Trust On A Saturday, The Day After Good Friday

Trust On A Saturday????

Welcome back!

Whewwww!  We didn’t fall off the cliff and into the river below! But I’m hoping you did experience the emotions of being caught in a very difficult situation with no where to go and no way to forge ahead on your own.

If you didn’t, please click HERE to go back and re-read the previous post. Or if you are new to this blog or the Trust Series, please click on this link:  Why Trust Matters in 2017 and go back to the first post. Otherwise you’ll be totally lost on our little field trip today.

Because today we are going to take a deviation from our 2017 trust walk to go back in time.

Way back.

Roughly 2020 years back.

Trust Time Travel

Can you imagine how Jesus’ disciples and the thousands of followers who thought he was the “Messiah” felt today?

Today . . . the day after they had seen their so called “Savior” beaten almost unrecognizable, hung naked, yes naked, because that’s how the Romans did it, on a cross and then die a hideous death?

Talk about destroying ones trust!

How would you have felt?


Lied to?

Made a fool of?




I know I would have.

That experience would have been like living out the ultimate betrayal.

Walk A Mile In Their Shoes

Let’s put ourselves in their shoes and live it for a minute –

You’re sitting in the dark with your head in your hands. You’re sick to your stomach.

You can’t believe what’s going on.

The charismatic guy who said he was “the way, the truth, and the life” that you thought was going to save the world and oust the cruel Romans and their soldiers from your homeland – is dead.

The same guy you told all your family and friends about how amazing he was, a few hours ago was arrested, accused, beaten like a criminal, hung on a cross, and now . . . is dead.

And with him, your dreams.

Talk about an empty end to someone you thought was a hero.

Stone, cold, dead.

In a tomb, behind a rock that those same Roman Soldier’s rolled in place, and are now guarding.

And because you had been his follower, and truly believed in him – because you had witnessed miracle after miracle  –  you’re afraid for you own life!


Now instead of following “that guy” as he talked about God and healing, right and wrong, you had to run from the city last night to save your own skin and are hiding out in a cave, hoping no one finds you.

You can’t even grieve for the guy, that you really did care about, because you’re too confused and scared.

Pretty good way to destroy trust wouldn’t you say?

You swear you’ll never trust anyone again.


Rightfully so.

You’ve been lied to and deceived.

Neglected and abandoned.

At the very worst of times.

I can almost hear what’s going through your head right now, “I should have known better! Why did I listen to that guy? What a load of . . .”

But wait . . . didn’t he say something about having to die?

Oh no! There’s someone outside the cave. . .

I’ll stop talking so you can go find a better hiding place.

Let’s talk more tomorrow.


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  1. willa Holgate April 16, 2017 #

    Happy Easter my friend 🙂 Great description – it felt like I was there. My eyes teared up and my heart felt the pang of grief and loss. Thank goodness I know the rest of the story!
    All my love, Willa

    • Kristi Ross April 17, 2017 #

      Happy Easter Willa! Thank you dear friend! And yes, aren’t we glad we know “the rest of the story”! But there are people out there that don’t and we have a responsibility to share it. So I ask you to please share the link on Facebook and hopefully someone, somewhere that needs to hear this, will!
      Love you!

  2. Dwayne Reeder April 16, 2017 #

    Oh my goodness! This really hit me hard. I have a lump in my throat. This is exactly what I would have thought. Even in 2017 I would’ve thought the same. It seems nothing changes with regard to our feelings of the issue at hand, except that we know the outcome. I’m glad I’m living in the year 2017 and not the year 33.

    For some reason I have mourned this year as if I had lost someone close, like a family member. Can you imagine what our disciples and followers more than 2000 years ago felt. It would’ve been multiplied infinitely, because they were not sure of the outcome. They did not have the Gospels.

    Thank you Kristi! You’ve brought to life the true emotions of our frail existence. Without God we are nothing. Emotions of our frail existence. Without God we are nothing, alone. Alone!

    • Kristi Ross April 17, 2017 #

      Oh Dwayne, I’m glad you enjoyed this post. I know what you mean. It gets me every year. I think worse every year too. But. . . there’s more to the story!


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