Why Are Life Lessons Important?

What  Makes Life Lessons Important?

Life lessons are hard things to learn because we usually have to live through trauma to gain them. But once we learn the lesson, we hope to can keep them close to our heart, and actually remember them the next time.

Unfortunately, my short term memory was damaged in my horse wreck all those years ago and I often forget my most important life lessons!  I really can blame brain damage! 

MIA (Missing In Action)

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’ve missed posting for a few weeks again.  This is because my world has been thrown into turmoil, again.

All because I forgot one of my most vital life lessons.

This summer I have been recovering from the trauma of leaving my home, family, friends, ranch, and life in Hotchkiss behind, to move to Cortez.  I have been incredibly busy working full time, dashing home to irrigate, and sort of settle into the place I rented. In the process, I’ve fallen in love with being near my daughter and son-in-law, the area, and the people here.

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My Family Moving Cattle

The place I live has been a challenge. Ditches have not been maintained and I struggled to get water anywhere. But it is finally an emerald green oasis. And I love it. I come home to a little paradise of my animals, wildlife, great neighbors, and beautiful scenery.

Filly, life lessons, beautiful sceenery

Little Rosita playing in the grass with Momma


This may sound crazy, but I love irrigating.  The feeling of accomplishment you get when you walk through a pasture and watch the grass grow every day is amazing. And to have these two with me to entire way is so fun!  It’s normal

life lessons, cat, dog, pasture, irrigation, water, Colorado beauty

My Irrigation Buddies – Pepper the blind Heeler, and Baby, my barn cat!

for a dog to follow you up, around, over, and through the water, but a cat? Yes, a cat! He follows me the entire time and if I get too far ahead he starts meeeeooowwwing like crazy till I slow down and let him navigate his way to catch up!  He’s a hoot!

life lesson, cat, grass, irrigation

Irrigating Cat In Grass

As you can see life has been getting better and better.


But three weeks ago the rug got jerked out from under me and my newly constructed little world came tumbling down around my ears.

Lark, my roommate, told me she is moving back to Delta County.  She has a glass art job and needs to be near her carving booth to complete it.

No roommate, no money to help pay the rent.  I fell into panic mode!  Big time!

I can handle the rent in the summer, but with winter looming near I know how much it takes to heat the house I’m living in and it scared me to death!  But rather than stop and pray, I ran and called. I call it “Go to the Thrown, Not the Phone”. It is my most important life lesson.

But did I do that?


I called everyone I could think of asking if they knew of a new place to rent, or if they knew of anyone that was looking for a roommate.  I found several places to move to, but none of them would allow horses. Several people knew people looking for roommates, but every one of them had found a place, “last night” or “last week”.

So what did I do?

Freaked out more.

I knew God provided this place.  He literally led me to it and dropped it in my lap. I knew He would lead me to a better one if that was what I was meant to do.  But with a Grand-baby coming in a month I couldn’t allow my personal drama to disrupt my daughter and son-in-law’s lives.  So I quietly tried to work out my housing situation.

But you know what?  I forgot the most important life lesson I’ve ever learned.  I forgot to stop and pray. Oh sure, I did the little rapid fire surface prayers. But not the fasting, hit your knees, and really seek God, kind of prayers.

From years of surviving what life throws at me I’ve learned this is one of the most important life lessons of all.  Stop and pray.  Hard. Deep prayers.  The kind that build trust. And patience. The kind where you heart hurts you are praying so hard.

Prayer that shows you realize how small, weak, and fragile you are.  The kind that makes God sit up and say, “Well, finally! Well done my child. Give that problem to me and let me work it out for you.”

Finally I remembered my most important life lesson. Fasting, while seeking God with all my heart. It’s a beautiful place to be.

And I know God’s listening . . . and working.

Would you share with me your own important life lessons? I need them right now!

Thank you and God Bless you!


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  1. Lou August 15, 2014 #

    Well, well, well, there you are! My wife and I have been wondering what was going on with you. I told her something was up. It’s good to hear from you and to know how we should be praying for you. Thanks for getting us back in the loop.

    As for my greatest life lesson, remember to put the seat back down! And that lesson led to life lesson #2 – If momma ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy!

    God bless you! Stay in touch!.

    • Kristi August 15, 2014 #

      Hello Lou! Thank you for thinking of me during me little leave of absence! I appreciate the concern more than you have any idea. And I REALLY APPRECIATE the prayers!

      I LOVE your life lessons! Those are wonderful! Since I don’t have to worry about the 1st, I’ll focus on the 2nd!
      Thank you and God bless you and your sweet wife!

  2. Dave Knob August 16, 2014 #

    Kristi, I was so moved by this post. I know God truly wants to help us through our tough times, but He waits for us to ask for his help. If you seek His council with a true heart and are righteous you will find He always helps. Vickie and I will pray for you to get what you need. As far as life lessons go my biggest lesson is to never give up on what you want and keep dreaming.

    • Kristi Ross August 20, 2014 #

      Thank you Dave! I’m honored this post touched you. Your comment has encouraged me like you have no idea! I appreciate your prayers so much. They really do make things happen. And I will follow your life lesson and never give up on my dreams. Thank you! God bless you and Vickie!

  3. Vickie Knob August 16, 2014 #


    Dave and I have struggled with this very thing on a constant basis. I know exactly how you feel. One of the important lessons I’m learning from all of this is that God will supply all of our NEEDS, not necessarily our wants. Do we do with a little less food? Yes, but that’s not like starving. Do we turn down invitations to go places? Sometimes, but he still helps us to maintain the important relationships so that we can continue his work.
    God is good and He has plans for all of us, my go to scripture right now is Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future.”
    Blessings, Vickie

    • Kristi Ross August 20, 2014 #

      Oh Vickie, your comment touched my very heart. Thank you! I know that when we are trying to work for God we scare the wicked one and it puts a target on our backs. Oh well. We’ll just keep pressing on becuase ev en if we do have to give up some things, He does have a plan for us and He will prosper us! Thank you and God bless you and your wonderful family, Kristi

  4. Kathy August 18, 2014 #

    Hi Kristi: Not sure why life lessons have to be so HARD sometimes, and why sometimes those lessons really can be unfair. One thing I have learned thru the trail of hard knocks. God will answer our prayers in his own time, ?? and just when we think he is not listening an answer comes, and there are times when that answer isnt what we thought it should be (imagine that) but as time moves on that answer becomes clear . We arent suppose to know or maybe even understand, JUST TRUST.

    • Kristi Ross August 20, 2014 #

      WOW have we learned this in the last couple of weeks!! But the best thing is the harder the lesson, the greater the reward afterward. It’s always the darkest just before the dawn. And as Vickie Knob reminded me from Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope and a future.”
      Puts it all in perspective in those two sentences doesn’t it?! Thank God! It’s wonderful to know we can bask in that isn’t it?
      Blessings to you,

  5. Alexis March 2, 2018 #

    It was a lovely story, but it didn’t answer the title. What does make a life lesson important?


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