Where Can You Find A Miracle?

What? A Miracle Can Be Found? Really? Where?

PLEASE NOTE:  This is Post #8 in the Miracle Series

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Miracle In My Own Backyard

Spring had finally arrived.

Every year when the first calf is born I know I have survived yet another Colorado winter, and spring is officially here.  Long before the calendar says it is.

But this year, that first calf came without so much as a glance.  Because I was in the middle of my move and totally oblivious to my usual joy markers.

But when the hummingbirds returned and started dive-bombing the house, I perked up. They forced me to get up and make them food.

Honestly, they did.

They would sit outside and stare at you. Waiting. . .

Till you finally got up and made the food, put it in the bottles, and hung it out there for them.  Even if there were fruit trees blooming everywhere. They let you know they wanted their food!

They are so darn cute.

miracle, hummingbird, backyard

One Cold Little Hummingbird


But then a late, wet, snow storm hit. And it looked like Christmas morning.


miracles, God, snow

One Snowy Backyard

If you look closely, you’ll see that isn’t a part of the house beside our little feathered friend . . . It’s a snow cornice!

miracle, God, Jesus, hummingbird

The Reason He’s One Cold Hummingbird

Interestingly, the snow beckoned me. I put on my house-slippers and headed out to take photos of the snow.

The snow blanketed everything.

Clean, cold, and crisp.

But the snow had protected the delicate little flowers from the initial cold. They were pristine under their blanket of white. It was a miracle.

A beautiful miracle.

miracle, blossom, God

Miracle in the Backyard

There it was, a miracle in my own backyard.

Miracle after miracle of delicate flowers, wrapped in a protective coating of snow. Against a vivid blue Colorado sky.

It was stunning.

The beauty hurt my eyes.

And lifted my heart!

Standing there in my bathrobe and house-slippers I was exhilarated for the first time in months.

I received a miracle in my very own backyard.

Have you looked for a miracle in your backyard? Or neighborhood? Or a nearby pasture, or garden?

Please remember to pick your head up from your cell phone today and look for you very own miracle.

I hope you’ll share with us where you “find” miracles in the comments section!

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  1. Mika October 27, 2014 #

    Wow those r beautiful pictures!!!

    • Kristi Ross October 27, 2014 #

      Thank you Mika! I appreciate that so much! I find it interesting how much I love the photography piece of all this.
      Thank you love!

  2. Bill H October 28, 2014 #

    Thank you Kristi…I love this series- by opening up and telling your story you have, unknowingly perhaps, have asked each of us to examine ourselves. If we are honest with ourselves in some way we are all surrounded by miracles-all that is required is that we put down the phone, turn off the TV, close the laptop, and take a look around…

    Pay attention to where you live- God has created masterpieces in the most unlikely places

    Pay attention to who you are with- look at them to understand the depth of their feelings, listen to them in order to understand, not simply to reply

    Slow down…how much time do you spend every day doing things that truly don’t really matter? Establish priorities and keep them.

    Smile and take control of what you can control- 95% of the things we get worked up over are beyond our control. Cut off in traffic? Give thanks that there wasn’t an accident. Delayed at the Dr’s Office? Who knows what the people ahead of you are dealing with. Sick of political ads? Turn off the latest “reality” show and count your blessings that we have the ability to choose our leaders.

    And most of all give Thanks for RIGHT NOW- Chances are no matter the situation, someone close to you is facing bigger problems.

    Love you-keep writing 🙂

    • Kristi October 28, 2014 #

      Well Bill, you just voiced what I had prayed would happen! Ad you know from our conversations, this entire process has been a difficult, and scary one for me. But to have you voice my exact prayer over my writing is conformation God is using this to work in people’s lives. If one person was changed, one person saved, all of it would be worth it.
      Thank you for sharing this! My work here is done.

      OK . . . maybe not 😉
      Love you! ! !


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