Yes, that’s spelled correctly!) and her horse and one of her cats!

The propane bills for the coming winter terrified me. When my friend told me she was moving I ramped up my search for a cheaper place to live, or another roommate.

I ran around like a crazy person for a month and found nothing. Nothing to buy, nothing to rent, and no one wanting to live 20 miles out in the country in a house that might sell the day after they moved in!

Let Go and Let God

Finally, out of desperation,

I gave up.

I decided the Lord brought me here so I had to remember He is faithful and He would provide.

I settled into enjoying the property the Lord had allowed me to be living on. And I started praying He would provide an incredible, Christian roommate before the winter cold set in, or a different place.

Simple, right?

Pray and trust.

Trust in the God that I firmly believed had brought me here and had been providing miracle after miracle in the process.

One of my favorite sayings to share with others is “Speak It Till You See It”.

But did I really believe that? Did I honestly believe God was trustworthy?

With every fiber of my being!

I started speaking positive about the impending winter cold.

I started thanking God for taking my roommate out of my house.

I thanked Him for bringing me an amazing Christian woman for a roommate.

I thanked Him for the great friendships and amazing blessings that would come out of this transition and situation.

I just kept thanking Him and praising Him as the nights grew chillier, and the days grew shorter.

I trusted Him with every fiber of my being.

At first I had spread the word around work and the church I attend that I either needed a new place to rent, or a roommate.

I had put up a flyer at the vet’s office and the local feed stores.

But with winter looming, eventually I felt I had no other option but to put an ad in the local paper for a roommate.

Oh I dreaded doing that.

Because . .

I was afraid.

Do you want to know what happened next? You have to come back to find out! We have some very exciting events ahead!

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Have a Great and Godly day!

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Memorial to A Loved One

Tribute to A Loved One

It is with a heavy heart I write tonight.

We lost a treasured member of our family.

horse, beloved horse, loved one

Chili at 29 years old!

She came into our lives because of prayer and many miracles.

She was Mika’s horse for 8 years, but after Mika’s second year of college and a new horse, Chili adopted me.

If you’ve never been close to a horse you can’t grasp the depth of their love.

Their dedication to their loved ones.

Even their jealousy and depression.

Chili was dedicated to Mika. Had lifted her up when she was down, taught her things, and loved her. But when Mika got a new horse, Chili stopped coming into the barn and mopped around like a lost puppy. She slowly grew depressed and resentful towards Mika.

Out of pity I started walking out in the pasture to scratch her and love on her. It took me several months to gain her trust but eventually she decided I was ok and she would allow me to be her human.

From that point on she would follow me around like a dog. When I stopped she would almost push me over for attention. And without saying a word beg me to scratch or rub her.

And she enjoyed a good massage as much as you or I. Because of her troubled past she had knots in her neck muscles. She would press her neck against my chest and stand there. If I didn’t start rubbing she would put her head and neck over my shoulder and push down until I gave in and started rubbing.

I’ve had several amazing horses, but she was a one of a kind.

She would love on you till she almost knocked you down, but you always had to watch her because if you didn’t scratch her enough, or something didn’t sit just right, she would kick you.    Hard!

You could never ignore her that’s for sure!

Chili Was Our (First) Miracle Horse

She was a walking miracle.

And it took several miracles for her to walk into our lives.

She was flipped over backwards in a freak accident when she was three and shatter her withers. And a freak set of circumstances kept her alive.

When she lived through the initial accident, her owner at the time prayed over her every day for three years until she was healed.

Seven years later God brought her into our lives again through prayer and miracles.

Consequently she was a walking miracle in my opinion.

She was a tremendous competitor and an incredible teacher for my daughter. She taught her about being competitive, but also about collection, flexion, suppling, how to control every body part seperatly, or together, lead changes, rate of speed, showmanship, horsemanship, and animal husbandry like no other horse I had. She taught her about barrel racing, western pleasure, working cowhorse, and how a little horse could have a giant stride. A combination very few horses could do.

She was unique!

loved one, beloved horse

Mika and Chili

Therapy Horse

And she was the best therapy I could buy.

When Mika had surgery after blowing both her ACLs in different basketball games I would come home from work and . . . no Mika on the couch, no Mika in her room, no Mika in the house.

She was at the barn. Laying on Chili with her knee in this huge, bulky, brace thing.

