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Tribute to a Very Special Dog

I know many of you are waiting for the next post in the Healing Communication Series but my family suffered a loss this week and I want to honor our sweet dog, Brutus.  I promise to have the next Communication post up later today as well.

There’s Nothing Like the Love Of A Dog

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There is nothing more devoted than a dog

They love us unconditionally.

They love us when we’re happy, even more when we’re sad, they even love us when we’re unkind to them.

That was our Brutus.

Even though the cats were bigger than he was, he knew he was 10 foot tall and bullet proof!

And he loved his family enough to die for us.

He was our constant companion. Our little bull-headed, cow-herding, horse-chasing, doxie.

He was a constant fixture at our sides. He traveled more miles than most humans do in a lifetime. And he got to live the life of leisure, spending his summers in Colorado and his winters in Arizona.

He was one spoiled, wonderfully happy, pup!

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He loved being wrapped around your shoulders watching the scenery go by while driving.  Or snuggled against you under the covers at bed time.  If you moved around too much he’d growl and kick you, hard!

He was even the ring-bearer for Mika and Hardy’s wedding.  It was adorable!

Brutus went everywhere with us.  The barn, moving cattle, rodeos, cowboy church, you name, he was there. We had to lock him in a stall or tie him up when we rode because he would run around like a crazy man and try to follow our every move. If he got loose when Mika was practicing barrels, look out!  He would be hot on her heels the entire pattern! Silly dog!

He had a wonderful, love filled life. But over the last couple years his health had been declining.

We had all been preparing ourselves for the end. And I thought I was ready.

I wasn’t.

He loved his family.

All his family.

We were his world.

He brought us years of love and great joy. And now our world has a big empty hole in it.

Go with God sweet Brutus.

Enjoy those big green meadows on the other side of the rainbow bridge.

Love you!






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Unconditional Love Dogs Give Lives Beyond Death

Unconditional Love

What really is unconditional love? Have you ever considered that? What constitutes unconditional love and where do we go to find it? I see it every day in so many forms. My constant source is God and His precious son, Jesus. But His creatures give it to me as well.

The outpouring of emotions readers shared this week on my Facebook Author page when I posted the story about Capitan, the dog that found his masters grave and stayed by it for seven years, touched me so deeply it made me pause and consider that depth of devotion. That kind of unconditional love.

It’s our deepest desire. To be loved unconditionally. To be treasured, cherished. But like so many of us, I’m a casualty of love. Twenty five years single has proven that. Thankfully, those long years have taught me just how wonderful God’s love is, and how healing His animals can be for the human heart.

Dogs Love Us

My horses love me, but I’m not sure it’s unconditional love. Unlike our dogs. There is no doubt in my mind that they love us unconditionally.

I see it every time I look at my own blue heeler, Pepper. Her unconditional love for me is evident every moment she’s near me. There are times she drives me nuts because she wants to touch me. But that is her way of knowing where I am, now that she’s blind.

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Miss Pepper

Even when I’m not around. My friend Lark  says she stays in my bedroom, usually on my bed, and waits for me to come home.

I accidentally ran over her head and popped her eyes out causing her to go blind but she still sees me as the center of her universe.

She is an inspiration to me everyday. She faces life not as handicapped and blind, but cheerfully, and as excited as a child. She’s happy to get up, go outside, run across the pasture with me, even when she goes to fast and runs into something. She is happy to be alive, and with me.

She would rather wait hours in the car for me than sit at home alone. She truly gives me unconditionally love!

But she is not alone in that unconditional love. After finding out about Capitan, the dog in Argentina that has sat by his master’s grave for 7 years, and tracking down the original story and his real photos of this beloved pet,

God, Jesus, unconditional love, dog, puppy, devotion

Capitan ran away from home and has sat by his master’s grave for 7 years. (Story and photo credit La Voz Del Interior)

I found many similar stories.  Here are just a few with links to the original stories.


Little Kirby is another dog whose unconditional love for his owner carried him miles away from every adopted home, back to his owner’s grave. Sharon Ratteree inherited Kirby when her daughter was killed only two weeks after adopting him. Kirby filled the gaping hole in Sharon’s heart after the tragic loss. But it seemed no one could fill the hole in Kirby’s heart after Sharon died. He found an escape from every enclosure, at every new home, and would make the trek back, no matter how far he had to travel.

The good news is he has finally found a home with another local resident Susan Wood. Susan saw Kirby’s story in the news and contacted Dave Willis, Sharon’s Grandson, who decided that Susan would be a perfect match for the heartbroken dog. Kirby now fills a void in her heart, after her own 18 year-old terrier died in 2007. “I had a big old empty spot, so the Wills’ family made it possible for Kirby to jump into that spot and take over,” said Susan. This little dog filled a new gaping hole, and is once again a happy dog.

God, Jesus, unconditional love, dog, puppy, devotion

Kirby’s Mom’s Grave










In Italy, Ciccio walked to Mass every afternoon when the bells tolled with his Maria,  until she suddenly died. He followed her casket and attended her funeral at the same  church. But he kept coming back. Everyday when the bells tolled.  Now he lives at the church and attends every mass sitting at the front, where her casket laid, waiting faithfully for his master to return.   He has so touched the locals they have a Facebook page for him. I hope you will follow the link and “Like” it. His devotion is too great to ignore.

