Why Trust Matters In Our Lives in 2017 And How To Start Building Trust

Building Trust

Welcome!  We’re learning about trust today. So glad you joined us!

Trust, building trust, building blocks

Building Blocks

I invite you to grab a cup of your favorite beverage, pull up a chair, and let’s have a conversation.  And I hope this is a two way conversation, please.  The only way for that to happen is for you to share your thoughts with me in the comments section below.

Before we get started on “Trust”, have you read the earlier posts in our “What Truly Matters in 2017″? If not, I encourage you to read them as well. Just click on the following links to those posts”

Happy 2017!

What Truly Matters In 2017

Ok, on to trust –

Why does trust matter?

Let’s think about that some. Why does trust matter?

It matters because it is one of our foundation character traits that others are built on.  Without trust we cannot love. When trust is destroyed what does it do? It shatters a relationship.

And to love and be loved is at our very core. The center of our being. Even those of us who have sworn they will never love again.

Do you know why we do that?

Becuase we were hurt.

Why were we hurt?

Because someone broke our trust.

How To Trust

so how on earth do we learn to build trust?

In each other?

In ourselves?

Well, trust me, it ain’t easy.

It takes work, time, dedication, and practice.


Yes, practice.

So first, let me ask you a question – who do you trust?

I hope you can think of at least two people you trust. If you have more than three or four you are a very lucky person. If you have 10 or more, we will address that in one of the upcoming posts so be sure to click on this link and SUBSCRIBE so you don’t miss that post!

And now –

Do You Trust God?

It was a simple question I started asking people a few months ago.

Many said yes.

Some gave me a blank stare. Eventually saying, “I don’t know.”

Several rolled their eyes and scoffed.

And a few gave me a flat out “No”.

The mixed responses didn’t surprise me, because, I’ve lived life both ways. That may surprise some of you, but it’s true. And one can only speak truth if they have looked at all sides of an issue or situation and have total understanding of it.

I’ve done that.

That’s why I can boldly make the following statements:

I trust God.

And –

Trusting God transforms lives.

I can say this with confidence because I’m living proof of it.

Child-like Trust

I was born into a “believing” family therefore, I had no choice but to go to church.  Every Sunday.

But going to church doesn’t make you a “believer”. It opens the door to hear about God, learn about Him and gain a basic understanding of what others think and say about Him. And to hear about His Son and how He died on the cross for us.

But being an independent sort, even as a child, I wasn’t that easy to sway.

My family lived out faith. We prayed over every meal. I said my prayers every night before bed. We read the Bible. And I heard all about how I had to accept Jesus as my Savior or. . . I was going to Hell.

At the ripe old age of 9, sitting in children’s choir, I decided it was time to tell God I believed in Him. I had to climb over an entire row of children and make my way to the front of the church to tell the pastor I wanted to accept God, and His Son, Jesus, as my Savior.

Thankfully, God never gave up on that little girl who have no idea what she was doing. It took all of my 45+ years of believing, turning my back on that belief, and experiencing life without “faith”, and coming back to that faith to learn just how little I know, and how deep God’s love for me really is.

Not Trusting

Not trusting God transforms lives almost as much as trusting and having faith. We all struggle, even those of us that have developed a deep and abiding trust in God.  We are human.  So we struggle at times.

And the most beautiful thing is, God knows we do. And He meets us right where we are.  He comes to us when we are running scared, shaking, and hiding from the world.  He comes to us when there is no light.  When we have given up. He’s there. He’s the one that carry’s us in those dark and painful times of walking away from Him, rather than to Him.

He is quietly there, waiting patiently, smiling as a parent watching a child struggling with a “Me Do It” moment.

And trust me when I say this, I’ve had many “me do it” moments!

There are so many things I wish I could explain to you.  So many feelings in my heart right now.  I completely understand how we can doubt God.  Because I’ve been there, done that, bought the t-shirt. Trust takes courage.  Tons of it at times.  Far more that is humanly possible.  Faith takes, other worldly, courage.