When Mika had surgery on her spine, as soon as she could move, guess where I found her. . .

Yep, on Chili.

They were best friends.

She was my daughter’s confidant.

And then she became mine.

She knew when I was having a bad day and would lean a little harder. Force me to stop thinking about whatever was eating at me, and scratch her. Love on her.

Her healing love was . . .






Life changing

She helped me look at adversity with new eyes.

She should never have accomplished what she did without any withers.

Oh, I almost forgot, and a broken coffin bone!

We didn’t even know she had that until she had something wrong with her foot and the vet took an x-ray that revealed that the tip of her coffin bone had been broken off long before.

But she was a trouper and we would never have known if something else hadn’t happened and we had not taken that x-ray.

And if you’re a “horsey” person and are thinking, “Well why didn’t she have a pre-purchase exam? They would have found the broken coffin bone.” Yes, but with the broken withers she would never have passed the vet check. No vet in the world would have passed her. So why waste the money. Or the vet’s time.

I saw her true value even though to the world she was considered, “damaged,” “crippled”, and of no value.

But to us she was priceless.

To me especially.

She taught me about life.

About going on and striving to do your best no matter what the circumstances.

No matter what “life” has thrown at you, keep going. Keep trying. Keep striving to be and do better.

That your true value is what’s inside.

What you can share with those around you.

How much courage you have to go on in the face of adversity.

And how to share love and joy no matter what.

She did that for me, Mika, and anyone that had the privilege of knowing her.

She was, and to me, still is, and inspiration. And I promised her I will finish her story. She is my inspiration.

beloved horse, loved one, God, Jesus, miracles

Kristi and Chili just before Chili decided to buck!

I love you Chili.

You took a piece of my heart with you.

Go with God sweet mare. I’ll see you on the other side!

Did you have a beloved pet or animal you lost? Please tell me about them in the comments section below and create a tribute to them as well!

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Have a Great and Godly day!

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3 Simple Step to Miracles In YOUR Life

For First Time Miracles Zone Readers:

This is Post #11 in the Miracles Series

If you are new to this blog I encourage you to go back and read the previous 10 posts in the Miracle Series so this one makes better sense. Here are links to each of them:

Post #1  How To Experience  Miracles in Your Life

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Post # 10 How To Step Into The Miracle Zone 

Can You Truly Find Miracles?

Is that even a remote possibility?


You can find them every day. All you have to do is look with your spirit.

No matter what your circumstances are, miracles are happening all around you every day.

My year of miracles started last November when I lost my job and two of my three rental properties had been damaged and were in need of expensive repairs. I was broke.

No, I was . . .  BROKE!

And I was broken.

My spirit was broken.

I was trusting God and making the best of a bad situation, but I was broken.

I knew in my head God would turn things around, and I spoke those words no matter how down I got. But my heart was crying out every day in anguish.

But now, as I look back, that is when my Miracle Zone began.

I’ve walked you though many of my incredible miracles and I won’t bore you with them again here. If you need a refresher the links are above.

With the next posts I want to bring you current in my miracle walk, but challenge you to start living your life in the miracle zone.

December Can Be Hard

We are all  human. And most of us with a little age have lost at least one loved one.

And that can make the holidays difficult.

Having lost both my Mom and my Dad during the holidays it makes this a challenging time of year for me.


But this year is different.  This entire year has been about one miracle after another. And while I do miss Mom and Dad, my life has been transformed over the past year. I had to walk through some dark and lonely times. But God was working in me, in my circumstances, and in my family.

This December, my most treasured miracle of all, and why I believe God shut all the doors in Delta County, and opened ones in Cortez and shoved me through them, is my precious grand daughter Rossi (and for those who have asked, her name is pronounced Ross-E, like my name). I live fifteen minutes away and see her almost every day.

miracles, love, family, holidays, happiness

My Miracle Family! Rossi, Mommy Mika, and Daddy Hardy


miracles, love, family, grand children

A Living Breathing Miracle!

miracles, family, horses, grand children

My Miracles

I took these photos Thanksgiving weekend, in the pasture where I live, and it was an incredibly special afternoon!

The love and joy was overflowing and the beauty was breathtaking. And none of this would have been possible if I had not trusted God and kept moving forward this year.

It’s All Attitude Baby!

