What is Enthusiastic Dedication? And Is it possible?

What is Enthusiastic Dedication and is it possible?

It’s spring and my broad mares are getting up there in age. Consequently, I have been hauling mares to the vet, to the stallion station, back to vet, back home, around and around. And of course I can’t take them both at the same time because they have to go to different places. So I’m logging a lot of miles on my horse trailer. This is requiring a great deal of dedication.  But is it enthusiastic dedication? Is that possible?

favorite horse Zanny - Kristi Ross

My wonderful family and Zanny
Photo Credit: Shutterlife Photography – Thank you Sherry Ruble!

I am not a big believer in medication for broodmares, but throughout this spring we have had to resort to meds for these older mares. I have prayed over these mares and would like to ask for prayer from you for Zanny and Rosie.

Zanny the Wonder Horse

Zanny is my daughter’s pride and joy. Several years ago she kicked another horse and broke her coffin bone in a hind foot. One vet said put a shoe on her and retire her. Breed her and turn her out to pasture. But we weren’t willing to give up on her quite so fast.

Instead, I brought her home and became her care giver. I had to keep her in a 12’x12’ stall for two months. Then she moved a double stall for two months. Then to a large indoor round pen bedded 24 inches deep in wonderful sawdust. After another two months she was finally able to be hand walked. Eventually I was able to ride her for short trips around the pasture.

This is a photo of Zanny’s ears on our first ride after her accident where she broke her coffin bone!  The little tan dots in between the tips of her ears are elk one pasture over!

Kristi Ross horse

We worked our way up to the day she could finally be turned out in a pasture. I rode her first so she wouldn’t run like crazy. But she did. Of course she found the only rocks in the entire pasture and I had to watch sparks fly as she ran across them.  Terrifying for me as it made me nauseous.  Exhilarating for her!

She did fully recover and Mika put her back to work. She had come so close to losing her that after she was better she wanted to ride her more, and more, and more. So now she is sixteen and never had a foal.

She is an incredible individual and the stallion owner and the handler were all up in arms wondering why we have a 16 year old mare that has not raised a foal. But now that she has been at their facility a good portion of the spring, they have fallen in love with her, too. They understand why we have not bred her but have kept riding her.

Now we are finally focused on raising a foal out of her. We want to carry on her genes to the next generation of horses we raise.


In my dedication to get Zanny and the other older mare, Rosie, bred I am going above and beyond in my service. I am sitting here typing at 11:45 at night, waiting. Waiting until midnight so I can go give another shot.

Sitting here waiting made me think about my dedication to the Lord. Am I willing to sit up half the night to do a small chore for him?  Am I willing to set an alarm for midnight and get out of my nice comfy bed to do something for Him at 2:00 A.M or 4:00 A.M?  I would like to think, yes I am. But in reality, am I?

Am I willing to work all night with no rest for Him and His glory?  I would like to say absolutely, without a doubt. But if I’m honest, the best I can say is I hope so!

I have wonderful friends that I respect and love that are as dedicated to the Lord as I am to these silly horses. They think nothing of sitting up all night praying with someone. Or being awakened out of a dead sleep and jumping out of bed to rush to an emergency for someone. Because they love people with a servants heart and go above and beyond for His people. They do it. Because that is what Jesus would do.

But I am not Jesus. I am not a pastor. I am just me. What would I do in a situation where God calls me to do something?  I hope I will respond and go where He leads me.

It’s now 12:12 A.M. and I need to go give this shot to Zanny to help her carry her foal. I better go now before I lay my head back down and take a snooze. I must show dedication because our Father in Heaven would do the same thing. I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.

Your Enthusiastic Dedication

Have you ever had to go above and beyond for something?  Have you ever worked all night on a project?  I hope you share your stories with me because I would love to visit with you about them!


  1. Daniel July 22, 2013 #

    Thanks for the encouraging story!

    • Kristi Ross July 24, 2013 #

      Daniel, thank you for your hard work on my site!

  2. Mika July 23, 2013 #

    Thank u mom for all u do and for being such a good role model. Very proud of u!

    • Kristi Ross July 24, 2013 #

      Oh thank you Mika! You are my inspiration!

  3. Lou July 30, 2013 #

    This is so encouraging! Thank you for ALL your posts! I can’t wait till you put more up!
    No, I have never worked all night for anything. I have dreams of owning my own business though and would be willing to do that for my dreams. You have inspired me to keep that dream alive! Thank you!!!

    • Kristi Ross July 30, 2013 #

      Wow, thank you Lou! Your comments have boosted MY confidence! Yes, it is scary doing something new, or difficult, but it is SO worth it! Just keep focused on that dream, think about it, talk about it, put it in writing, and please pray about it. Then trust it will happen when the time is right. Hang in there!

  4. TJ July 30, 2013 #

    Awesome reading Kristi, I have enjoyed all of them! keep em coming. BTW, my daughter has a crazy love for horses too.

    • Kristi Ross July 30, 2013 #

      Oh TJ thank you!!! You have no idea how thrilling it is to hear that! And I am grinning from ear to ear that you have a fellow horse lover! Trust me, continue to nurture that love, it will carry her through good times and bad. There is something spiritual about the comfort a horse gives. 🙂

  5. Amy C July 31, 2013 #

    You prove a point: Love knows no boundries. Keep up the good writings!

    • Kristi Ross July 31, 2013 #

      Thank you Amy! And you are right, love does know no boundries.

  6. Jim Ross July 31, 2013 #

    Kristi Lu,
    Congratulations on your investment of time, effort, study and commitment to obtain a degree from CSU. Welcome to our family club with Mother, Sterling and me. I am impressed. Mother was Phi Beta Kappa. Completing a degree is now, is multiple times harder than at youth age appropriate.

    For your writing: That is a commitment of even greater time and effort to coordinate ideas and concepts as you articulate situations from your life and experience. You are doing well at transforming your ideas into your communication style so it becomes reality with the reader. Good work. I am impressed.
    Happy trails, Jim Ross
    Your Brother,
    CSU, B.A., 1969

    • Kristi Ross July 31, 2013 #

      Well thank you James H! I appreciate your comments more than you will ever know! Thank you Big Bro!
      Love you,

  7. Mika August 4, 2013 #

    I really love that family picture! But why did we not have ALL the dogs in it too??

    • Kristi Ross August 5, 2013 #

      Me too! I don’t know! We should have her come back and do that!

  8. Trish August 5, 2013 #

    Your attitude is inspiring!

    • Kristi Ross August 5, 2013 #

      Thank you Trish! Wow, that is really humbling, but thank you!

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