What Do You Think Heaven Is Like?

What Do You Think Heaven Is Like?

Now that is an interesting question isn’t it?

Today we have many published books about people that have died and gone to Heaven. They tell us about going to a brilliant light. One of my favorites is “Heaven is For Real“. It is the true story of Colton Burpo, a little boy that died during an emergency surgery for a ruptured appendix.

He gives vivid details of how Jesus loves us in his wonderful description of Heaven, God, and Jesus. It is one of those, “Out of the mouths of babes” kind of stories.  His own family was blown away when he told about Jesus holding him on his lap while he was in surgery.

He describes what his mom and his dad were doing during the surgery, even though they were in different rooms far from the operating room. The dad was locked in the bathroom, mad at God for taking his son. It’s a great book. If you haven’t read it I highly recommend it! You will soon find it on My Book Table.

Today’s topic, What Do You Think Heaven is Like, comes from another day on the mountain.

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We had to give booster shots today to the soon-to-be-weaned, not-so-baby-anymore, calves. The vaccinations are similar to those you give a human baby. They keep the calves from getting the flu and several  strains of respiratory disease common among cattle.

cattle, horses, horse back riding, God, Jesus, Heaven,happiness, joy, mountains, cattle drive, dude riders, picnic


It was an incredibly beautiful day. The cattle worked easy and we finished vaccinating two big punches early in the afternoon.

Afterwards Mika, Hardy, and I took our horses to the creek to water them. When they were done drinking we turned them loose to graze for a bit and the three of us laid on the creek bank relaxing and enjoying the beauty of the day as we talked, laughed, and simply enjoyed being a family.

Here was my view laying on my back in the grass, beside the gentle little creek, looking up at the amazing sky. It was so warm and relaxing. Truly an epic moment!

cattle, horses, God, Jesus, love, happiness, joy, mountains, cattle drive, dude riders, picnic

My View Creek-side

I made the comment that I hoped this is what Heaven will be like.

I hope on any given day I can have my family with me, riding our horses wherever we want to, then be able to turn our horses loose to water and graze nearby as we lay down in the lush green grass beside the little bubbling creek, and just enjoy soaking up the sunshine.

Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

What do you hope Heaven is like?



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  1. Crystal September 20, 2013 #

    Yes, Kristi, I often think the same way about heaven! Although it is sometimes hard to imagine heaven being any better than laying on your back drinking in the sites, sounds and smells of His wonderful creation, surrounded by loved ones, the Scriptures tell us that it will be even better than ANYTHING that we can think or imagine! Wow! What an awesome God we do have! Thanks for your sweet posts. Love that you get to work with the cows and horses and follow your dreams and passions!

    • Kristi Ross September 22, 2013 #

      Hi Crystal!
      Thank you so much for your wonderful comment! It means more to me than you will ever know! It is the only way I have to gauge if what I’m writing is touching people or is foolishness. My writing really does depend on comments like yours! Thank you!

      Don’t you just love God?! He is so awesome! The way He works things for our good no matter how foolish we humans get is amazing to me. And, yes, we can only imagine how incredible Heaven will be. But, yes, also, this weekend was incredible. I am so spoiled! I just thank God and give Him all the credit everyday. He is a great God and I’m sure glad we have Him on our side!

      Have a great and Godly evening!

      God Bless,

  2. Michael Scheetz September 20, 2013 #

    I loved this contemplation. Not only is there heavenly beauty to enjoy, but I believe that there is heavenly joy in work and service. Taking care of the cattle, riding on horses, laboring with those that you love… it is all encompassing. I think heaven will include service and labor.

    Kristi, your observations and your ability to share your feelings are inspiring.

    • Kristi Ross September 22, 2013 #

      Hi Michael,
      Thank you so much for sharing your comment! You have no idea how special it is for me to have comments on my posts! That is the only way I know if anyone is even reading them, and what you think of them. THANK YOU!!

      And thank you for your analogy of Heaven. I have to agree. My Mom always said idol hands are the devils playground. I think she was right. Besides it’s in the Bible, we must work if we want to eat. Sounds pretty important to me! So I think you are right on!

      Thank you again for your wonderful, and generous comments!

      God Bless,

  3. Willa September 20, 2013 #

    Sounds to me like you are living in heaven right now:) Awesome!!! What kind of place would this mound of dirt we call earth be if we were all in our own place of heaven right now – content in the fulfillment of His purpose for us. That’s what enjoying the journey is all about! And YOU are there, baby!

  4. Heather September 20, 2013 #

    I really enjoyed this one Kristi. You are doing a great job with your blog. I look forward to your posts.

    • Kristi Ross September 22, 2013 #

      Hi Heather! Oh I am SO excited to know you are following my posts! To have my family and loved ones on here means so much to me! Thank you for letting me know! And for your sweet, supportive comment! That is the only way I know someone is reading the posts. So to get your comment deeply touches me! Thank you!
      God Bless,

  5. Mark B. September 20, 2013 #

    WOW! Don’t get me started on this subject. I could talk about the joys and beauties of Heaven forever. But what makes it so special to me is all my loved ones who are there to greet me when I get home. Dad, sis, little brother, mom, both sets of grand parents, uncle Bob, and dear friends. It’s gonna be a family reunion with no more parting, pain, tears… Even so come Lord Jesus! Thanks Kristi! Love Ya!

    • Kristi Ross September 22, 2013 #

      Hi Mark! Oh but I love to get you started on Heaven! Like you I can’t wait! But at the same time I’m sure enjoying the ride on this ball of dirt right now too so… I guess I’ll stay here till He takes me home, and oh what a homecoming it will be!
      Thanks Mark! Love you!

  6. Roger September 23, 2013 #

    Kristi, enjoyed your post. We have a tendency to take our best times – in the beauty of nature or with dear family and friends – and equate that with heaven, or at least use that as a basis for what it might be like. Nothing wrong with that at all, and undoubtedly heaven will in some ways be a perfected extension of the best here. But more, as Crystal said, there will be opportunities, experiences and dimensions we cannot even imagine. (I Cor. 2:9). Yes, our God is indeed awesome (in the highest sense of that overused word).

    • Kristi Ross September 23, 2013 #

      Hi Roger,
      I am thrilled to know you read my blog post! And I appreciate your thoughts and input. You made me think and reexamine my personal perspective. That’s a great thing! Thank you.

      I agree Heaven could be an extension of the best of what we have here. In this life when we are working within our God given gifts are the best times. Writing, riding my horses, sharing ProArgi9 are not work to me. These are all joys to me. We won’t need PA on the other side, but whose to say it couldn’t be the same for riding or writing? I am excited to see what He has prepared for us, but as your quoted scripture says, “What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived the things God has prepared for those of us who love Him.”

      Thank you again for your comment! by the way, that is the only way I know people are reading my posts. I am thrilled you checked it out and I hope you will consider subscribing so you received notification of future blog posts and book updates.

      God Bless,


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