Many miracles led to that afternoon of photos.

And I’m humbled and honored to have experienced each one.

But I could just as easily have missed all those miracles.

I could have been so wrapped up in the difficulty of the various situations I would have missed the amazing miracles happening all around me.

But thankfully this year has opened my eyes and taught me in an intimate way to do a few very important steps. Steps that I encourage you to do from this moment forward.

Steps To Miracles:

  • Seek Out Joy!
  • Open your heart, pick your head up, and look for the amazing blessings that are right beneath your nose!
  • Look for the miracles in your life. But look with your heart more than you eyes

Even in the midst of my holiday blues there are still miracles all around me!

Because I LOOK for them!

I go out expecting to experience a miracle every day!

Every day I’m excited to see what miracle  God is going to bless me with today!

So my question for you today is, would you like to learn more about walking in the miracle zone? Will you open your heart to miracles? Will you join me on this incredible walk?

Please let me know what you think about this in the comments section below. Thank you!

Is 2015 YOUR Year Of Miracles?

If you are interested in learning more about Walking in the Miracle Zone I would like to invite you to join me  in Your Year Of Miracles, a training I have participated in that opened my eyes to the miracles in my life.  I hope you’ll check out this free event and consider joining me in the program in 2015!

God Bless!

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Are You In Need Of A Miracle?

A Miracle? Today? You bet!

I’m in need of them every day.

Who among us hasn’t asked for a miracle?

Have you?

Have you prayed for a miracle? Cried out to a known . . . or even an unknown God for one? Have you resorted to calling a physic? Totaled your numbers in numerology?

If you’re brave enough, I hope you’ll tell me about it in the comments section after reading this post.

All of these are us searching for help from outside ourselves. Something bigger than we are.

And this is Miracle Series Post #7

If you are new to this blog I would encourage you to follow these links and start at Miracle Series Post #1. Then read the others so this post will make better sense.  Here are links to the previous posts:

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Post #2  Who Wants Miracles In Their Life?

Post #3  What Happens When Miracles Don’t Look Pretty

Post #4  How Tragedy Can Create Miracles

Post #5  When Miracles Bring Transformation

 Post #6  What Do Miracles Look Like

Picking Up Where We Left Off

My last post brought you to March. We lost Rob, and my friend, Vicki, soon after. My misery paled in comparison to the gut wrenching heartache of people I now cared very deeply for. I started coming out of my emotional fog by praying for these two families.

It was about this time my daughter, Mika, gave me my, “comeuppance” .  She, not too delicately, told me my recent blog posts were a cop-out and I needed to be open and honest with what was going on in my life. She was right. I apologized in the post  Responsibility, I Let You Down.

In writing that post, I figured out why I had found every excuse in the world to not write anything. Looking at the truth was just too hard.

But after my miracle daughter re-opened my eyes, I started looking for God in the tiniest detail of every day. And I Found Him!

I found Him here, in the sunrise from my front door on a particularly difficult morning

miracles, miracles, God, God's love, family, love

The Miracle Sunrise

And here, in the miracle of my amazing, loving family.

miracles, love, God, family, horses

My Miracle family at the first barrel race of the season – Moab in April 2014

Hidden in that photo, under Mika’s blue sweat shirt, is the miracle of my precious grand daughter. The tiny creature who kept me clinging to my sanity as I sloshed my way through this move and transition to a new life, in a new place, a new job, as I struggled to find new friends . . .

And the old me.

The me that was confident, strong, a fighter, a survivor, happy, and content.

The only photo I had of my inspiration looked like a peanut. So our tiny baby was Grandma’s “Peanut” for months. And I clung to the love of that child, my daughter, and son-in-love as I climbed out of my dark night of the soul. And no, love was not a miss-spelled word.

miracles, love, family, God, Jesus

My Little Peanut

Together they carried me through.

No, that’s not totally right.

Their love, grounded in my love and trust in God, and His son, Jesus, carried me through.

And “Peanut” was my lifeline.

She kept everything in perspective.

And the funny thing is, we all new she was a she, long before we “knew” she was a she.


It’s All In How You Look At It

Life presents us with choices. So many choices.

We always have a choice to look at things from the positive, or from the negative.

We have the choice to do what’s right, or what’s wrong.

We have the choice to look up and see the rainbow  –

miracles, God, love, life lessons

Miracles of a Double Rainbow!

