Tribute to a Very Special Dog

I know many of you are waiting for the next post in the Healing Communication Series but my family suffered a loss this week and I want to honor our sweet dog, Brutus.  I promise to have the next Communication post up later today as well.

There’s Nothing Like the Love Of A Dog

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There is nothing more devoted than a dog

They love us unconditionally.

They love us when we’re happy, even more when we’re sad, they even love us when we’re unkind to them.

That was our Brutus.

Even though the cats were bigger than he was, he knew he was 10 foot tall and bullet proof!

And he loved his family enough to die for us.

He was our constant companion. Our little bull-headed, cow-herding, horse-chasing, doxie.

He was a constant fixture at our sides. He traveled more miles than most humans do in a lifetime. And he got to live the life of leisure, spending his summers in Colorado and his winters in Arizona.

He was one spoiled, wonderfully happy, pup!

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He loved being wrapped around your shoulders watching the scenery go by while driving.  Or snuggled against you under the covers at bed time.  If you moved around too much he’d growl and kick you, hard!

He was even the ring-bearer for Mika and Hardy’s wedding.  It was adorable!

Brutus went everywhere with us.  The barn, moving cattle, rodeos, cowboy church, you name, he was there. We had to lock him in a stall or tie him up when we rode because he would run around like a crazy man and try to follow our every move. If he got loose when Mika was practicing barrels, look out!  He would be hot on her heels the entire pattern! Silly dog!

He had a wonderful, love filled life. But over the last couple years his health had been declining.

We had all been preparing ourselves for the end. And I thought I was ready.

I wasn’t.

He loved his family.

All his family.

We were his world.

He brought us years of love and great joy. And now our world has a big empty hole in it.

Go with God sweet Brutus.

Enjoy those big green meadows on the other side of the rainbow bridge.

Love you!






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  1. Jan December 13, 2015 #

    I’m so sorry you lost your dog Kristi. Bill and I offer our condolences. Thank you for sharing this with us. He sounds like an amazing dog.


    • Kristi December 13, 2015 #

      Thank you Jan. Yes, he was an amazing dog. Thank you for your condolences.

  2. Kathy Glazner December 14, 2015 #


    So sorry, for your loss and I believe that is a true family member loss.Our Molly is now 10 yrs old and very gray. my best buddy , we have morning conversations while I am getting ready for work, and she waits for me outside the bathroom door while I am in the shower. She looks at me with those eyes like she just understands every word. As I type this with tears in my eyes again I am so sorry for your loss of a dear friend.

    • Kristi December 14, 2015 #

      Thank you Kathy. Brutus was like that. He was like another child. He was actually Mika’s dog, but when she went to college I inherited him. My life is changed because of him. I’ll be holding you in my heart when it’s your turn to suffer the loss. Enjoy every minute with her while you have her! They are rare jewels in our lives!
      Thank you!

  3. Mika December 14, 2015 #

    I had forgotten how I put him in my pocket of my coat n take him everywhere. Lol.
    Love u bruty!!

    • Kristi December 14, 2015 #

      Love our memories of him!

  4. Lois DeWaard December 14, 2015 #

    Condolences on your loss.

  5. Dwayne December 14, 2015 #

    I know Brutus had a special family. It’s hard losing a pet. But he will live on in your hearts! Knowing that you gave him a wonderful life should be, in a small way, comforting. It has been with me when I lost a four-legged companion. It doesn’t mean that I don’t think of them often, it just means that I am at peace knowing that they were cared for and loved.

    My thoughts are with you and your family during this sad time.

    • Kristi December 14, 2015 #

      Thank you Dwayne. Yes, you’re right. He did have a great family and a great life. He was blessed as he blessed us. Thank you!

  6. Trish December 14, 2015 #

    Kristi….I’m sorry you’ve suffered another loss. Brutus couldn’t have had a better life. He sounds like he lived life to the fullest. Love ya.

    • Kristi December 14, 2015 #

      Thank you Trish. As hard as it is to loose him, he did have a good life. He blessed us as we blessed him. Mika and I were able to talk about memories today and not cry. That helped. Not so strong right now though. I miss him curled up in my lap. But his mental health had failed so badly, I should have been more prepared. I thought I was, but I guess we never really are.
      Thank you Trigger! Love you!

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    • Kristi Ross June 26, 2017 #

      Thank you! May I ask who you are and how you found the site?

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