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Does Prayer Really Work?

Many People Ask Does #Prayer Really Work?

prayer, God, Jesus

You bet it does!

I’m living proof of that!

And God’s Timing Is Incredible!

As I shared in last weeks post, my new roommate, Joyce, moved in in October, and we had to buy our first propane of the winter in November.  She had moved all the way from Tennessee because of prayer! And I let a total stranger move into my house, and bought her a new bed, because of prayer.


I guaranty you it felt crazy!

But it also felt right.

Very right.

Prayer Carried A Woman 1500 Miles To My Doorstep

Understandably my new roommate was a bit cautious of me. And I of her. We liked each other and we both knew the Lord had a hand in getting her into my home, but still we were cautious of each other.

Because of that caution my new roommate didn’t move everything right in from her car. Each night she felt a little more comfortable and brought in a few more little things. But only little things.

It took nearly a month before she finally decided she wasn’t in danger, I wasn’t going to steal her belongs, nor was I going to turn crazy and kick her out. At that point she got serious about unpacking her car.

I was at work when she found it.

The road map. Her road map. The one she had told me about the first day I met her. She called and asked if she could come show me something. Of course I said yes.

In her normal, annoyingly prompt manner, she was there in 5 minutes and came rushing through my office door.

She had tears in her eyes as she opened the map to the Colorado page and showed me the red dot on the map that had brought her here. Sure enough, there it was at the corner of Highway 184 and Road 22, the road you turned on to come to my house. Literally 1 mile from my, now our, home. She insisted the Lord had led her to put that red dot on her map before she left Tennessee.

She still says I prayed her here.

We hit it off and she settled in. But just before Thanksgiving she got a phone call from Tennessee. A dear friend of hers had fallen and was gravely injured. She packed up and drove back home to be with her friend while she was in the hospital. She called and let me know she would send me a check for her part of the rent for December but would have to wait a few days to see how she could pay the utilities. I told her not to worry we would figure it out.

Over Thanksgiving weekend I spoke with a lifelong friend of mine. She had been struggling with back problems for over a year and now her husband had taken a job in North Dakota. She was dreading moving there in the middle of the winter, but was also in desperate need of a new back doctor.

Durango is 45 minutes away from Cortez and has one of the best spine clinics in the U.S. #Dr. Yossef and his team at #SpineColorado  has a reputation only preceded by #SteadmanClinic in Vail. I asked my friend, if it was ok with my roommate, if she would like to come stay with me and we could get her to the Durango doctor.

She said yes.

Hearing this I jumped on the phone and asked Joyce, my roommate, if it would be ok with her if my friend moved in and stayed while she was in Tennessee. She was thrilled! She had been praying that God would help her with how to pay rent and utilities in Colorado while she was in Tennessee.

So my friend, Michelle, and her husband Ric moved in. Michelle stayed with me and Ric headed to the snowy North.

Frightened Again

My girlfriend had always been a tall, beautiful, stunning blue eyed brunette. I was stunned when I first saw her.

She had always been a vivacious person. Beautiful with sparkling blue eyes that could be as mischievous as mine!
But when she arrived from Texas I was looking at a gray shell of the person I had once known and loved. She was so thin it terrified me. And she no spark left in her eyes. Only pain. And fear.

I knew them both personally.

When you hurt to the point of no longer wanting to go on it gives you a vacant, haunting look. I had looked out of those same eyes for many years.

She became my mission. And I became her prayer warrior. I had to find a doctor that could help my friend. We had to get rid of her pain.

And we had to help her get her joy back.

Come back next week for more!

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Welcome back! If this is your first time here, I encourage you to go back and read the entire Series so today’s post makes sense. Links to the previous posts in this series are listed below.

Have a Great and Godly day!

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prayer, God, Jesus

Why Is Prayer Important Today?



What is Prayer?

It’s communication.

Reverent communication.

Every evening as a child heading to bed I heard, “Remember to say your prayers!”

We said Grace and blessed our food at every meal.

But as a child and teenager I didn’t “get it” about prayer.

I felt it was something I had to do to keep God from being mad at me.  It wasn’t about visiting with someone who loved and cared about me.