Or keep our head down and miss beauty all around us.

Spring had officially arrived and just like the grass, the trees, the flowers, and my new grand baby, I made the choice to come back to life.

Are You In Need Of A Miracle Today?

Have you ever suffered through a difficult time?

If so, I hope you will share your thoughts and how you coped in the “Comments section” below.  Your story may be just what someone reading this needs to hear.

And if you would like prayer, you can always contact  me personally through the website email.

Thank you faithful readers for letting me know you really ARE reading this series.  I was starting to worry that only the few brave souls leaving comments were!  I finally received some amazing phone calls and messages about the series this week. So I will keep writing.  So if you are enjoying these posts, but haven’t left me a comment, PLEASE DO!  That’s the only way I know you’re enjoying what I write.

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What Do Miracles Look Like?

Living Among Miracles

Post #6 Miracle Series

If you are new to this blog I hope you will go back and read the first five posts on miracles. It will help this one make better sense.   Here are the links:

Post #1  How To Experience  Miracles in Your Life

Post #2  Who Wants Miracles In Their Life?

Post #3  What Happens When Miracles Don’t Look Pretty

Post #4  How Tragedy Can Create Miracles

Post #5  When Miracles Bring Transformation

What does life look like from the middle of the Miracle Zone?

That’s a great question!

From first inspection it may looks like a lot of trouble. Often your are in the middle of the most chaotic  time of your life.

If you’ve followed this series you’ve heard me speak of the many miracles I expereinced to get to to where I am today. A miracle phone call with a total stranger offering me a job, miraculously in the very town where my newly pregnant daughter lived; emails miraculously dropping an amazing home and land for my horses in my lap; and over night a roommate to help pay the bills.  You’ve heard how a little daily devotional provided just the right words at just the right moment.  But you may not have picked up that the further into the miracles zone I traveled, the deeper I sank into depression and confusion.

This leads me to the hardest part of this story.

The hardest part of all my stories. But a part I think I need to share.

The part about depression.

That deep sadness that no one can really understand unless you’ve walked a thousand miles in those shoes.

Even in the middle of undeniable miracles, I was depressed.

I lived under a dark cloud of sadness.

Even though my daughter and her husband lived 20 minutes away, and I had a friend living in the same house, I was lonely.

I had left my home, friends, and rest of my family in Hotchkiss and Delta, and the only people I knew here were my daughter, son-in-law, and his family. And I didn’t want to bother them 24-7.

The Cave

miracles, God, Jesus, prayer

My Emotional Cave

Men are suppose to be the only ones that go into their cave.

But when trouble comes my way that is my M.O.

Do you know what M.O. stands for? It’s the abbreviation for the Latin phrase, “Modus Operandi”, or mode of operation.

Going into an emotional cave is defiantly my mode of operation.

When I’m stressed, hurting, or struggling with anything, I disappear.

Physically, and emotionally.

I shut down and tune out the world.

Others tend to look unfavorably on my behavior, but it is my way of surviving the really bad stuff life throws at us.

I go into my cave because I’m struggling to make it through whatever is going on. It’s where I go to focus on who and what can help me not only survive the current issues, but to thrive afterward.


So in the midst of the Miracle Zone with whirling emotions, traumatic transition, and vast internal emptiness, emotionally I ran to my cave.

But it can get extremely lonely in that cave.

Thankfully I had the hand of God reminding me to pray, to cling to Him, to refocus my attention off myself and onto Him.

And onto others.

Others struggling with hurts so huge no words can define them.

Man Down

A tragedy changed my prayers and my life while in my cave.

I watched in horror as an amazing family struggled with loss, despair, emptiness, worry, confusion, anger, misery, heartache, and heartbreak.

The family were friends of my daughter and son-in-law, but just acquaintances of mine. So I witnessed their tragedy through the eyes of my family and a heartbroken, amazing, mutual friend.

We prayed they would find him that day.

And the next.

And the next. . .

And I mean prayed Hard.

While his family, his wife, and his son worried, worried, worried. . .

Will we find him? Can we find him? What happens if it snows again? What happens if the avalanche runs again? And when it did, what happens if the snow melts too fast? What happens if it doesn’t melt?

They needed a few miracles of their own.

miracles, miracle zone, God, God's love, family, love

God Watched Over Our Friend

Every day they watched the mountain . . . and waited.