And that is what we will be discussing in our next post!

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  1. Chris February 27, 2017 #

    Thank you for writing this series Kristi. I have followed your blog for some time, but this series caused me to finally subscribe. I know you will have tremendous insight into “Trust”, which I do not do. I was burned so badly by my ex that I find I don’t trust anyone. Even my own family at times. That’s a sad thing. So I’m reaching out and clinging to the hope that you will teach me how to change and learn to trust again.

    Thank you and God bless you for sharing your heart with us. You may not know me, but I feel like I’ve seen a glimpse into your very heart with several of your previous posts. Thank yo for truly caring about us.

    • Kristi Ross February 27, 2017 #

      Hi Chris!
      First, thank you for subscribing! I’m always deeply touched when someone puts enough “trust” in me to become a subscriber! Thank you!

      Second, thank you SO MUCH for writing your comment! That is why I love when people subscribe and start to communicate with me one on one. True, we may not know each other out in the “world”, but we now connected here and that’s a good place to start! And with that connection we can start to build “trust” in each other. So see, you are already practicing growing trust. And I know just how hard that was for you because my ex did a number on me and destroyed my trust. But worse, I kept picking guys that continued to stomp all over my heart and completely destroyed my ability to trust anyone outside my tiny, inner circle of family and a few close friends. But because of that, and having to re-learn how to trust, it led me to write this series. Therefore, I am thrilled that you have decided to join me on this journey back to “trust”! Please continue to comment so we truly can have “communication” with each other as we grow in our trust!
      Have a BLESSED day my new friend!

  2. Brenda February 27, 2017 #

    Kristie, this makes me think of 2 Corinthians 12:9–God’s power is made perfect despite our weaknesses. In spite of my own doubts, issues, sins, etc., God CAN and DOES use me and other weak and sinful people to His glory. When we look at Abraham, David, or any other person in the Bible that we think we’re individuals of trust and faith in God, we find they had many weaknesses. Somehow we overlook those and hold ourselves to a higher standard. I am SO thankful my loving Father has a plan and can use me despite all my failures!

    Keep up the good work, sister! I am thankful for the perspectives you share. I appreciate you!

    • Kristi February 28, 2017 #

      Amen Brenda! Such a prefect analogy! And I completely agree, the Bible is full of flawed people that God used in mighty ways. We just have to learn to surrender to Him and trust Him.
      And thank you for your encouraging support! It means the world to me! I appreciate YOU!!
      Be Blessed my friend!

  3. Dwayne February 27, 2017 #

    I don’t know why, other than my complete trust in God, that I trust everyone. I know that He is with me at all times and that if anything were to happen He would protect me, even if I lay down my life.

    That doesn’t mean I don’t have my walls up and protective armor on (the protective armor of God), but now that I think of it there are varying degrees of trust. My home is a sanctuary and there are a limited number of people that gain access. However, on the outside world there are a few that I don’t trust.

    Maybe I have the gift of discernment, which automatically and without a conscious effort selects those who are not a threat, while avoiding the rest. Or on the other hand, do others simply know that I trust them from the beginning and therefore reciprocate?

    This seems to be a deeper subject than I first thought as I read the title of this post, “Why Trust Matters In Our Lives in 2017 And How To Start Building Trust.”

    So, as I read through this thought-provoking blog, I’ve decided I trust everyone with very degrees depending where we are in our relationship. And I draw strength from the many verses in the Bible that pertain to this subject matter that help sustain and develop trust.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences with regard to this intellectual/spiritual/psychological issue. And I to, believe that trust is a fundamental and necessary part of a relationship.

    • Kristi February 28, 2017 #

      Thank you for your thought provoking comments Dwayne! You always make me think and rethink my own thoughts. I had a post prepared for those of us that can be too trusting, but you have caused me to pause and reflect. I will pray over your comments before I rewrite my future post! Thanks for sharing this!


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