God, Jesus, unconditional love, dog, puppy, devotion

Ciccio, still mourning at mass


Many of us cried in 2011 when the news carried the touching photos of the loyal Hawkeye, at the funeral of his beloved Petty Officer 1st Class, Jon T. Tumilson. Tumilson, a U.S. Navy SEAL,  was among 30 American troops killed August 6 when Taliban insurgents shot down their Chinook helicopter with a rocket-propelled grenade. At his funeral in Iowa, Hawkeye paid his last respects by walking up to the casket, laying down in front of it, and heaving a sigh. Tumilson’s cousin, Lisa Pembleton, took the photo for family members that could not be at the funeral and for others that could not see the dog’s actions.  It has touched the hearts of all of us. We salute this brave soldier, and his incredible dog.

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Hawkeye     (Photo Credit Lisa Pembleton)

Cat’s too

Apparently even finicky felines are devoted and have unconditional love for us.  Another Italian pet, Toldo, a gray tabby, followed his beloved master’s, Iozzelli Renzo, casket from their house to the cemetery.

unconditional love, dog, cat, God, Jesus, cowboys, cowgirls, cow, bull, horse, love

Toldo (Photo Credit Corriere Fiorentino )

He returned later the same day with Iozzelli’s widow, Ada to the grave. The next day Ada and her daughter found a sprig of acacia on the grave. Ada believes it was the cat’s first gift to his beloved master. Since then the cat has delivered everything from small flowers and twigs to plastic cups and paper towels to the grave. He safely travels back and forth because everyone in the small mountain town knows the cat and where he is headed, though not everyone is happy about it. Ada said some people think having an animal in the cemetery is a desecration.  But the cat doesn’t seem to care, he just keeps sharing his unconditional love.

Link to More

I could go on and on, but instead I will give you this link to read about several more amazingly devoted pets. I hope you take a few extra moments to love your pets today. You obviously mean more to them than you have any idea.

God Bless you all during this especially Holy Week.

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Who Gives Us Unconditional Love?

Who gives us unconditional love?

The events of this week have had a profound effect on me. All the heartache and concern caused me to consider who truly gives us unconditional love? How do we treat those that give us that unconditional love? Do we stand by those that love us unconditionally to the very end?

Odd questions aren’t they?

Unconditional Love – The 9/11 Effect

The anniversary of September 11 always effects me.  The loss of life in such a horrific manner forever changed our country and every year the anniversary is difficult.

When it’s my time to go I hope my loved ones are around me. Just in case they’re not, I try to tell my family I love them everyday so they will be able to carry that in their hearts when I’m gone.

Unconditional Love – who gives it?

Like most things in life all this deep thinking eventually leads me to our animals. I am surrounded by animals. They bring great joy and give me  unconditional love everyday. For me, their love is a reflection of God’s unconditional love for us. He loves me at my worst, and so do my animals.

Overtime, several of them have had to be put to sleep. But I have only had the courage to stay a few times.

The hardest was when we had to put my stallion, Skeets, down. I had owned him 23 years and loved him dearly. He lived at my house and had the run of the yard and adjoining pasture. Forty lush acres with big beautiful Cottonwood trees. But 90% of the time he hung out right around the house.

Skeets, kristi ross, horse, cowboy, cowgirl, ranch, rodeo, horse show, champion, roping horse, die

Project Excellence, or fondly, “Skeets”

If I was in the kitchen, he was outside the wall of windows there, if I moved to the living room soon he would be stomping at that window.  This happened in every room of the house all day long. At night, he was the silent shadow outside my bedroom window. Morning would come and off to the pasture he’d go, only to soon return and resume his vigil.

Toward the end he got an infection in his guttural pouch, a small, internal organ by his ear. At the time there was nothing the vet could do for it. When he suddenly grew weak, we knew it was time. The greatest gift I could give him was staying with him to the end. Mika, my daughter, and I never left his side. We sat with his head in our laps holding onto him and loving him until it was over.

It still hurts me to talk about it and I can hardly see the computer keys through my tears. But it was the only thing I could do for him. He was suffering and I would not allow him to die slowly. But he passed knowing we loved him.

Unconditional Love – Hold Them

Never again will a beloved pet be dropped off at the vet for them to “take care of them.” My animals are terrified of the vet. Would you want to go someplace you are terrified of and have your family leave you? To die? I don’t think so!

My pets and horses know me. They trust me. They love me. They innocently look to me for their love, support, and comfort. I will never again allow another one of my precious animals to go without me being with them as they pass. I have cared for them in life and it will be a privilege to be with them as they  go.

I hope you will join me in this solemn vow. Face your sadness, gather all your humanly courage, and hold them as they pass. Let them know their unconditional love for you mattered.

Unconditional Love – He never leaves us

As I always seem to do, I relate this to God and His unconditional love for us. He does not leave us in our difficult times. And His son, our precious Jesus, loved us enough to die for us.

Jesus, unconditional love, horse, cowboy, cowgirl, ranch, rodeo, horse show,

Jesus’ unconditional love for us held Him here, not nails

If you are struggling right now, reach out to Him. He’s there. He didn’t drop you off and leave you. He’s there, holding you in His hand.

Pray –

Please pray for our country and for those who are hurting from the loss of a loved one.

Thank you and God Bless.


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