We cannot fathom the depth of despair that family went through.

But they faced it with incredible courage, grace, and dignity.

And unbeknownst to her, his wife pulled me out of my cave.

With her hurt and pain she reached into my emotional coma and pulled me back into life.

She was yet another miracle in my miracle zone.

Thank you.

Thank you for being the woman you are. A role model for grace under fire. Love in the midst of indescribable pain.

Courage and light in total darkness.

I tip my hat to you. And thank you for the amazing way you handled yourself . . .  and all of us.

Thank you for being such an inspiration and reminder of God’s care.

You and your entire family are still, and will remain, in my prayers!

You helped heal my heart, my emotions, and my life.

Thank you for being my personal miracle.

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How Tragedy Can Create Miracles

Miracles Post #4

If you are new to this blog, I recommend you read Miracle Series Post #1, #2, and #3 first. Here are the links:

Post #1  How To Experience Miracles In Your Life,

Post #2  Who Wants More Miracles In Their Life?,

Post #3 What Happens When Miracles Don’t Look Pretty

Time To Get On With Life

I had pouted around enough.

I prayed all the way to work that day, tried to start thinking positive thoughts, and did all the things you need to do to get your life moving in the right direction and in a positive manner.

The next morning I woke to this in my Jesus Calling daily devotional:

miracle, God, Jesus, tragedy

Devotional Page

“The way just ahead of you is very steep . . .  I am teaching you a difficult lesson, learned only by hardship.”  Well, at least I had that one figured out already.

It was time to get serious about applying a different attitude, finishing the move, and focus on getting my new life started.

Zombie Miracle Zone

When you walk in the miracle zone sometimes you just simply zone out. And you miss the amazing things that are happening all around you.

I didn’t feel like I fit in anywhere.

Hotchkiss was still home . . . but I didn’t have a home there any more.

I had a home in Cortez. But Cortez was closed and as cold as a hard winter’s snow. It felt like the community had a “No Trespassing” sign up for little ‘ol me.

miracles, God, God's love, Jesus, moving

How my life in Cortez felt

But I was determined to do something!

I was working full time in Cortez and would get permission to leave early Friday afternoon and dash over the mountains to Hotchkiss. Spend half the night working on my house there, then drive back to Delta, and spend the night with either my sister or my step-mom. Drive back to Hotchkiss the next morning and work all day, and half the night, packing and loading. Drive back to Delta to spend the night. Drive back to Hotchkiss Sunday morning and work till noon. Then load what I needed to take with me to Cortez and head out by 3:00 so I could hopefully make it to my driveway before dark.

I’d pull into the driveway, exhausted. Go to bed and head to work Monday morning all coffeed-up and as cheery as I could force myself to be.

I did this every weekend.

I felt like one of those mice in the spinning wheel cages. Running my guts out and not getting anywhere. I kept telling myself to just keep going, you’ll get there, even if you don’t know where there is.

Tragedy Opens Miracles

As I was working my way through my personal nightmare, two real nightmares occurred and put my pathetic attitude in quick perspective.

The first part of March a personal friend of my daughter and son-in-law and an acquaintance of mine was snowmobiling and got caught in an avalanche. They hunted for him till it snowed a week or so later. After the snow storm the officials determined the avalanche was going to run again and it was too dangerous to keep searching for him. Sure enough, the avalanche ran again, but then the officials determined the snow was too deep to be able to find him and they called off the search.

miracles, God, God's love, family, love

God’s Glory Protected Our Friend While He Waited On The Mountain

This amazing community suffered through the horrific ordeal along side the family. They raised money to hire special search teams, special helicopters, specially trained search and rescue dogs. They volunteered to keep searching no matter how deep the snow was. They prayed, they cried, they clung together. They tied yellow ribbons around trees, trucks, fence posts, and gates.

And we all vowed to not stop till Rob came home.

During all this, another family friend lost her battle with cancer. The community was crushed again. But all pulled together to carry yet another family through heartbreaking sadness.

Being new to the community, I stood in awe. Blown away by the loving support they gave these suffering families.

I was Deeply moved.

And ashamed of myself.

These people’s lives were torn to shreds.

And I was pouting about a move.

Their pain and suffering opened my eyes to the reality of how fortunate I was. I had my family. I had the people who loved me. I could reach out and hug them.

