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Was I really going to give up all this for a job? And a Grand Baby?

Miracles Start Rolling In

Sitting in my car at that gas station the realization that “God sure has a great sense of humor!” started to really sink in.

With my daughter and her husband’s announcement of their pregnancy, instantly I knew God had been working behind the scenes for months. My miracles were rolling in.

Miracle #1, a new job, miracle #2, that job was in the town where my only child lived, and miracle #3, she was pregnant with my first grandchild.

Suddenly, we all knew why God dropped this job in my lap!  But we had no idea how all this transition was going to work.

For years I had said, only slightly jokingly, that if Mika, my daughter, ever had a baby, I wanted to move closer so I wouldn’t have to battle the mountain passes in the winter. With their baby news, accepting the full time position and relocating was now my only option.

But I don’t travel light. I come with dogs, cats, horses, and a house full of huge, heavy furniture! Try finding a rental place for all that, on a budget! A Tight budget at that!  Good luck!

Experiencing God and His Miracles Can Be Confusing

I’ve always heard that when God moves everything is peaceful.  Well, in my best redneck language – Bull!

God was orchestrating all this. I knew that. But I felt like I was in the middle of a giant blender, turned on full speed, being sucked down towards the blades about to either be drowned, or be chopped into a million tiny pieces!

When the director first called and offered me the job I was headed to Cortez the next day to house/barn sit for Mika and Hardy while they went to a cattle convention. He and I agreed we should at least meet and see if we even liked each other. That was Tuesday and we would meet Friday morning before I headed back home.

Friday came and our meeting went great. He offered me part-time or full time, whichever I wanted. I wanted to pray over it and let him know.  He agreed to let me think about it and let him know on Monday. Keep in mind this is before we knew about Mika being pregnant.

As I drove out of Cortez the next day, I passed the little church that Mika and Hardy go to. The Pastor does Cowboy Church once a month for the community so he knows many of the ranchers in the area. Something told me to turn around and talk to him. But he wasn’t at the church. Sitting in the church parking lot I called him and asked if any of his members had a rental property.

He said yes, one of them did.

Rather than wait till I had made my decision about the job I decided to called the number the pastor had given me and talk to the family with the property for rent, just in case. They had 25 acres and a nice home for rent just a couple miles from where I was at. But the property actually belonged to their nephew who had taken a job in New Mexico. The Aunt and Uncle weren’t sure how much the rent would be but they thought $700 or $800. I thought I could rent my house for that so I turned around and met the people at the property. I figured I was right there so it wouldn’t hurt to look.

It was a beautiful little place with an older, but nice home, some out-buildings and pens, perfect for my horses, and a couple big metal sheds for vehicles and storage. All on 25 acres of high desert grass and cedars. I would like to have had some pasture, but it would work fine. I asked for the nephew’s number and told the Aunt and Uncle I would be interested in renting the property  if I decided to take the job.

Miracle #4 – Or so it appeared!

And Trouble Begins

The next few days were horrible! When it came right down to making the decision, I didn’t want to leave my life and start all over.

But I still needed the job and the reality of commuting was sinking in. Plus, Mika was being very difficult about the whole thing. She was just so moody.

Finally, I asked the director for an extra couple of days to make my decision. I don’t even remember all the excuses I gave, but he was incredibly patient with me and told me to take my time.

Boy did I.

That entire week I vacillated back and forth, yes I was going, no I wasn’t, yes I was moving, no I wasn’t.

But then came Sunday and the baby announcement.

Instantly, I was committed to moving and as soon as I hung up the phone with my daughter and son-in-law, I called and left a message on the director’s phone telling him I would take the full time position. As I left the message I felt relieved that God had led me to a rental place long before the job decision was made. I hung up from the director, called the property owner and asked where to send my deposit money.

The guy stuttered and stammered around and finally said he had called a property manager and they had told him the place should rent for $1800 a month.  He felt so bad that he would rent it to me for only $1400. WHAT?!  That was still double what we had agreed on. He told me he knew that, but since the property manager said that’s what the place should rent for, that’s what he wanted.