Is that how you were taught about prayer?

My parents raised me in church.

A lifelong girlfriend is staying with me right now and we both remember the tiny chairs and tables in our first Sunday School class. We think we were three. She remembers each of the teachers. I only remember two, but oh how I loved them.

Those women helped mold us into who we are today.

Those women, and our parents, taught us the importance of prayer.

Do you remember who taught you how to pray?

If no one did, don’t worry, we’ll work on that before we’re done.

prayer, God, Jesus

Prayer Unlocks Doors

Why Should We Pray?

That’s an odd question isn’t it?

Why should we pray?

Is it to ask the “Big guy in the sky” to forgive us for messing up? Or our daily wish-list?

Yes and no.

There are so many reasons to pray.

My favorite is to say thank you.

It shows God we are thankful to be His children. For me, I want to acknowledge I don’t have a clue and I am SO thankful He is in control.

My second favorite prayer is a love letter. I’m a long way from a “good Christian”, but He loves me just the way I am, I LOVE Him for that, and I want to tell Him.

If you love someone don’t you want to tell them? So why isn’t it the same way with God?

Tell Him!

I’ve experienced God watching out for me like my earthly father did. Our fathers guide us, nurture us, teach us.

Our loving Heavenly Father does the exact same thing.

If you ever allow yourself to experience Him you will see He loves you.  If you’ve experienced that, how did you not fall in love with Him?

You can’t.

Trust me.

Oh you can run away from His love. You can deny it. You can fight it. You can ignore it.

But if you will ever stop fighting it and give in, you will be wrapped in the most incredible love you will ever experience and you won’t be able to deny it any longer.

Because it’s real. And He’s waiting for you to accept it.

I’ve lived many, many years as a single woman. I’ve been lonely.

But I’ve never been Alone. I learned many years ago all I had to do was cry out “Jesus, Jesus” and instantly I felt better. My circumstances didn’t change, but I changed.

My attitude changed.

My thought process changed.

I let go and let God.

Was it easy?


Was it effective?


So why do we pray?

To change things.

A Little Story About Big Prayer

Two nights ago the neighbor’s dogs were going nuts. They live a mile North of me and occasionally I hear them bark, but not very often.

But two nights ago they raised a ruckus from just after the sun set til the wee hours of the morning.

When you live in the country you learn to notice things like that.

You don’t over react, but you pay attention.

I knew something was up. I almost called the other neighbors and asked if everything was ok. But I didn’t want to seem paranoid so instead I prayed.

I have a small yearling filly out there in the pasture. She’s a snack size treat for a predator.

But I also have a couple old, slightly crippled, mares out there that don’t move too fast. But they are bigger, even if they are slower.

The hair raised up on the back of my neck and I knew something was out there. But I also know a single woman has no business being out in the dark with any kind of wild predator.

So I prayed.

I asked God to protect my animals. I asked Him to not let whatever was out there attack any of my animals. And I went to bed knowing He heard that request.

I trusted Him to watch over my horses and give whatever was out there something to eat other than my filly.

And He did.

I walked out the next morning and right in the middle of my horse pasture was the evidence of a brutal death.

And mountain lion tracks.

Much too close for comfort!!

But God answered my prayers.

He protected my horses.

And now they are all coming in the barn at night.

prayer, thank you God, Jesus, faith

Thank you God

I have other little prayers that are answered every day. I find misplaced items. Mom taught me to pray for parking spots. 99% of the time if I pray early enough I’ll have a spot right in front of where I’m headed.

My prayers get answered.

Sometimes not the way I want. But they are always answered none the less.

prayer, God, Jesus

The Power of Prayer

I’m looking for answered prayer stories. Do you have any?

I want to put together a book full of them.  Will you share your most powerful answered prayer story  in the comments section below please?  Thank You!!

Ok, I promised a prayer. Actually my plan is to share several of my favorite prayers over the next few posts.

Here’s one of my favorites and the prayer the Bible says Jesus gave His disciples:  The Lord’s Prayer, Mathew 6:9

the Lord's Prayer

The Lord’s Prayer

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