The evidence of my miracles came crashing into my reality.

I prayed for these people. And in the midst of their pain, I found new friends. Incredibly strong friends. Friends I will cherish for the rest of my life. Women I am honored to call my friends.

At this point my miracle zone took on a new and different reality.

I hope you come back tomorrow for Post #5 to find out what that reality was!

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Love and The World Coming To An End?

What? Love and the World Coming to an End?

I know you’re expecting Miracles Post #3 today, but I just saw this video and wanted to share it with you.   Talk about speaking truth.

This young man will touch your very soul.  If he doesn’t,  I will be worried about you!

During an interview about his viral video, #Princeea born Richard Williams, said he was thinking about death when he wrote the words.  He asked himself if he died this week what would he want his last words to be about.

The video talks about all the wrongs in our world today. But the ultimate message in the video is LOVE.  “Not the love in your favorite song, but real love.”

Love Matters Most

And that is why this video is interrupting my posts on miracles.

Love matters most.

Not love of money, certainly not empty physical, or as Prince Ea calls it “tweerking”.  But pure, true, meaningful, emotional, love.  The kind that God says if everything else disappears, will last.

Your Call To Action

I don’t ask you to do much.   But today I ask you to please take 3 minutes and 51 seconds and watch this incredible video.  Then please share the video with everyone you know and love!

I just did.  Will you?

Then take a few moments and tell me what you thought of the video in the comments section.   Please.  I want to know your thoughts and opinions on this.  I do not listen to rap. I’m a Christian and Country music lover. But this is too powerful to ignore.  At least I think so.

What do you think?

Thank you #PrinceEa  may “my God” bless you!

Click on the following link to view this incredible video:    Why I Think This World Should End – True Love by #Princeea


love you, God, love, heart

You have my heart!


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Who Wants Miracles in Their Life? Miracles Post #2

Miracle Series Post #2 – Link to Post #1

miracles, God, Jesus, family, moving, heartbreak

Was I really going to give up all this for a job? And a Grand Baby?

Miracles Start Rolling In

Sitting in my car at that gas station the realization that “God sure has a great sense of humor!” started to really sink in.

With my daughter and her husband’s announcement of their pregnancy, instantly I knew God had been working behind the scenes for months. My miracles were rolling in.

Miracle #1, a new job, miracle #2, that job was in the town where my only child lived, and miracle #3, she was pregnant with my first grandchild.

Suddenly, we all knew why God dropped this job in my lap!  But we had no idea how all this transition was going to work.

For years I had said, only slightly jokingly, that if Mika, my daughter, ever had a baby, I wanted to move closer so I wouldn’t have to battle the mountain passes in the winter. With their baby news, accepting the full time position and relocating was now my only option.

But I don’t travel light. I come with dogs, cats, horses, and a house full of huge, heavy furniture! Try finding a rental place for all that, on a budget! A Tight budget at that!  Good luck!

Experiencing God and His Miracles Can Be Confusing

I’ve always heard that when God moves everything is peaceful.  Well, in my best redneck language – Bull!

God was orchestrating all this. I knew that. But I felt like I was in the middle of a giant blender, turned on full speed, being sucked down towards the blades about to either be drowned, or be chopped into a million tiny pieces!

When the director first called and offered me the job I was headed to Cortez the next day to house/barn sit for Mika and Hardy while they went to a cattle convention. He and I agreed we should at least meet and see if we even liked each other. That was Tuesday and we would meet Friday morning before I headed back home.

Friday came and our meeting went great. He offered me part-time or full time, whichever I wanted. I wanted to pray over it and let him know.  He agreed to let me think about it and let him know on Monday. Keep in mind this is before we knew about Mika being pregnant.

As I drove out of Cortez the next day, I passed the little church that Mika and Hardy go to. The Pastor does Cowboy Church once a month for the community so he knows many of the ranchers in the area. Something told me to turn around and talk to him. But he wasn’t at the church. Sitting in the church parking lot I called him and asked if any of his members had a rental property.

He said yes, one of them did.