Faith Flew Out The Window

Needless to say, I did not rent the place, and my faith in the entire situation was shattered!

The house situation made me wonder if this job thing really was of God? Or was it all my imagination?

But I had a grand baby coming. And I had made a commitment to the director and would not go back on my word.  So house hunting became my obsession. Over the next two weeks I had several near misses but as my start date at the new job loomed closer and closer I had no place to live.

Finally, out of sheer desperation, I was considering living in a motel. The day before I was going to reserve my room I saw a one room cabin advertized on Craigslist for $400 a month. I figured it was cheaper than the motel and would buy me some time. I could leave the horses at the ranch for a little while and the cabin would let me get there and get to work. Then I could figure out the rest.

I called the number. The owner and I had a wonderful visit on the phone and I spoke for the cabin, sight unseen.  We exchanged email addresses and she was to email me her address for the first months rent.

During our conversation I found out she was a horse person, too. They had come to Colorado several years back and built their dream home and horse facility but then had to move to a lower altitude for her husband’s health. The cabin was on a corner of that property. She wished I could rent that place, with a large custom home on 40 acres of lush pasture, with a six stall horse barn, runs, paddocks, and a big hay barn. Basically my ideal property. But it was already rented. Too bad.

Living In The Midst of Miracles

Please remember that when all this started I had prayed, “Father God, you got me a job out of the blue, if this is really of you, I need the perfect place for me and all my animals.”

I had prayed for the perfect place, not a one room cabin. But at least I would have a roof over my head and a place I could cook my own breakfast. I breathed a sigh of relief and got serious about packing.

Please keep these things in mind as you travel through life:

  • The path to miracles can be cluttered with trouble.
  • Prayer should always be your navigation map!
  • Pray diligently, and then relax and trust.

Never Doubt Miracles

The next morning sure enough, I had an email from the cabin owner. But rather than giving me her mailing address, the email said, “Good morning Kristi. It was delightful to visit with you last night. Ironically, right after our phone call, a neighbor in Colorado emailed me photos of my place. The large horse property I told you about. The photos show the current renter is not taking care of the property.  I have it rented for $1400 a month, but if you would consider renting that property instead of the cabin I would take $900 for it. It’s a terrible mess, but I’m hoping you would consider that place rather than the cabin. And if you would help clean it up we would wave the damage deposit.”

Are you kidding?!? YES!  Of course I would! When can I come look at it?

Three days later I rented my dream place!
Miracle #4 – For Real this time!

To Be Continued . . .
Come back tomorrow for #3 in the Miracles Series!

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  1. Lowell Ross September 25, 2014 #

    Cant wait to read tomorrows chapter. I think I should get a advanced prepost read of these. Love you!

    • Kristi Ross September 25, 2014 #

      Oh bless your heart sweet cousin! You don’t have any choice but to read and enjoy these! But I’m sure glad you do! Thank you for starting my day with a warm word hug! Please have that wonderful wife of yours give you a big hug from me! Then please give her one back from me!
      Love you bunches,

  2. Trish September 25, 2014 #

    Part 2 was definitely worth waiting for and looking forward to part 3! The road is challenging but our God is faithful.

    • Kristi Ross September 25, 2014 #

      Thank you Trish! Your support makes me smile! Bless you! And yes, He is SO Faithful!

  3. Dwayne September 26, 2014 #

    Kristi, I’ve been glued to this novela of miracles. I love life stories, based on truth and fact. I would guess it’s probably hard sharing life experiences, but there is a blessing to us all with the fact that you are doing so. We in turn are guided and need God to make straight our paths, even though at times it doesn’t seem like that.

    I can’t wait for part 3.

    God’s richest blessings on your continued saga.

    • Kristi Ross September 28, 2014 #

      Thank you Dwayne! I’m so glad to hear that. It’s always so frightening to open yourself bare and let everyone see the truth. And to have no one even notice is torture! So thank you for noticing and especially for letting me know it is blessing you.
      Thank you!
      God Bless you and your work,


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