Rather than wait till I had made my decision about the job I decided to called the number the pastor had given me and talk to the family with the property for rent, just in case. They had 25 acres and a nice home for rent just a couple miles from where I was at. But the property actually belonged to their nephew who had taken a job in New Mexico. The Aunt and Uncle weren’t sure how much the rent would be but they thought $700 or $800. I thought I could rent my house for that so I turned around and met the people at the property. I figured I was right there so it wouldn’t hurt to look.

It was a beautiful little place with an older, but nice home, some out-buildings and pens, perfect for my horses, and a couple big metal sheds for vehicles and storage. All on 25 acres of high desert grass and cedars. I would like to have had some pasture, but it would work fine. I asked for the nephew’s number and told the Aunt and Uncle I would be interested in renting the property  if I decided to take the job.

Miracle #4 – Or so it appeared!

And Trouble Begins

The next few days were horrible! When it came right down to making the decision, I didn’t want to leave my life and start all over.

But I still needed the job and the reality of commuting was sinking in. Plus, Mika was being very difficult about the whole thing. She was just so moody.

Finally, I asked the director for an extra couple of days to make my decision. I don’t even remember all the excuses I gave, but he was incredibly patient with me and told me to take my time.

Boy did I.

That entire week I vacillated back and forth, yes I was going, no I wasn’t, yes I was moving, no I wasn’t.

But then came Sunday and the baby announcement.

Instantly, I was committed to moving and as soon as I hung up the phone with my daughter and son-in-law, I called and left a message on the director’s phone telling him I would take the full time position. As I left the message I felt relieved that God had led me to a rental place long before the job decision was made. I hung up from the director, called the property owner and asked where to send my deposit money.

The guy stuttered and stammered around and finally said he had called a property manager and they had told him the place should rent for $1800 a month.  He felt so bad that he would rent it to me for only $1400. WHAT?!  That was still double what we had agreed on. He told me he knew that, but since the property manager said that’s what the place should rent for, that’s what he wanted.

Faith Flew Out The Window

Needless to say, I did not rent the place, and my faith in the entire situation was shattered!

The house situation made me wonder if this job thing really was of God? Or was it all my imagination?

But I had a grand baby coming. And I had made a commitment to the director and would not go back on my word.  So house hunting became my obsession. Over the next two weeks I had several near misses but as my start date at the new job loomed closer and closer I had no place to live.

Finally, out of sheer desperation, I was considering living in a motel. The day before I was going to reserve my room I saw a one room cabin advertized on Craigslist for $400 a month. I figured it was cheaper than the motel and would buy me some time. I could leave the horses at the ranch for a little while and the cabin would let me get there and get to work. Then I could figure out the rest.

I called the number. The owner and I had a wonderful visit on the phone and I spoke for the cabin, sight unseen.  We exchanged email addresses and she was to email me her address for the first months rent.

During our conversation I found out she was a horse person, too. They had come to Colorado several years back and built their dream home and horse facility but then had to move to a lower altitude for her husband’s health. The cabin was on a corner of that property. She wished I could rent that place, with a large custom home on 40 acres of lush pasture, with a six stall horse barn, runs, paddocks, and a big hay barn. Basically my ideal property. But it was already rented. Too bad.

Living In The Midst of Miracles

Please remember that when all this started I had prayed, “Father God, you got me a job out of the blue, if this is really of you, I need the perfect place for me and all my animals.”

I had prayed for the perfect place, not a one room cabin. But at least I would have a roof over my head and a place I could cook my own breakfast. I breathed a sigh of relief and got serious about packing.

Please keep these things in mind as you travel through life:

  • The path to miracles can be cluttered with trouble.
  • Prayer should always be your navigation map!
  • Pray diligently, and then relax and trust.

Never Doubt Miracles

The next morning sure enough, I had an email from the cabin owner. But rather than giving me her mailing address, the email said, “Good morning Kristi. It was delightful to visit with you last night. Ironically, right after our phone call, a neighbor in Colorado emailed me photos of my place. The large horse property I told you about. The photos show the current renter is not taking care of the property.  I have it rented for $1400 a month, but if you would consider renting that property instead of the cabin I would take $900 for it. It’s a terrible mess, but I’m hoping you would consider that place rather than the cabin. And if you would help clean it up we would wave the damage deposit.”

Are you kidding?!? YES!  Of course I would! When can I come look at it?

Three days later I rented my dream place!
Miracle #4 – For Real this time!

To Be Continued . . .
Come back tomorrow for #3 in the Miracles Series!

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